0savesSave I am WAY over packed, the house sitter is tucked in safe and sound with her list of instructions for the house, the dog, and the cat.  You get the idea.  I like me some lists.  The family and I and oh SIX extra teenagers are jetting off to grab us some of that […]

10 Tips To Avoid March Break Meltdowns! ~ Giveaway (arv $150)

Please note the following giveaway is sponsored and open to Canada only. March Break is just around the corner.  Thank goodness!   Sometimes the pressures of school, work, extra curricular activities, grocery shopping, household chores….ug, it just all becomes…too much.  Parents are run to the point exhaustion.  Our kids are over scheduled, over worked and […]

The Ultimate Travelling Packing List!

Very, VERY soon I will be jumping on a plane with my family and a group ….yes a GROUP of excited teenagers.  In total, we will be a party of 10!  I shall go down in history as either the coolest Mama ever, (because what kind of crazy person agrees to travel on one of […]

Medieval Times Orlando ~ My Orlando Story

  Have you ever wanted to step back in time?  To have the chance to see what the world was like in Spain in the Medieval Times?  That is exactly what you can do as you immerse yourself in an experience known as Medieval Times Dinner and Show in Orlando Florida.  A place brimming with […]

It’s The Hogwarts Express ~ WW

You never know what you will find hidden around in the nooks and crannies of the remarkable Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Florida.  If you pay attention, and have your wits about you, you may catch a moment that will take your breath away.  Like this one, as the magical train emerges […]

Getting My Domestic Goddess On! oh she glows

March Break is here!  Can we get a Hallelujah?  This years break from school has us packing up the kids and headed to a gorgeous cottage on the lake.  A few days of relaxation away from the suburbs.  If only the “getting ready and getting there” was as easy as blissful as the time away. […]