Sapphire Falls ~ 5 Reasons To Stay “Inside” The Parks!

Imagine a place where crowds seem to melt away.  An oasis of palm trees and lagoon style pools, plots of sandy beach and pool side service with a welcoming smile.  Picture an escape from your reality as you enter a tropical paradise.  Blue waterfalls, lush grounds, and calming colours.  The newest on-site hotel at Universal Resorts Orlando has a laid back Caribbean vibe and is located mere steps from the action.  Welcome to Loews Sapphire Falls Resort at Universal Studios in Orlando.

A whirl-wind girls getaway with my daughter and her BFF allowed me to check out this hotel and all it has to offer.  We stayed together in a lovely Pool View 2 Queen Bed Room on the 8th floor with a stunning view of the resort below.

The room was well laid out with two exceptionally comfortable beds, a flat screen TV, free WIFI, an in-room safe, coffee maker, small dresser, mini-fridge, desk/chair combo, and a comfy chair by the window.

Picture Courtesy of Loews Hotel

The bathroom was divided into two spaces.  The shower and toilet area, were neatly separated from the sink and counter space by a sliding pocket door.  The only draw back to the room was that this pocket door didn’t provide a whole lot of privacy.  Other than this little surprise, I was thrilled with how clean, quiet and conveniently the rooms were located to the lobby, pools and on-site restaurants.  This was a great place to call home for our 4 day getaway.

Ready to plan that next vacation?  Here are five reasons you should consider a stay at Loews Sapphires Falls Resort at Universal Orlando for your next family vacation.

  1. Early Park Admission. Guests staying at this on-site hotel enjoy Early Park Admission one hour before the theme park opens.  There is something very VIP about gaining access to Universal Orlando before the crowds.  No need to run to your favourite rides and jump in a cue, you can take your time, snap some pictures and dive into your day of adventure feeling relaxed and even accomplished!  Potter Heads rejoice, as you tackle all the rides in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter before the gates even open to the other guests for the day!
  2. Resort-wide charging privileges.  Charging privileges can be added to your room key card.  No need to carry your credit cards or a lot of cash.  When you check into your hotel you can choose to activate your room card and select how much money to allow to be charged each day.  For instance; I chose to allow up to $200 per day to be charged on each room key.  This gave myself and my girls the ability to pick up the tab for dinners, desserts or any souvenirs we may need or want throughout our stay.
  3. Complimentary water taxi and shuttle service to and from the Universal Orlando theme parks and Universal CityWalk.  Although we were close enough to walk to both CityWalk and Universal, one of my favourite features of staying on site was the water taxi.  Before you board your water taxi you are ushered through a short and friendly security line.  Now you are ready to enter the parks!  No need to go through security a second time.  The water taxis came around about every 15 minutes (usually less) and went directly from our hotel to Universal Resorts and CityWalk.  A seamless and relaxing way to travel.
  4. The pool.  One of the big draws of this hotel is the spectacular pool.  An oasis in the middle of the action.  Plenty of lounge chairs, an endless supply of towels, and friendly pool side service.   A special shout out to the lifeguards.  In all my years of travel and pool time I’ve never seen more attentive, engaged lifeguards.  I was impressed.
  5. The location.   A couple of days walking around in the heat can be…exhausting.  You know what makes Universal even more incredible?  The option to pop back onto the water taxi and head back to your on-site hotel for a quick swim to cool off in the middle of the afternoon.  Nap time and pool breaks are good for everyone.
  6. Bonus Reason.  The On-Site Restaurants:  The Dutch Trading Co., The Strong Water Tavern, Amatista Cookhouse, and poolside at Drhum Club Kantine.

Insider Tips:

*When you are getting towels, ask for a chair cover.  Ingenious “towel like” covers that fit over the loungers and stay in place.  Can you have a crush on a towel?

*Consider purchasing a re-fillable mug from the New Dutch Trading Co.  A one time purchase you can re-fill as often as you like for the duration of your stay.

*New Dutch Trading Co. is fabulous spot for a “grab and go” breakfast as you head out in the mornings.

*Don’t miss the waterslides and children’s area complete with small splash pad.

*If your thinking about spending an entire day at the pool, consider renting a cabana.  They come equipped with dedicated pool chairs, a shaded area complete with couches, a patio table and chairs, a stocked mini-fridge with sodas and waters, and a small safe to lock up your valuables when you go for a swim.

*At time of posting, Standard Rooms began at $204.00 per night, multiple nights were discounted.

*As at most resorts the cost of food both on-site and off can add up so plan accordingly.

The staff were friendly and helpful, the room quiet and comfortable and the proximity to the park can’t be beat.  We loved our stay at Loews Sapphire Falls Resort and hope to return one day soon.

Happy Travels!

Disclosure:  I was provided accommodation in order to facilitate this review.  As always all opinions on this blog are my own.


  1. Cynthia says:

    This looks like paradise!

  2. Melinda says:

    Visiting Universal is definitely on my bucket list. Great place!

  3. Cheryl , h says:

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  4. Shirley p says:

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  5. Janet M says:

    Such a beautiful complex. I love the size of the rooms.

  6. Sandy Trojansek says:

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  7. Marisa. P says:

    Wow! Looks AMAZING 😉

  8. Looks amazing! I would love to try a Universal Resort as we visit Universal every year. I have to say the water attractions at the park are my favourite, so the pool at Saphire Falls really attracts me to that resort!

    • Stephanie says:

      If you love the water you would adore this resort. One thing I did appreciate is that there was never a fight for space. The pool is massive, there are a ton of pool chairs and a never ending supply of towels. Hope you get to check out Sapphire Falls on your next visit!

  9. That pool! I so need a vacation:) I just can’t imagine taking the kids, so maybe in a few years.

    • Stephanie says:

      The beauty of staying so close to Universal is that it makes it so easy to take the kids. Mine are a little older now, but let me know if you have any questions!

  10. Alayne Langford says:

    Can I just say I love the sliding pocket door in the washroom?? This and of course your bucket list worthy photos!!

    • Stephanie says:

      The pocket door is a smart way to save on space 🙂
      So happy to hear you love my pictures. Thanks so much!

  11. Melissa Dupuis says:

    What a beautiful place!

  12. The colors are so vibrant. It is literally a happy place.

  13. Holy that place looks amazing with absolutely no need to leave for 5 days.

  14. seems like a cool place to stay!

  15. The rooms look very invotong and I love the idea of the water taxi. The refillable cup is brilliant! Drinks can really add up, especially when you are somewhere hot.

    • Stephanie says:

      The water taxi was amazing!! And yes so happy we invested in the re-fillable cup. You never want to say “no” when your kiddo wants another drink. 🙂

  16. Stephanie says:

    These parks are beautiful! I would love to visit one day!

  17. ivy pluchinsky says:

    Looks and sounds like a great place! Perfect for a vacation!

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    Looks really nice! Sign me up, I would love to take a trip to Universal Studios!!!

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  20. Florence Cochrane says:

    Beautiful!! Look at the size of the pool.

    • Stephanie says:

      It’s one of the biggest pools I’ve ever seen. Definitely a reason to keep Sapphire Falls on your must see list.

  21. Brenda A says:

    Perfect timing! We are planning a Universal trip for Aug 2018 and I am researching the heck out of it!

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  24. I’ve been to Orlando before and loved it. I’d love to go back again but not sure it’s in the cards for me. This is the kind of place I’d love to stay at. Thank you for the review. Sure looks like fun!

    • Stephanie says:

      Thanks for reading! I hope you have the chance to head back to Orlando soon, I’m sure you’d love a visit to Sapphire Falls.

  25. Love the colours! I’m starting to really think we need one of those relaxing type vacations…

    • Stephanie says:

      The colours here are amazing and Sapphire Falls is the perfect place to relax in between all those visits to Universal!

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    Wow! The place looks great! I love how there are complimentary shuttles to the parks and the walk! Living inside the park makes it so much more easier!

    • Stephanie says:

      It might be the best way for park lovers to experience Universal! It just makes life so much easier! Oh now I want to go back!

  36. Dorothy H says:

    That looks like a great escape. Nice tips.

  37. Kim Tanti says:

    Looks like a great spot. We just went to Cuba this year and loved it. I just want warmth and sand. I live in Northern Ontario and need warmth.

    • Stephanie says:

      The feel of sunshine on your face, and the knowledge that one of the world’s best theme parks is just a few minutes away? Perfection!

  38. Sylvia Reddom says:

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    Needless to say that looks like a gorgeous place to stay! Your family must have the travel bug ! Great photos

    • Stephanie says:

      We really do have the travel bug. At this point I’ve stayed in quite a few resorts and this one was fantastic!

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    Love the insider tips!

  41. Thanks for the tips! Will re-read them if I ever get the chance to go here. So beautiful!

    • Stephanie says:

      So happy you will be bookmarking this post. I hope you get the chance to see Sapphire Falls for yourself.

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      Oh yes, you defiantly must add Florida to your must see list. It really is easy to get there. Let me know if I can offer any tips!

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    • Stephanie says:

      It’s such a good choice for families. I’m helping a friend sort out the details of a trip today!

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      I hope you have the chance to stay there during your next visit to Universal. Do let me know if you have any questions.

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