My First Senior Moment?

Full on confession coming up. This weekend; I caught myself talking to the TV.  Well, talking AT the TV.  I wasn’t expecting a response.  It’s my humble opinion that over the last few years televisions have become way too complicated and I’m over it. Here’s the thing, I consider myself a fairly intelligent woman. I’m […]

Confession: What’s On Your Bedside Table?

This, this could get embarrassing.  What’s on my bedside table? An iPhone charger. Hand cream. My jewelry box. More prescriptions than I care to admit to.  (Related: migraines suck) A large collection of hair elastics. A water glass, half empty. And finally, back in the rotation, a stack of books. It’s time to take back […]

Feeling Beautiful At Every Age: Olay

“It’s what’s on the inside that counts.” “Real beauty is on the inside.” These are the things we tell our children these are the things we tell ourselves, but is it true?  Yes, the inside counts, but shocker…so does the outside! Last week I had a very unique experience. I was invited to attend a […]

Differently Organized

I am not a scatter brain.  I swear. I know exactly where my ice cream scoop is.  The ice cream scoop my Mom used to use and has now been “passed down” stolen from her house to me, because one always needs ice cream from the perfect scoop. I never loose track of the wine […]