Cottagers! Plan, Pack And Rejoice! It’s Almost Summer!

Are you ready for it?  The first official long weekend of the summer is just around the corner and I can’t wait!  For many Canadians this means it’s time to organize the kids, pack up the house, throw everybody in the car and make a trip to cottage country. Sigh, is there a better place […]

A Place You Can Breathe

Sometimes it feels like a mad dash.  Do you know the feeling?  The crush, the pressure, the craze to get everything you need to get done, so you can just “get to the cottage”.   Is it worth it to scrimp and to save?  The panic and mad packing, the fight you have to make through […]

On Cottage Life, OverIndulgence And Car Alarms

*There is power in unplugging for a few days. *It takes a tween about 30 minutes to spend $10.00 at a souvenir shop.  Decisions are hard when there is so much pretty to pick from. *Nothing truly costs a dollar at the dollar store, even in cottage country. *I will eat chocolate covered almonds until […]

Missing The Quiet

The countdown is on to back to school and the frenzy has already begun.  Mornings are spent in a panic, doing that “last minute” back to school shopping that I fear my girls will remember me for.  Afternoons are crammed with soaking up the sun with friends.  Squeezing in the max beach time and pool […]

The One Where I’m All Grateful And Stuff

I have just returned from a weeks vacation.  A week in cottage country, deep, deep in the woods.  Seven days that I spent unplugged in almost every way.  Almost no television, internet, or cellphone.  This also meant my two dear daughters had to do the unplugged thing. Hubby could only be with us for half […]

Dude, Just Move the Deer Crossing Signs!

I am still in the thick of cottage country and loving every single second of it.  When we do venture away from our gorgeous rental we see many “Deer Crossing” signs and even the occasional “Moose Crossing” sign.  Love it!  (err and even my kiddos understand these bright yellow signs indicate drivers are to watch […]