The Travellers First Aid Kit

Over the past year I’ve taken a lot of trips.  Road trips, out of Province trips, quick glorious weekends down south and even a couple or dreamy vacations to Europe.  For each trip I dream big, over plan, and usually over pack.  I may regret hauling around that extra pair of bulky shoes and sweater […]

The Ultimate Travelling Packing List!

Very, VERY soon I will be jumping on a plane with my family and a group ….yes a GROUP of excited teenagers.  In total, we will be a party of 10!  I shall go down in history as either the coolest Mama ever, (because what kind of crazy person agrees to travel on one of […]

5 Extras To Bring To An All-Inclusive

This family adores a good all-inlusive vacation.  You arrive and the world is your oyster.  Food, drinks, and all activities are included.  However, what I’ve learned from dozens of stays at all sorts of fabulous resorts?  A few little tricks.  Hacks if you will to take your all inclusive experience to a whole new level! […]

What To Pack In A Travel First Aid Kit? Staying Healthy When We Travel

When I travel, I’m ‘that’ girl.  The one with the checklist.  The one barking orders at my teen girls to check just one more time that they have packed their sunscreen and their bathing suits.  The one who is in charge of the passports.  I’m the one with the big carry-on stuffed full of essentials […]

How To Survive School Lunches In The Suburbs #lifehack

If it’s one thing I think we can all agree on, it’s that making a couple of hundred school lunches in a year sucks!  So back by popular demand, my post on how to survive school lunches in the suburbs.  Hope you are all surviving the week! Mwah xoxo   Did anyone else have themselves […]

The Ultimate Cottage Packing List!

So you have one week until the long awaited cottage vacation.  You’ve scrimped and saved, your entire family has been looking forward to this getaway for the entire year, and suddenly you realize. Crap.  In less then seven days you have to figure out how to get two families organized, packed up into two cars […]