My First Senior Moment?

Full on confession coming up. This weekend; I caught myself talking to the TV.  Well, talking AT the TV.  I wasn’t expecting a response.  It’s my humble opinion that over the last few years televisions have become way too complicated and I’m over it. Here’s the thing, I consider myself a fairly intelligent woman. I’m […]

Finding The Happy?

This week we celebrated “International Happiness Day“.  A day where everyone is invited to join the movement to create a happier world.  Did we though?  Did you?  I sure didn’t.  For me, this past Monday was a big old grumpy blur.  In reality it was just another manic Monday and I don’t think I did […]

The Marriage Saver

A fact I’ve learned to deal with over the years. My Hubby snores. Like big loud truck rumbling through the Lincoln Tunnel kind of snoring. When a man can wake himself up with his own snoring, he is an Olympian of snoring. My man is the Gold Medal Olympian of snoring. So how have I […]

Insomnia Sucks. 10 Tricks To Help Fight The Beast.

Insomnia.  The struggle is real. Sometimes just a random occurrence, most often hits when there is a big meeting or a plane to catch the next day!  Why oh why does my body fight sleep when it needs it the most?  After years of battling periodic insomnia, tossing and turning until I’m a puddle of […]

Useless Things I Learned Today

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed Very few things at the dollar store are actually a dollar.  (and I can still manage to drop $20 in 5 minutes) I will eat yogurt covered pretzels until I feel sick if for no other reason then to hide the evidence. Just because the check out girl can fill my environmentally […]

What Your Wives Are Talking About

Do you want to know why your wife looks so tired?  Why her fuse is so short and why she is kind of “stomp-ey” when you get home from work?  It’s not really that big a mystery. Nope, not rocket science.  And truthfully, it’s not even your fault. It’s just the reality of the crush […]

Coffee Talk

  This week I didn’t get out to have a fabulous lunch with my girlfriends.  There were no fancy dinners.  No “date” nights.  Not even a coffee date.  This week…I did exactly nothing for me.  I drove the kids from A to B.  I worked.  I cleaned up the same messes I always do.  I […]

Who’s Coming to Dinner???

Have you ever played the game; “If you could invite 5 famous people to your dinner party, who would you pick?” What, it’s a real thing. A game that’s helped kick start awkward cocktail parties, pass the time on long road trips, and it’s just plain fun.  So let’s go.  You are having a FABULOUS […]

On The Hardwood Man, Self Control, & Celebrating Small Victories

Some weekends fly by because you’re having so much fun.  Others?  The opposite.  Too much to do, and not nearly enough time.  This weekend was one of those.  This next week we’re having some new floors put in upstairs.  Old satined carpets be gone!  But do you know what that means?  It means we must […]

Has Anyone Seen The Girl Next Door?

Not long ago I was invited to a girls weekend up at a cottage. No Men. No Kids. Just wine, and food and girly stuff. Sounds great right? Well perfectly wonderful until you figure out you, well you ….are a bit lost. A couple of days before I was supposed to leave for this blissful […]