I am WAY over packed, the house sitter is tucked in safe and sound with her list of instructions for the house, the dog, and the cat.  You get the idea.  I like me some lists.  The family and I and oh SIX extra teenagers are jetting off to grab us some of that sunshine we’ve been missing here in Canada.  Bye Bye dark, rainy, snow weather.  By the time you read this we should be firmly planted on the beach in Mexico!  We are on our way to check out the Fiesta American Condesa Resort in Cancun.  Woot!

My prediction.  There will not be a lot of sleep this week, but there will be a lot of laughs, picture taking, a few frozen drinks and time to connect with family and friends.  Memories will be made and tans will be acquired!

Wish me luck and be sure to follow all the fun as I “occasionally” send you updates on Twitter and Instagram.

Stay warm and take care of each other.

Mwah! XO


  1. Happy March Break! 🙂 we enjoyed doing nothing for a week

  2. Sounds incredible! Good luck to you!

  3. kathy downey says:

    I woke this morning to a blizzard and calling for it the whole weekend,damn this wind and snow… if have weather like this in your part of the Country….you earned it lady,have a blast and suck up every bit of sunlight you can

  4. Judy Cowan says:

    Have fun and enjoy the warm weather, better than the snow squalls here.

  5. sarah alexis says:

    Oh my oh my – go make some amazing memories! Can’t wait to see your “occasional” updates! 🙂

  6. Jamie hall says:

    Sounds like fun, enjoy 😊

  7. wow looks nice!

  8. Enjoy the warmth!

  9. Lindsay T says:

    Wow! Gorgeous! I’m a little jealous as were expecting a snowstorm haha!

  10. Florence Cochrane says:

    After a very scary windy weekend I would welcome a trip to such a beautiful resort. Enjoy!

  11. Have a great time! Your travel companions are lucky to be a part of your group!

  12. Anna Roszak-Robinson says:

    Have an amazing time, wish it was me. My kids and I have never been away or gone for a holiday for that matter, just isn’t in the cards for us I guess.
    I enjoy your beautiful pictures. Be safe and have fun 🙂

  13. I hope you have a blast. Looks like a beautiful place to be.

  14. Krista M says:

    Six extra teenagers?? Oh my! That sounds like a crazy trip! But will be tons of fun!

  15. Marilyn Legault says:

    Not sure I would do this with all the extra teens.

  16. Melinda Jana says:

    that looks like an amazing resort to be with while hanging out with 6 teens

  17. kathy downey says:

    It’s so nice to enjoy the warmth after a long winter!

  18. Beautiful! Am putting this place on my bucket list 😀

  19. Debbie WhiteBeattie says:

    This is another beautiful place and the ocean and beach are even more beautiful.

  20. It looks like a beautiful resort. Anyone who travels with 6 teenagers is brave indeed.

  21. This sounds like a great Trip 💕

  22. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    Sounds like this must have been an exciting but exhausting time, hope you recovered quickly once you were home. 🙂

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