The Ultimate Travelling Packing List!

Very, VERY soon I will be jumping on a plane with my family and a group ….yes a GROUP of excited teenagers.  In total, we will be a party of 10!  I shall go down in history as either the coolest Mama ever, (because what kind of crazy person agrees to travel on one of […]

Best Travel Tips Ever

My parents took me on my first out of country trip when I was 12? Maybe 11 years old.  I’ve been hooked ever since.  The next 30 odd years of travel, adventures and research have taught me a few things. Here are my hard fought for, well earned, best travel tips to make your next […]

10 Simple Travel Hacks ~ Plus A #Giveaway

There might be only one thing I like better than travelling. Planning to travel!  So with that in mind I bring you my list of 10 Simple Travel Hacks carefully chosen after years and years of indulging what can only be called a travel addiction. 1. Consider Booking One Way Tickets It sounds strange but […]