The Suburban Mama Code

There are certain unwritten rules every Mama in the Suburbs know exist.  You want to survive here?  You better tow the line baby! 1. When you get invited out for coffee wine PLEASE don’t spend the entire time talking about yourself, your husband, your business, your kids, your fabulous house.  Sigh.  Self centered Suburban Mama’s […]

Little Moments Can Make A Difference

Have you ever had one of those days?  Slept through your alarm.  Couldn’t find anything to wear.  Barely got the kids to school because they refused to even try that nutritious breakfast you threw in front of them.  Tripped over your own feet on the way into the grocery store and dropped the eggs on […]

Be Kind. Always.

  Some days are good.  Some days are great.  Other days?  You may need the assistance of coffee, the motivation of warm pastries or even children to drag your ass out of bed.  It makes you think.  Do you ever really know what’s going on behind closed doors?  That smile you see on someone’s face? […]

On Kindness, Forgiveness and Growing Up.

Imagine if women supported, loved and cared for each other the way little girls do.  With their whole hearts, to the depths of their souls.  Imagine if we didn’t need any one else’s approval to be happy.  Imagine a world where kindness, honestly and  were qualities that were valued above all else.  Imagine if every […]