5 Twists On The Traditional Easter Basket

Easter is a time for celebration, to gather with family and of course to indulge in some fabulous treats.  Traditionally, little one’s get to wake up to gorgeous Easter Baskets stuffed full of goodness and head out on epic Easter Egg Hunts.  As the kiddos get a little older, those Easter Egg Hunts are no […]

Next Easter, I Want To Be The Dad

  A Dad’s Role at Easter: -Participate in Easter Egg Hunt activities -Shower for dinner -Get dressed -Nap? -Show up for dinner That is all. Mom’s Role at Easter: -Weeks before Easter co-ordinate with sister, Mother, Mother In Law, Sister In Law, possibly cousins. Find dates that will work for a minimum of two Easter […]

Indulge With The #DanetteForEaster Twitter Party

Easter Bunnies, Easter Eggs, Easter Chocolates!  Turkey dinner, side of ham and all the scrumptious desserts that come along with it.  Oh yes, Easter has long had the tradition of being a time to indulge, and I can admit to loving every minute of it.  When surrounded by family and friends, taking part in the cutest […]

Warning: Mini Egg Shortbread Cookies Are Dangerous…

…..for your thighs! Wondering what to do with the leftover Easter Candy?  Wait, do you have leftover Easter Chocolate because we did not.   So I did what any good chocoholic in the Suburbs does; I went to the Bulk Barn and stocked up on mini eggs!  Why?  Simply so I could re-create the best, most […]

Carrying On With One Twisted Easter

When my girls were wee, Easter Morning was all squeals and sunshine.  Running from behind doors, to peeking under couches.  Skipping while searching and competing to see who could find the most Easter Eggs.  I frantically tried to capture the moment with my camera, while their Dad straggled behind grinning and rubbing his eyes; both […]