What Your Wives Are Talking About

Do you want to know why your wife looks so tired?  Why her fuse is so short and why she is kind of “stomp-ey” when you get home from work?  It’s not really that big a mystery. Nope, not rocket science.  And truthfully, it’s not even your fault. It’s just the reality of the crush she sometimes feels of the repetitiveness, of the crap, that is weighing down her every day and making her want to pull her hair out.  Let’s save the women and Mama’s of the world a grown-up temper tantrum and just get this off our chest shall we?  Here are the things making the Mama’s of the suburbs just a wee bit insane today:

  • When you take off your underwear and hop in the shower.  Put those dirty undies IN the laundry basket
  • Do not leave laundry IN the washing machine until it turns into some kind of science experiment.  If you start a load of laundry, just finish the damn thing.  Wash.  Dry.  Fold.  Maybe even put it away.  It’s not that complicated.
  • Dishes belong IN the dishwasher.  Not on the counter on top of the dishwasher!
  • If the dishwasher is full. EMPTY IT!
  • If the milk bag is empty.  RE-FILL it!
  • When you leave a room TURN OFF the lights.
  • Notice the printer is out of ink?  TELL SOMEONE.  There is no magic ink fairy?  How do you think this stuff gets replaced?
  • Finish the roll of toilet paper?  RE-PLACE it!
  • Notice the fridge is always full of food, and most nights there is some kind of plan for dinner?  (most nights)  The occasional thank you would go a long way.

Simply be mindful, be sweet, lend a hand and maybe make dinner now and again.  You’d be surprised how far a little kindness, a dance in the kitchen, the shock of an empty dishwasher might go.

Mwah…love you.


  1. Yes, yes, and yes! I am in total agreement, it really isn’t that difficult!

  2. Preach it!

  3. kathy downey says:

    I totally know where your coming from,my kids are adults now and on their own.They both have kids and i can’t wait to hear them complaining ….haha

  4. My mom once made directions on the wall towards the recycle bin. My siblings neglected to put things in the right spot.

    • Stephanie says:

      HA I like the way your Mom thinks! She must have hit a special level of frustration to get to that point.

  5. I must be spoiled because my hubbie could write this about me and the kids. 😛

  6. This is a very comprehensive list!

    I like it!

    Sharing. 😀
    (As one does…)

  7. I wash the clothes. I fold the clothes. I put the clothes in the rooms. Can they just PUT THEM AWAY??? 🙂 Ahhhh that feels much better. Thanks.

  8. I think I have to admit I am spoiled, hubby is really good at making sure he has all of the above covered.

  9. salexis alexis says:

    Oh my goodness…. life truly does feel like this rollercoaster and leftover popcorn kernels doesn’t it???? Glad I’m not alone with this one 🙂

  10. Jamie hall says:

    This is the truth! The ink fairy , really made me laugh. We can all relate to this I’m sure

  11. nicolthepickle says:

    It’s true. Be thoughtful. It goes a long way.

  12. Anna Roszak-Robinson says:


  13. Melinda Jana says:

    every under-appreciated parents out there must be nodding to everything you listed! laundry is the worst!

  14. Debbie WhiteBeattie says:

    I know right ? Men have no clue and for me its been worse because my mother inlaw spoiled him terribly. He’s 47 and a horder on top of that, so my hands are full for sure ! ugh!

  15. kathy downey says:

    I totally love the list,laundry is the worst!

  16. very nice list

  17. Well done. This generally covers a lot of the complaints from my house – one difference is that for some reason my hubby is inable to put dishes, etc. back where they came from. It drives me up the wall because I will go to get something and it is not where it is supposed to be – instead it is jammed into some ridiculous corner of a cupboard that just does not make sense or even fit! There, done!

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