The Smells Of Summer: Hawaiian Tropic ~Rate and Review!

I grew up spending my summers torn between splashing in our pool out in the back yard, and dashing in and out of the lake at our cottage.  If it was daylight, you could find my sister and I outside cramming in as much fun as I could splashing, boating, and soaking up the sun. 


Summer was my very favourite time of year and still holds my strongest and most treasured memories.  The smell of pine trees, chlorine, or the intoxicating tropical scent of sunscreen is all it takes to bring some of those incredible memories right back to the surface.  Hawaiian Tropic was a staple at our house then, and it still is now as I make sure my girls are sun safe as they cruise out into the world.


This year, Hawaiian Tropic® has expanded its Silk Hydration™ line by introducing a brand new After Sun Moisturizer!  Same light tropical fragrances and now with the addition of a dual ribbon formula infusing rich, ultra-moisturizing lotion with cooling aloe gel.  It’s light, refreshing and even though the sun hasn’t been shining too much around these parts….I keep looking for reasons to use it!


About the new Silk Hydration™ After Sun Moisturizer

This dual ribbon formula pampers and nourishes your skin after a day in the sun

· Ribbons of aloe and lotion provide rich, luxurious moisture with the cooling effects of aloe

· Lotion is infused with mango and shea butter

· 24-hours of hydration

· Light tropical fragrance

· The Silk Hydration™ after sun moisturizer is currently available at grocery, drug and mass retail outlets across Canada for approximately $9.99



Of course I also have to mention the Silk Hydration™ Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30.  This Sunscreen is light, smooth and offers moisture while protecting your delicate skin from the sun.  HTropicSilkHydration

About the Silk Hydration™ Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30

Sunscreen with hydrating ribbons for continuous in-sun moisture

· UVA and UVB sun protection with hydrating ribbons infused with silk protein and shea butter

· 12-hour moisture

· Silky, luxurious feel

· Light and non-greasy

· Waterproof

· Signature coconut fragrance

· The Silk Hydration™ sunscreen is currently available at grocery, drug and mass retail outlets across Canada for approximately $10.99


Both have the intoxicating smell I love, and help to keep us sun safe!


I’m excited to announce I have a fabulous SAMPLING OPPORTUNITY!

Thanks to Hawaiian Tropic I am looking for twenty-five (25) Canadian readers who would love to rate and review both the Silk Hydration™ After Sun Moisturizer, as well as the Silk Hydration™ SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion. We will mail the 59ml sample size products (just perfect to keep in your purse or diaper bags) right to your door, and you’ll have 2-3 weeks to test it out! Then, I ask that you simply send your review to me. As a bonus for participating, I will also enter all 25 of you in a draw to win a $50 Visa Gift Card.

*UPDATE: The sampling opportunity is now full!  Thank you!


  1. we can pretend i am canadian..right? smiles…summer def has some great smells…and suntan lotion makes me think of the beach…and warm honey suckle makes me think of home…

  2. We are just coming into Winter and I have the blues. I do love Summer, not that we ever did anything too exciting but still lots of days at the pool, trips to the Dam – our version of the lake water skiing and lots and lots of ice cream!

  3. Love to try and review Hawaiian Tropic I have no pigment so always need to use sunsscreen. Lots of outdoor activities all summer long

  4. Those sound like some nice formulas and I used that brand way back from when I was doing naughty things like using deep tanning oil. Bad girl!

  5. There’s nothing quite like summer at the cottage is there? I enjoyed growing up on the shores of Lake Erie. I only wish I could afford a cottage now. Can you believe the prices? 😉

  6. Victoria Ess says:

    I love Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen, and can’t wait to read the reviews!

  7. Thank you for the review! I like Hawaiian Tropic products

  8. Nothing reminds me of summer like the smell of Hawaiian Tropic


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