The Ultimate Travelling Packing List!

Very, VERY soon I will be jumping on a plane with my family and a group ….yes a GROUP of excited teenagers.  In total, we will be a party of 10!  I shall go down in history as either the coolest Mama ever, (because what kind of crazy person agrees to travel on one of the busiest weeks of the year with a bunch of extra teenagers) or the dumbest.   I’m really hoping for the title of coolest Mama ever.  Either way, not long from now, we are leaving this gloomy weather behind and headed to the beautiful beaches of Cancun Mexico.  How will I get through this crazy adventure?  With a few deep breaths, promising myself I will go with the flow, and being super prepared.  The first order of business.  The packing list.  Here is what you need to pack when you are headed to the tropics for a week;

Packing List For One Week At An All-Inclusive ResortSo go ahead, pin this list, pack your bags and have a great vacation!

Safe travels!



  1. Coolest, craziest…probably…but I’d say definitely bravest! Thanks for the great list!

  2. kathy downey says:

    A great list,thanks for sharing.Yup i would say you are the coolest,bravest Mama ever

  3. Everyone should have a copy of this. Perfect list!

  4. You are a woman after my own heart. This list is AMAZING!

  5. Love your packing list, thanks for sharing it. Have a great trip. We will be going to an all inclusive resort in Cancun for our sons destination wedding in November.

  6. This is perfection. I’m going to pin it for later, thanks.

  7. Definitely a great packing list! I am sure you will definitely be the coolest mom around for this adventure!

  8. Sandra Tang says:

    Great list! Going on a vacation soon with the kids!

  9. Thanks for the list!

  10. Extra teens? I think I read that wrong. Surely I did…..

  11. sarah alexis says:

    I get to pack for a trip to Jamaica in June – didn’t think of adding Purell to my list – now I have! Thanks for the ideas!

  12. Anna Roszak-Robinson says:

    You always have the best information.

  13. Jamie hall says:

    Great list thank you . Truth be told I get very overwelmed when it comes to packing

  14. Melinda Jana says:

    I always love your lists, this is very impressive and informative

  15. This was a great list. Never thought about adding underwear, shorts and aswimduit to my purse. 🙂

  16. Kristi F says:

    I always seem to forget something so I’m going to have to reference this for my next trip!

  17. Debbie WhiteBeattie says:

    I can’t believe you took charge of a bunch of teenagers, you must have been out of your mind accepting that challenge. I hope you were able to have a vacation with everything going on.
    You’re very brave !

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