Lazy Sunday Morning Meme

It’s a very rare Sunday morning in my house.  The girls are sleeping and the calendar is bare.  There’s no reason to set the alarm, rush off and scatter to the wind.  We have an entire day for us and I’m going to make the most of it.  So today I bring you a very […]

This Much I Know Is True II

Ahhh my friends! This is a very very sneaky post!  Right now I am firmly planted in Disney World, blessed to be accompanying the Children’s Miracle Network at #celebration13.  This means a couple of things, I am overwhelmed, exhausted, and inspired by the incredible children and families I have met.  It also means that to […]

Crazy Things I Do When I Think No One is Looking

A while back I stumbled across a post that inspired me.  The Fitness Cheerleader said it all in one little title, we all do things that are a wee bit nuts, but only when we think no one is looking!  I’ve decided being a little bit nuts makes life just that much more interesting.  Perhaps […]

Where I’m From?

It’s summer, I am ridiculously behind, and over the top excited because right about now I am on my way home from the Calgary Stampede courtesy of GMC Canada!  Woot!  When I come back it’s going to be all GM this, and horses that, but for now I bring you a post written almost a […]

Over Here!! I’m Over Here!

Have you heard the news?  Google reader is going away FOREVER!!   It is shutting down on July 1st!  That is tomorrow people!   If you use Google Reader to follow me, you might want to think about switching over to Bloglovin’ so you don’t lose any of your favourite reads.  You know, like me!  Find my […]

I’m Scared! Can You See Me Now??

Ahhh!  I’ve done it. I’ve taken the sorta of terrifying leap and jumped off the Blogger platform and headfirst into Word Press!  I didn’t do this all by my lonesome, I did get some amazing help from Krizzy Designs, but have to tell you that late last night, as my blog was moving through cyberspace […]

Who Can Resist A Party?

I simply adore the ladies of 5 Minutes For Mom, so of course had to take this opportunity to hop around the blogosphere and party with them and a few hundred other fabulous women!  Thanks so much for stopping by my little piece of the web today!  My name is Stephanie, SassyModernMom on twitter.  I […]

The Time Sucks Killing My Day

What did you do today? Write the next great novel?  Solve the world’s problems, or at least a couple of household one’s?  Volunteer?  Knock seven things off that ever growing to do list?  Not me.  Nope.  Nada.  I pretty much accomplished NOTHING.  Again.  So where did my day go and how does this keep happening?  […]

Old School Blogging

I was reading the remarkable A Lady In France as she reminisced about blogging “way back when”.  Back in the day when we “tagged” each other with awards and Memes……perhaps a little more often then we should.  The kicker is; these fun memes seemed to have died out all together. Until now!  It’s March Break, […]

Not How I Expected To Check It Off The Bucket List

I finally checked another item off my bucket list! Mama got herself a pair of Jimmy Choo’s.  Kind of?  The only problem, the particular “pair” I was dreaming of, they looked something like this: So beautiful!!  But what I ended up getting?  These: .  NOOOOOO! Turns out life after 40 also means I need glasses.  […]