Good and Simple. A New Fave Snack!

Summer!  The season brings us the sunshine and pool days, BBQ’s and beach time.  Long afternoons in the park and excuses for a picnic on a red and white checkered blanket with just you and your little one.  Summer is my favourite season of the year for so many reasons.  The days are longer, the […]

The Taste Of Testaccio Food Tour – Eat Where The Locals Eat

Are you a traveller or a tourist? Do you go somewhere and really want to see it, know it, be changed because of it? Do you long to know it’s history, meet the people, perhaps even have an impact? Then, perhaps you are a traveller. One way to really get to know the area in […]

You Can Experience It All At The World Food Championships Kissimmee!

From November 3rd – 10th a unique event is taking place in Kissimmee Florida; it’s the World Food Championships, and it just might be a foodies dream come true.  The World Food Championships is the largest competition in food sport, yes , it’s a food sport!  Champions of previous events from all over the world […]

Sensational Snacks For The Cottage (or anytime)! #Giveaway

Every year my SassySis and I undertake a massive mission.  To rent a cottage for our little families, cram us all together under one roof for one crazy week, and make as many memories as possible.  One problem we have every single year?  There are never enough snacks!  (and I will admit, the snacks we […]

The Best $20 I’ve Ever Spent?

We were in the farmers market when my daughter spotted something shiny she just had to bring to my attention.  What the heck? I was very quickly informed the little gadget in question was spectacular, and we just had to have it.  The strange contraption was meant to slice apples, and was quite obviously the […]

Grilling The Perfect Steak, With Chef Corbin! #KidApprovedMeals

  We may be halfway through summer but BBQ season is just starting to ramp up in our house. The pool is open, the neighbours are always dropping by and we’re always looking for every possible excuse to fire up the grill! But what we do need to get better at? Spending less time shopping […]

7 European Destinations On A Budget

Image by Les Haines used under the Creative Commons license. Since the Euro began weakening considerably against the Dollar, you’ll probably find yourself contemplating a trip to Europe this summer.  However, because Europe is such a popular destination, depending on which country you go to, it can be very expensive, but there’s hope for all […]