10 Tips To Avoid March Break Meltdowns! ~ Giveaway (arv $150)

Please note the following giveaway is sponsored and open to Canada only. March Break is just around the corner.  Thank goodness!   Sometimes the pressures of school, work, extra curricular activities, grocery shopping, household chores….ug, it just all becomes…too much.  Parents are run to the point exhaustion.  Our kids are over scheduled, over worked and […]

Powering Smiles and Imagination with Duracell ~ Furby Connect Giveaway!

My every day is filled with but one wish for my children.  That they are healthy and happy.  It doesn’t seem like a grand wish, but it truly is everything. My Husband would tell you “Happy Wife, happy life.”  and I’d say a Mother is only as happy as her saddest child.  As Mother’s we […]