What Your Wives Are Talking About

Do you want to know why your wife looks so tired?  Why her fuse is so short and why she is kind of “stomp-ey” when you get home from work?  It’s not really that big a mystery. Nope, not rocket science.  And truthfully, it’s not even your fault. It’s just the reality of the crush […]

Little Moments Can Make A Difference

Have you ever had one of those days?  Slept through your alarm.  Couldn’t find anything to wear.  Barely got the kids to school because they refused to even try that nutritious breakfast you threw in front of them.  Tripped over your own feet on the way into the grocery store and dropped the eggs on […]

Beating The Migraine Monster!

Like many women, I suffer from what can only be described as attacks by the migraine monster.  I’ve tried, and continue to try every trick in the book.  Fad diets, drugs, try to get enough sleep, hormone control, preventative  drugs, control through caffeine use, caffeine avoidance, no alcohol.  You get the idea.  After almost 15 […]

Falling In Love With Miik ~ Giveaway

***Please note the following giveaway is open to Canada only. Have you heard of Miik?  I must confess, this was a new brand for me, and now?  I’m quite possibly their biggest fan.  Offering beautiful clothes, gorgeous fabric and fits that are both flattering and forgiving. Miik is a Toronto based brand that creates gorgeous […]

Where To Travel In 2017 ~ St Maarten!

Second in the our series of posts highlighting our top choices for travel this year we bring you St Maarten! This small Caribbean island is located towards the north of the Lesser Antilles, enjoys tropical breezes and a truly unique geographically history.  Searching for a romantic getaway, an island with a fun and fabulous night […]

How To Be A Criminal In The Suburbs

Keeping it real; my confession from the suburbs this week: My Hubby had been away for the better part of the week. I’m not ashamed to admit this has made me a little extra tired, perhaps a tad more frazzled than usual, I definitely had a shorter fuse. My hat is off to the Mama’s […]

The War Against The Italian Washing Machine

Do you have any idea what’s going on here?  What those symbols or words might mean? Here’s a hint. The words are in Italian. It’s the dial on a washer/dryer combo in Italy! Now take whatever information you can glean from this “super easy to read dial” and do your worst.  I say your worst […]

When Was Your First Time?

I’m in the middle of preparing for something kind of exciting.  A little out of the ordinary?  I’m headed to Cancun Mexico with…. my Hubby, my daughters and oh SIX of their closest friends.  Yup. six.  We will be a party of 10.  Am I crazy?  Maybe.  I’m destined to go down in history as […]

Boys In The Suburbs

Today I bring you the humour of a new writer at How To Survive Life In The Suburbs, the guest writing of Sassygirlfriend and her unique perspective on all things on living the life….with boys in the suburbs.   1) If the dishwasher is full please do not play Jenga in the sink with the […]

Coffee Talk

  This week I didn’t get out to have a fabulous lunch with my girlfriends.  There were no fancy dinners.  No “date” nights.  Not even a coffee date.  This week…I did exactly nothing for me.  I drove the kids from A to B.  I worked.  I cleaned up the same messes I always do.  I […]