Welcome To CityWalk

CityWalk in Orlando Florida is located at the entrance to Universal Resorts. In essence, this expansive area starts after you exit the hotels or parking garages and is hugged by Universal’s Islands of Adventure  on one side and Universal Studios on the other.  This lively space is a 30 + acres of shopping, dining and […]

Look Out Florida Here We COME!!

Sunshine, adventure, good food and thrill rides.  Orlando Florida here we come. The next few days are going to be epic!  I’m packing up one of my best girls and her BFF and we’re headed to Florida!  Oh how I need some sunshine.  While we’re there we will  have the pleasure of checking out the […]

Three Great Reasons To Consider Tremblant This Winter!

The days are getting shorter, the air is getting so much cooler.  It’s time to start thinking about….dare I say it?  Snow!  The good news? Tremblant, voted the number one ski resort in Eastern North America, makes winter fun.  If visions of vast mountains of perfect snow, swooshing down slopes, and curling up by the […]

Venice Boat Tour with Grand Canal & Tower Climb with Walks of Italy

16,000 steps. The number of steps our family was taking on an average day walking through Italy. Time spent meandering, touring and sometimes just getting lost. So when presented with the chance to tour Venice on a boat I took the opportunity to see this mesmerizing city from another perspective.  The water! Our tour called […]

Hotel L’Orologio Venezia – An Apartment Hotel in the Heart Of Venice

Have you ever dreamed of having your very own home in Venice?  Living life like a real Venetian, you and your family spread out in a spacious apartment, watching the gondolas go by your picture window as you drink your morning coffee and make your plans for the day.  This dream, and so many more […]

Beaches Negril – 10 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Paradise

Located on the widest stretch of Negril’s famous 7-mile Beach, Beaches Negril encourages you to start your vacation from the moment you land.  It has a chill, laid back atmosphere, and yet hosts a lively night life for those who seek it.  There are kids programs galore, and of course the food and service the […]

A Picture Perfect Day In Florence

There are some places that are difficult to put into words. They hold too much history, too much beauty.  Florence Italy, capital of Italy’s Tuscany region, is one of those places.  So today, a walk down those incredible winding streets and a peek at some of the hidden gems in the middle of this beautiful […]

A Must See While In Rome: The Vatican

The Vatican City. Revered, written about in books, seen on television and movies.  No visit to Rome could be considered complete without a peek inside the world of the Vatican. But where to start when you go?  It’s overwhelming.  Our choice, to take the guided tour titled The Vatican Highlights Tour: Vatican Museums & Sistine […]

Walking In The Shadow Of The Colosseum: Through Eternity

  Goosebumps.  As we stood beside the Colosseum in Rome, shadowed by it’s enormous size, I became momentarily overwhelmed by the structure that sat in front of me.  I’d seen this massive wonder in books, marvelled at it’s significance during movies, even studied it in school, but what did I really know?  What would I […]

Dreaming Of Life In Burano

Day dreaming in full force. Have you ever thought about packing it all in and trying a completely different life?  Somewhere foreign, exotic, perhaps the polar opposite of the life you live now?  As I wandered the cobblestone streets of the tiny Island of Burano off the coast of Italy, the little day dreamer in […]