Goldfish Pretzels Invites YOU to the Movies!


Just keep swimming, just keep swimming! 

I am bursting!  I have such news! 

Life is busy and kids’ schedules can be hectic.  Now that the little ones are back in school it’s important to remember to make time for fun family events and keep creating those special memories that will last a lifetime.  Bike rides, walks to the park, and movie watching are all fabulous ways to spend some quality time together, and are perfect opportunities to rejoice with a Goldfish Moment!  When you are out and about and your little ones have a snack attack,  you can avoid the mini-meltdowns and extend the fun by providing some Goldfish Pretzels!  These little fishy shaped fun savers are perfect for small hands, and I love that they do not contain artificial colours, flavours or saturated fats. 

One of our favourite things to do as a family is an evening at the movies.  Either curled up on the couch at home with an old classic, or spoiling ourselves with a night at the theatres.  Movie nights are special nights, and of course, snacks are necessary!!   Gilbert the Goldfish Pretzel is a regular at our house now that they are available in Canada!


Now on to my exciting news!!  I am thrilled to announce that thanks to Pepperidge Farm I have been given the opportunity to introduce all of you and your families to Goldfish Pretzels, by inviting you to the movies!! Yes!  Bring the kids, bring the family, and we can all enjoy a free movie and try the brand new Goldfish Pretzel snacks together!!

Woot!  What a night!!  We will sit and enjoy some baked Goldfish Pretzels, and the screening of Finding Nemo 3D!!

Here are all the details.

Do you live close to London Ontario?

Do you love Goldfish as much as I do and are you ready to unleash some smiles?

Are you available on Wednesday September 19th at 6:30pm?

Come celebrate, make some special family memories with Goldfish Pretzels and join us at the special screening of Finding Nemo 3D Screening.  All happening at The SilverCity Theatre in London Ontario!!

Oh please tell me you can come!!

To attend simply RSVP to this e-mail address:

Please include the following details:   (feel free to cut and paste)

Your Name:

The number of Children:

The number of Adults: (including yourself)

*Please Note: Each person can only RSVP for up to five people (yourself plus four others) this is to give all of my fabulous readers an opportunity to come.  So don’t delay, RSVP today!

UPDATE: Thanks for your interest in the Goldfish Pretzel screening of Finding Nemo 3D in London. Unfortunately, we’ve already hit our maximum capacity for this screening. Keep checking How to Survive Life in the Suburbs for your chance to win great prizes from Goldfish!

Thank you for your support!

Please help spread the word to your friends and family twitter!

Celebrate a very special #GoldfishMoment at a private screening of Finding Nemo 3D in #LdnOnt with @SassyModernMom

Let’s celebrate with Goldfish Pretzels and start making some more memories today!


Disclosure: Compensation was received from Campbell Canada in exchange for my participation in this event.


  1. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you, dear friend/awesome blogger and Goldfish! We just told the kids and they are excited beyond belief. Both small and big “kids” around here love Nemo, and Goldfish products are a favourite snack around our house. We are currently fully stacked with crackers (regular AND coloured) and cookies (a discovery of ours this summer) but have never tried the pretzels. Pretzels are a fav of mine, so the kids better watch their snacks on movie night!
    We will def. be there!

  2. Thank you Stephanie for making this event happen!
    This is such a great combination! My kids LOVE Pretzel Goldfish and Nemo!!! And the good news is that the pretzel goldfish will be sold in Canada, that saves us to stock up on our trips to the US:)
    The kids will be thrilled when I share this news with them!

    Thank you so much!!!

  3. Thank you so much! Spontaneity is so wonderful. Can not wait to surprise my kids! Thank you for sharing!

  4. What a cute idea for Goldfish to sponser this fun event! My kids are going to be so excited…they weren’t born when it was released in theatres and have only seen the DVD. Packing two little yellow Goldfish containers with cheese flavour Goldfish and a little note they can open at school tomorrow…SURPRISE! Thanks Sassymodernmom!

  5. WOW !!! This sounds like a FuNtAsTiC night out Stephanie. Looking forward to trying the new product from Pepperidge Farms .

    Goldfish makes the perfect snack for busy families, easy , ready to eat, grab and go , healthy etc …. LOVE IT !

    I have also used Goldfish in recipes of mine. Our favourite is the Haystack Snack !!!

    All this and a 3 D movie too !!!

    Thank you to both Pepperidge Farms and Stephanie!

  6. Thank you so much Stephaine. My kids love
    Finding Nemo. Funny story when I read your article
    my kids were eating the colored Goldfish crackers
    Thanks again

  7. Awww! This is a fab opportunity Steph! Thanks!
    I can’t wait!! Hopefully my girls will be able to come with me!

  8. Wish I lived closed. Sounds like a great event. We love goldfish in our house.

  9. Thanks so much for the invite… I have signed up and sent it off to a bunch of friends…

  10. Excited to check this out! DD will be floored. Thank you.

  11. Thanks so much! My kids will be soo excited!

  12. dolp…i swear one day i will change citizenship…if nothing else than to appreciate your contests all the more…and maybe universal healthcare…smiles.

  13. We are so there – will be fun! 🙂

  14. Oh man, if I was a wee big closer I’d TOTALLY be there!

    A wee bit closer meaning anywhere closer than Illinois. LOL

    Those who RSVP though, have a wonderful time!

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