Self Talk And Angry Cleaning

They say talking to yourself is a sign of intelligence. Good Lord I hope that’s true because yesterday there was a whole new level of chatter going on and I swear to you….only the dog was listening.  If you’d been a fly on the wall, the “oh so positive self talk” you wold have heard […]

Coffee Talk

  This week I didn’t get out to have a fabulous lunch with my girlfriends.  There were no fancy dinners.  No “date” nights.  Not even a coffee date.  This week…I did exactly nothing for me.  I drove the kids from A to B.  I worked.  I cleaned up the same messes I always do.  I […]

Five Confessions From The Suburbs

Looking for a little something to do on a chilly Friday afternoon?  Why not play a game with me?  It’s easy, I promise.  It’s confession time!  I’ll get you started, all you have to do is fill in the blanks.  Pick one, pick two or take on all five and tell me how you really […]

The Pressure Of A New Year

A new year, a blank page, a fresh start.  You’ve likely heard it all.  Somehow the flipping of the calendar from 2015 to 2016 is supposed to be magical, cleansing …almost spiritual.  A chance to wash away the sins and disappointments of the past and start anew.  An opportunity to make grand gestures, huge promises […]

Mama Guilt, Neediness And Feeling All Selfish Like

I thought I’d grown accustomed to dealing with my Mama guilt. From the moment you pee on that stick and the line pops up pink, you start wrestling with fleeting moments of Mama guilt. Oh I should be eating more broccoli. Did I drink red wine last week?  I should not have stayed out so […]

TRUTH from the Suburbs

Oh it’s that time again.  Time to get some stuff off my chest, put it out there, and simply vent a little.  After all telling the truth and letting it go has to be cheaper than therapy right?  Besides…this venting thing, it’s kind of a tradition here at How To Survive Life In The Suburbs. […]

On Pool Boys, Rude Neighbours and Messy Houses. Letting It Go

Pardon me.  I’m sorry.  Opps.  Oh gosh!  Did that just happen?  Should I worry?  Do I really care.  Whatever.  No matter what I do, where I walk in life, one thing remains the same;  I am a worrier. I think too long, let things stew, and let crap bother me that shouldn’t.  When it comes […]

I Am NOT The Rock Star Of Resolutions

Not. I don’t usually make “resolutions”, but I do try and start out the New Year in a happy place and set a few loosey goosey goals for myself.  There’s a reason for this; failure plays an awfully big part in my normal resolution game.  Here it is, January the 9th, and I have already […]

This Weeks Confessions From The Suburbs

Grab a coffee and a seat in your favourite chair;  it’s time for some good old fashioned confessions from the suburbs.  You know, so you don’t feel so alone in the crazy…. *Today I would not let my daughter leave for school without a healthy meal, and then I sat down and ate cake for […]