Passive Aggressive Letter..With Love & LINKY!

Hello and Welcome!!
Today I bring to you the first ever How To Survive Life In The Suburbs Linky!

A linky to share your best, and worst, moments of the month!
I will post my latest vent to get you started and invite you to join in the fun.
So go ahead and jump in with both feet! It doesn’t have to be long, and it doesn’t have to be pretty, it just has to be something you are aching to get off your chest!
Hope you will join the fun and play along. Here’s an old one and a new one to get you in the mood!

Dear Single Guy -Sitting Beside Me At The Movies,
Oh Sweetie. Didn’t your Mommy ever tell about a little thing called the shower? If you knew about this glorious invention and the added benefit of deodorant my experience last night would have been so much more pleasant. Every time you lift your arm to grab some popcorn I gag. Each time the air kicks in I’m forced to plug my nose. You see dear, this is probably why your date didn’t show up last night. She didn’t know how to tell you the embarrassing news…you smell.

Girl choking on your B.O.

Dear WalMart Shopper
Exactly who do you think you are? You see that cart right there in the middle of the parking lot? Yep, I watched you leave it there. Right in the middle of a primo spot near the front of the store. This is just plain rude! Why do you think you are so much better then the rest of us? Why should you not put your cart back in the little cart corral like the rest of us minions? Do you think WalMart staff want to come out in the cold, the rain, the dark because you were too fat and lazy to walk 10 more steps? Do you think I want to do it for you? Do you think the old lady who just scratched her door on that cart is particularly thrilled with you at this moment. I can assure you she is not! Don’t be so damn lazy, just put your cart away. 
A Mama who really wanted to yell at you to

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  1. ugh, walmart will def give you plenty of inspiration….smiles….and double ugh on shower guy…what is it….my youngest is a beast to get into the bath every night…’but i took one a few days ago’…no, go , now….haha

  2. I use the public transport to go to work which is pretty good and clean but can’t say that about some of the passengers in the subway or bus. Puke!!! Haven’t they heard of the ‘invention’ of showers???
    Fortunately most of the grocery stores in Greece have carts that are released after you put a coin in it so if you want it back you have to return it back. That would be smart for Walmart! and not only!

  3. Seriously, no matter what city/state you live in, Walmart is always the same! Such uncouth people who take no pride in their appearance or hygiene and just overall rudeness! I have found myself pushing carts into the cart corral just to make space because some lazy ass felt they couldn’t take 2 extra seconds to do it them self! HUMPHH!!

  4. Here is mine:

    Dear Ms. Classy Cookbook Writer:

    You seem to have forgotten that very first reason why you are so famous is because people buy your books and watch your show. How dare you come to a book signing and refuse to even talk or take pictures with your fans. Those fans who pay for your book make your salary. Even when we stayed in line for 3-4 hours you didn’t care to give us the time to personalize your signature. You are so generic and interested in money that didn’t care to dissapoint your fans. Well, Ms. Classy, let me tell you something, you might be important, but not that important. You are on the way down and will lose more and more fans with that attitude. You already lost a good amount last year when you refused to meet with your fans. I hope you realize at the end that the fans are important and get down from that cloud. Next time remember that you are human too and look around you, you are an important person, but not THAT important.

  5. haha Steph, that sounds like my daily internal dialogue!

  6. The sad thing is that the people who leave the carts in the middle have no reason for it. I can understand if they have kids and it is raining, if it is too hot or too cold, or they have some kind of handicap, but the sad thing is that most of the times is people who are able to do it but think they are so much better than anybody else and they don’t need to take it back. According to them, that’s why the store hires people to do it.

  7. Oh, how I hate getting stuck by someone who smells!

  8. Love this! Finally figured out how to “play.” My Blogging skills are a little rusty! And I had to erase the first one I did because, well, with the internet my anonymous letter might just become non anonymous. And I kind of like my job….

  9. So many times I wish I had little tickets that you could give these inconsiderate ppl.

    I love when one of my kids points out mama isn’t that rude to just leave the cart there … hehe I feel a bit better it’s not coming out of my mouth … is that wrong ?

  10. O lazy people … they kill me!

  11. It must have been impossible to pay attention to the movie! Pe-ew!

  12. I can’t start – I’d never stop!

  13. Oh I hate that!

  14. Oh I can’t stand the lazy people who leave their carts out!! Especially when you go to turn into the parking space and them BAM! cart. Assholes.

  15. You really wonder who raised these people, young and old!

  16. Loves!

  17. Oh cart deserters drive me crazy!! Why is it so hard- especially when it is one person. If it was a mama with a whole bunch of little kids well I might just forgive that. But this mama even with little kids still puts the cart away!

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