The Marriage Saver

A fact I’ve learned to deal with over the years. My Hubby snores. Like big loud truck rumbling through the Lincoln Tunnel kind of snoring. When a man can wake himself up with his own snoring, he is an Olympian of snoring. My man is the Gold Medal Olympian of snoring. So how have I […]

Tracking Family Time Like A Boss With Project Smart Furniture

When was the last time you spent some quality time with your family?  Did you have to think about it?  I can admit that I certainly did.  So when was the last time my entire crew was together?  Perhaps it was dinner on Sunday night.  Oh wait, we all took the dog for a walk […]

On Mud & Dogs & Bubble Baths Gone Wrong – $83 Giveaway

**The following giveaway is open to Canada Only. Spring has finally arrived and with it comes the dirt, the mud, the mess!  Finally the kiddos are getting outside more, playing on the trampoline and volleyball in the backyard, and bringing the lovely outdoors in.  I’m all for the rough and tumble play, but I will […]

Make it Better with Bertolli!

There are a few brands in my pantry that I consider “iconic”. At the top of that list: Bertolli Olive Oil. Renowned as the world’s leading brand of olive oil, the Bertolli tradition began in 1865 in Italy in the small town of Lucca. There, Francesco and Caterina Bertolli opened a trading shop underneath the […]

A Year In The Suburbs

How do you begin to wrap up a year?  These past 12 months have been more than I could have hoped or asked for.  There have been extreme highs and heart achingly lows.  A couple of scares, and some moments that had me literally jumping for joy.  Through it all I have been blessed and […]