Baby Giggles and Lady Bits

When was the last time you went shopping for a fabulous new dress or super sexy suit?  Did you go by yourself?  Did you take a friend for a real second opinion. (not the oh so helpful sales lady that thinks you look wonderful in everything)  I will admit it, shopping for clothes, just for me, it’s a guilty pleasure.  Have an event to go to?  Time for a new pair of shoes.  Date night?  Almost never happens, so of course I deserve something pretty!  Oh and I simply must share my favourite all time tradition!  To celebrate the birth of my daughters, each time their “birth days” roll around, I pick up something special just for me!  A birth day gift for the Mama.  This has worked for me every year for thirteen years!
This past week I went shopping with my SassySis.  Nothing better than having a sister who is also one of your best friends.  Bonus, we were spending her money this week!  While going from store to store, and watching her try on outfit after outfit, I had a big fat reminder of how ridiculously easy I have it when I head out to the stores.  Sure retail therapy with my two grown girls in tow does land me some teen style attitude, but at least I don’t have an 18 pound bundle of energy jumping, demanding, laughing and ultimately crawling under my curtain, and flashing the world my lady bits!!  So proud of himself!
Good thing he is so stinkin adorable. 
Oh and once you are a Mom, who cares if the world sees your lady bits anyway?


  1. He really is adorable! I always laugh when I get spied on by a little toddler. I remember those days.

  2. Love toddlers! But, I love shopping by myself…..I don’t feel pressured in any way.

  3. hahaha shopping is a whole different ball game with little ones….flashing lady bits…ha….he is a cutey

  4. LOL! I forget what it’s like shopping with a toddler…I always remember doing a peek a boo game with Elly. Sigh. I hope Emmy treats me better. =)

  5. Lol I need to steal your tradition. Buying something for me on my kids birthday is a winner!!!!Did you find anything?

  6. Oh yes adorable is the word and yes after delivery there are no secrets:) B

  7. So adorable!! But I will admit it, easier to shop with the little one’s at home!

  8. He’s one busy little guy, isn’t he? So cute! But yep, a handful when shopping I am sure!

  9. I remember those days! Fun, yet exhausting. How about trying to keep them from peeking in on what’s going on in the neighboring dressing room!

  10. I just don’t shop with my kids, I’d rather stick pins in my eyes. But I can’t wait til my baby girl is big enough to share shopping trips together. I’m looking forward to teaching her to shop like a pro.

  11. He is cute, but no one gets to see my lady bits in the dressing room… NO ONE!

  12. Oh yes, that is one thing I’m grateful for – shopping aLONE.

  13. Oh he is soooooooooooooooo cute. sandie

  14. What a cutie! I think that on your kids birthdays you should get a little present for yourself. I mean seriously, labor is mighty hard work – might as well get a present every year congratulating yourself on succeeding 🙂

  15. Sounds like you had a lot of fun shopping with him!

  16. For some reason, Mom lady-bits are always out there! 😉
    He is stinkin’ adorable…..your time together sounds like a blast!

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