Lazy Monday Meme!

This weekend was full of Dance Competitions and National Cheer Events.  A whirlwind of activity that left me somewhere between a buzzing state of caffeine bliss and utter exhaustion.  (and I was only in charge of make-up, picture taking and driving)  So instead of spending my Sunday evening trying to put down into words how […]

The One Word Challenge

It’s Sunday night, and I truly did have some deep thoughts planned to write and share today, but real life got in the way.  SassyNephew came to stay for one night full of giggles and bliss, and then a migraine took me down hard; ruining the remainder of my weekend.  I’m currently wallowing in “to […]

Lazy Sunday Morning Meme

It’s a very rare Sunday morning in my house.  The girls are sleeping and the calendar is bare.  There’s no reason to set the alarm, rush off and scatter to the wind.  We have an entire day for us and I’m going to make the most of it.  So today I bring you a very […]

Surviving Thanksgiving In The Suburbs

Thanksgiving is coming, or as I like to call it, the meal after which I will hate myself.  It all starts our fine with the cute new sweater and pinterest worthy appetizers ready to go.  Then sometime around 7:30pm, it ends in cold sweats and the need to unbutton my pants because I just had […]

Turkey Day Confessions In A Thanksgiving Meme

Up here in the great white north of Canada it’s Thanksgiving Monday!  A day for many of us to eat Turkey for a second time in the same weekend, to continue visits with family and friends, and to wonder why on earth we didn’t hang onto those old maternity pants.  The jeans start to feel […]

Where I’m From?

It’s summer, I am ridiculously behind, and over the top excited because right about now I am on my way home from the Calgary Stampede courtesy of GMC Canada!  Woot!  When I come back it’s going to be all GM this, and horses that, but for now I bring you a post written almost a […]

You Say It’s Your Birthday!

It’s My Birthday Too! Oh yes it is, I actually prefer to call it my Birthday week.  I tend to try and stretch out this horrid wonderful day from Mother’s Day right thru and past the 23rd. It’s just the way I roll!  Why do I do this?  I think because as a Mom, even […]

Old School Blogging

I was reading the remarkable A Lady In France as she reminisced about blogging “way back when”.  Back in the day when we “tagged” each other with awards and Memes……perhaps a little more often then we should.  The kicker is; these fun memes seemed to have died out all together. Until now!  It’s March Break, […]

Window Shopping

Confession:  There are a few things in life that I am not very good at.  One of these is Window Shopping.  When I head out and see something I adore, I pull out the plastic and I CHARGE IT!   Gail Vaz-Oxlade of To Debt Do Us Part would have a field day with me! One […]

Passive Aggressive Letter..With Love & LINKY!

Hello and Welcome!! Today I bring to you the first ever How To Survive Life In The Suburbs Linky! A linky to share your best, and worst, moments of the month! I will post my latest vent to get you started and invite you to join in the fun. So go ahead and jump in with […]