10 Discontinued Foods From Our Childhood!

Recently I sat down with my oldest daughter and we had a good old fashioned movie night.   The house was quiet, all homework was done, and there was nowhere we “had” to be.  A rare occurrence.  We popped a huge amount of popcorn and settled into one of my all time favourite flicks, 13 Going On 30.  Jennifer Garner plays the charming Jenna Rink in this feel good fairy tale about a 13 year old girl who wished herself 30.  Of course it’s not long until Jenna quickly discovers life at 30 isn’t exactly all she dreamt it would be.   Her little adventures become our blast from the past as she gets down to Michael Jackson’s iconic Thriller and reminds us of one of the best candies ever….Razzles.

Movies, music, candy all have the ability to transport us to another time, another place making us smile, laugh or cry.  Snacks, drinks and foods that no longer exist?  They may be the most profound emoters of all.  Here’s a real blast from the past foods, our choice for Top 10 Discontinued Foods From Our Childhood:


TAB Cola:  All the cool girls drank Tab.

Image Credit: soda.wiki.com

Bottle Caps: Growing up we had a cottage “up north”.   My Dad would take us to the Marina at least once a week with the boat to get gas…and candy.  Bottle Caps were always a solid choice.

Image Credit: flikr.com

Popeye’s Tasty Candy Cigarettes:  You know, so you could be just like your favourite tobacco addicted adult?  Weirdest candy ever but all the kids were “smoking” em! HA 

McDonald’s Apple Pies!  Not the current baked pies, but deep fried apple pies.  There was no better way to burn your tounge. But oh my yum it was so worth it.

Image Credit: foodspotting.com

Cheez Balls:  Seriously, who didn’t love Cheez Balls. 

Image Credit: images.complex.com

Clearly Canadian: Heads up! Rumour is that this little company is now trying to revive itself.  They are currently doing a crowd-sourcing campaign to bring back that old favourite!

Image Credit: clearlycanadian.com

Jello-O Pudding Pops:  Back in the day when Bill Cosby was the coolest cat in town.

Image Credit: discontinuedfoods.com

Fruit Stripe Gum:  The gum was super pretty and the flavour lasted about 30 seconds.  Yet, we couldn’t get enough.

Image Credit: Pinterest

 B B Bats: Always a winner when found in your Halloween stash because they never went stale.  A quick search revealed you can still buy these little babies on Amazon.  Huh, I wonder if they taste as good as we remember?

Image Credit: Amazon.com

Sour Altoids: Powdery, puckery and ohh so delicious.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed.com

 Now I won’t lie, if some of these items were back on the shelves I’d be the first one in line to scoop them up, the others?  I bid you a fond farewell.  What food or snackfood from your childhood do you wish would make a come back?


  1. haha nice blast from the past! I remember quite a few of these from my past 🙂

    I couldn’t get enough of the Clearly Canadian!

    • Stephanie says:

      Me too! Clearly Canadian felt like a “healthy” treat. It will be interesting to see if they make a come back!

  2. My weakness was Fun Dip. ALL THE TIME. I saw some a few years ago, now I’m wondering if they still make it?

  3. loucheryl says:

    I LOVED those original McDonald’s Apple Pies! So crispy!!! I also remember drinking those Clearly Canadian drinks in high school. They were so good.

  4. Laurie P says:

    this totally took me back! Candy cigarettes…..hilarious! Renamed candy sticks now lol

  5. Amy Heffernan says:

    I remember the B B Bats!! They were my FAV!!!!

  6. I’ve had maybe two off of that list! (I was never a huge candy person) but I did enjoy me some Fundip! And as long as they keep making Junior Mints, I’ll be happy 🙂

  7. kathy downey says:

    I actually forgot about some of these,i loved Bottle Caps as a child !

  8. Melinda Jana says:

    omg I remember the popeyes candy, I was totally not a fan at all!!! I miss Vanilla Coke

  9. Talk about a blast from the past! I had forgotten about those Bottle Caps 😉

  10. Laurie P says:

    Mc’d’s apple pies back in the day…best ever!

  11. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    The only one of these that I knew was candy cigarettes, though I don’t think that they were from the same firm and no I’m not too young to know the others, LOL 🙂

  12. Oh how I miss my favorite Popeye’s Candy Cigarettes! I was obsessed.

  13. Elizabeth Vlug says:

    Boy, I forgot about some of these treats. BB Bats… you’re right. Loved finding them in my loot bag. And those Candy Cigarettes. Can you imagine giving them to your kids today? OMG….I can hear the outcry now. Yet somehow, I managed to survive childhood, smoke these little treats and still grow up to be a non-smoker. lol.

  14. Debbie WhiteBeattie says:

    I remember all of these and more like Big Red gum, gob stoppers, pixie sticks, hot tamales, oh and do you remember wax lips, they tasted like crap but we still bought them.

  15. I miss licorice gum,don’t remember what it was called though :).I think you can still get the Popeyes but they changed the name to candy sticks and lost the red end.

  16. I am hoping that they do manage to bring back Clearly Canadian – I drank that by the gallon back in the day.

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