The W San Francisco : Hotel Review

When seeking a hotel in the heart of San Francisco there are a dizzying array of options.  Large chains, trendy boutiques, tiny spots with a view and so much more.  I recently had the opportunity to stay at and review the W San Francisco on a whirlwind trip to the city by the bay.  Here’s […]

25 Places In Canada Every Family Should Visit

Are you ready to plan that next summer vacation, but don’t know where to start?  Maybe this is the year you should stay a little closer to home and explore the beauty that exists right in your own back yard.  Blogger and Author Jody Robbins is here to help.  Just in time for summer Jody […]

Deep Breaths And Sweet Smells ~ $180 Giveaway

I have a very odd fear.  It’s a fear that my house smells like dog.  Gross.  The problem?  My house does smell like dog.  My “puppy” is a 200 pound Great Dane named Watson.  He bounds through the house with no cares that he’s leaving a trail of muddy paw prints, slobber and puppy smell […]

Ellie The Puppy Meets Her Match! ~ #DysonClean

As a Mama who spends her time loving, living and working from home there are a few things I just don’t skimp on.  I need good coffee.  Great light.  A fast and reliable lap-top and a vacuum with a difference.  This my friends was way I was actually excited to hear that Dyson has done […]

Weekend Fun Inspired By AIR MILES Perks

Three cheers for April!  That fresh spring air, tulips bursting through the ground, Easter Weekend and of course those long rainy days.  Flooded backyards and gloomy weather can lead to the itch, the need, to get out of the house.  It’s the perfect time of year to start planning some epic outings with your family. […]

Putting the Flipp On My Grocery Shop ~ $ 100 VISA GC Giveaway

*Please note the following giveaway is open to Canada only. It’s no secret that when it comes to grocery shopping and meal planning, I am not the most organized person in the world.  Between getting kids everywhere they need to be, keeping on top of work, the pets, our social calendar, just life?  It seems […]

Falling In Love With Miik ~ Giveaway

***Please note the following giveaway is open to Canada only. Have you heard of Miik?  I must confess, this was a new brand for me, and now?  I’m quite possibly their biggest fan.  Offering beautiful clothes, gorgeous fabric and fits that are both flattering and forgiving. Miik is a Toronto based brand that creates gorgeous […]

Kiss The Mess Goodbye – Quick Tips and a Giveaway

My house is a very busy one.  One Husband, two teen girls, a cat, a dog and a partridge in a pear tree. The door is always open.  The people running in and out, the pets, well, doing what pets do, and that’s the way I like it.  What I don’t love so much?  The […]

A Little Vacuum, A Big Difference: Black + Decker Giveaway

  It was only three hours.  How hard could it be to look after a 9 month old baby for only three hours.  As it turns out, all kinds of hard. My 9 month old niece came for a visit, and the truth of the matter is, that girl gave me a run for my […]

An Uncommon Christmas ~$100 Giveaway

Do I dare tell you how many Saturdays there are until Christmas? How many days?  No, I won’t do that to you.  What I will do however is tell you about a site I’ve discovered that is going to make that upcoming Christmas shopping not just a whole lot easier, but dare I say it, […]