10 Simple Travel Hacks ~ Plus A #Giveaway

There might be only one thing I like better than travelling. Planning to travel!  So with that in mind I bring you my list of 10 Simple Travel Hacks carefully chosen after years and years of indulging what can only be called a travel addiction.


1. Consider Booking One Way Tickets

It sounds strange but it’s true.  Often booking two, one-way air-line tickets on two different airlines is cheaper than booking a one way fare.

2. Copy All The Things

Before you pack that carry on make copies of your passport, health insurance, ID and credit card.  Leave a copy at home and e-mail a copy to yourself so you can access it anywhere.

3. When packing your suitcase include a Bounce Sheet

Keeps your clothes smelling laundry fresh, especially when heading to the Tropics!

4.  Pack Like A Pro

Roll all the things.  When packing that suitcase roll your sundresses, T-shirts, and even your pants.  Roll everything, it really does take up a lot less space.

5. Order Foreign Currency Before You Leave

Take advantage of the fab service by CIBC that allows you to order your foreign currency online and have it delivered right to your door.  No stress, no hassle.

6.  Borrow Don’t Buy

Forgot that precious iPhone, Blackberry or Laptop charger?  Before you have a complete meltdown or make a run to your closest electronics store, stop at your hotels front desk.  They often have extra chargers you can borrow for the duration of your stay.

7.  Don’t Fall Prey To The Mini-Bar

I love my snacks as much as the next girl but can’t swallow those mini bar prices.  Be sure to bring along your own snacks, or venture off property, find a local grocery store, and stock up for your holiday.

8.  Contain The Mess

When I travel I take all manner of hand lotions, face creams, sunscreens, liquid make-up and hair products.  Even though I’ve been diligent enough to purchase or save those small or trial size bottles there’s always a chance of leakage and a ziplock bag is just not enough protection for me.  I place all those little bottles in one small flat tupperware and throw it all in my suitcase.  The tupperware adds a strength and security a simple ziploc will not.  Bonus:  When I come home from my trip it’s easily stashed in my bathroom cabinet until the next getaway.  Always ready and waiting to go!

9. All Hail Dry Shampoo

Not only is dry shampoo the best way to freshen up that hair and extend a good blow-out but did you know if can fix your Hubby’s shoes?  Yup, in a pinch give those stinky dress shoes or sneakers a quick spray of your dry shampoo and his feet will smell like a bed of roses!

10. Protect The Pretty!

**Keep your jewelry from getting tangled or lost.  Put rings, earrings and even necklaces into a bead organizer.  I picked mine up at the dollar store.  They come in all shapes and sizes and helps to keep your precious things organized and safe.


**When packing your flat iron stash it in a pretty potholder from the dollar store.  Not only will it keep it safer, but you can tuck it away when it’s still warm.


**Utilize an old sunglasses case (or one from the dollar store) to store and control chargers, earphones and small cables.


Do you have a favourite travel hack?  A tried and true trick you would like to share, or maybe you just love one of mine!  Tell me your favourite trick and you will be entered to win a $100 gift card courtesy of CIBC!  Open to residents of Canada only and closes August 7, 2015.

Please comment below and enter using the Rafflecopter form provide.  Happy travelling!

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This post is brought to you by CIBC Foreign Cash OnlineTM.  All opinions are those of the author.


  1. Amy Brown says:

    My favorite tip is the pot holder, I recently packed early in the morning and had to wait a while to add my flat iron, what a great idea!

  2. My favourite tip is the sunglasses case for charger cords!

  3. I like the old sunglasses case to keep chargers, earphones and small cables. That is such a great idea! Using it next time I travel!

  4. My favorite is Protect The Pretty!

  5. Christina D says:

    I agree with the “Contain The Mess”, I do this on every trip I go on.

  6. Kathy Marcella says:

    Love the potholder idea. I’ve had to keep my flat iron in the car until we got to the airport and it was cool enough to pack.

  7. kristen sowko says:

    I love the idea of keeping your jewelry from getting tangled or lost. I have the exact same case and I put all of my earrings, rings, necklaces in there 🙂 GREAT idea!

  8. Put socks & undies in shoes to save space!

  9. Radhika Khan says:

    Put clothes that easily wrinkle into a suit bag and fold – wrinkle free!

  10. Ever since losing a suitcase I’ve made sure a couple of changes of clothing for everyone are in every bag!

  11. Linda Klages says:

    I always take an extra set of eye glasses AND I put my business card in the case so it can be returned if forgotten.

  12. Amy Heffernan says:

    I love the idea of using an old eyeglasses case!

  13. Diane morgan says:

    Love the pot holder one and the sunglasses holder one too!!!

  14. jessica s says:

    pack like a pro tip is my fav! So important to make the most of the room you have!

  15. LILLIAN BROWN says:

    like the old sunglasses case to keep chargers, earphones and small cables-what a great but simple idea

  16. Elizabeth R says:

    I always pack a few plastic bags, in case bathing suit is damp, shoes are dirty, keeps it separated from the rest of your stuff.

  17. ivy pluchinsky says:

    Love the Pack Like A Pro tip! gotta be prepared for everything and anything, can’t forget something important

  18. Julie Bolduc says:

    My tip is make sure you have things for the kids to do so they don’t get bored

  19. Absolutely love your “Utilize an old sunglasses case” hack, will be definitely using it next time I travel

  20. Alayne Langford says:

    I do separate my jewelry pieces in a similar container! I laughed at your first tip, because when hubs and I have a disagreement he will say, make that a one way ticket hehe all in good fun though! 🙂

  21. Melinda says:

    I bought a small device that clips on your luggage and measures the weight for you before you leave your home. I like to know if I am over the limit of weight allowed for luggage before I get to the airport and get an extra charge.

  22. Suzanne G says:

    My favourite is the sunglasses case idea. I actually do this and carry it in my purse whenever we travel.

  23. Glogirl says:

    I like the travel hack to use a potholder to store your flat iron. Very cleaver!

  24. angela marriott says:

    I love the Utilize an old sunglasses case (or one from the dollar store) to store and control chargers, earphones and small cables

  25. Margaux retrophiliac says:

    Love the eyeglass case one

  26. I really like your jewellery caddy.

  27. Judy Cowan says:

    I love the idea of Utilizing an old sunglasses case to store and control chargers, earphones and small cables – I knew I was keeping those cases for something!

  28. My travel hack is bring a small reusable bag or tote for the just incase moments

  29. Mix up everyone’s clothes into different suitcases so that if a piece of luggage gets lost, everyone will still have some clothes to change into.

  30. Jeannie says:

    I love your tip on the dry shampoo!! Nothing is worse than packing heavy shampoo and then have it explode in your suitcase! Dry shampoo is awesome!
    My travel hack is to use a sock to hold your camera. It’s better than a heavy camera bag and it keeps it safe and protects it

  31. I always pack a change of clothes for one day in my carry-on in case my luggage is delayed or lost.

  32. jay nelson says:

    I like “borrow don’t buy,” I had not thought of asking at the front desk to borrow a charger (we often forget one of the chargers for the kids electronics).

  33. elaing8 says:

    My favorite tip is putting the flat iron in a pot holder. Good idea 🙂

  34. Florence C says:

    I like the idea of the eye glass case for the charger. On occasion when travelling out of the country I have put an outfit of my clothes in my hubbies checked bag and his in mine. I always carry an outfit in my carry on.

  35. I always used to bring a small travel clock because some hotel rooms didn’t have a clock. Now I just use the alarm on my tablet.

    Also bring some extra grocery bags.
    We often swim at the pool the day of departure and that keeps the wet items from getting everything else wet.

  36. Pack like a pro!!

  37. I always fold my outfits together. Shirt, shorts/skirt, undies etc… That way I’m not searching

  38. I love the eyeglass and cables hack! Great idea and I always have extras laying around.

  39. lynn clayton says:


  40. Lushka Smith says:

    Contain the mess is my fave. I also do this and have so for years. Saves a lot of time when packing.

  41. Jenn Erin says:

    I love the old sunglasses case tip! I have a lot of those lying around.

  42. Erica Seaman says:

    I like your idea about the dry shampoo.

  43. I use shave gel as body wash so i don’t have to pack both

  44. Francine says:

    Don’t Fall Prey To The Mini-Bar – I love shopping at local grocery stores- a great palce to pick up foodie souvenirs, too

  45. KellyPC says:

    I roll my clothes to save space & I use plastic ziploc pouches from the dollar store to keep smaller items organized.

  46. Brenda Penton says:

    My favourite is using the eyeglass case for cables and accesories. I wish I read this 3 weeks ago before sending my son off to camp with stray cables and chargers!

  47. Nate Fuller says:

    My travel hack is that I never bring any luggage other than a carry on, I bring only the essentials and buy a few items while I’m at my destination.

  48. I Love the idea of the sunglasses case to hold all the small tech stuff, and I have loads:)

  49. Shelley N says:

    using a sunglass case to hold the cords etc is brilliant

  50. Melinda L. says:

    Pack extra medicine! you never know if you might need it, especially in a foreign country. Contain the mess is such a good idea! don’t need shampoo all over your clothes 😛

  51. loucheryl says:

    I don’t travel a lot so I really like your dry shampoo idea! 🙂

  52. Jenness M says:

    Love the potholder hack! I’m going to buy one for my next trip.

  53. Belinda McNabb says:

    I really like the sunglass case hack

  54. curl clothes in a ball to make more room

  55. lori butler says:

    the sunglass case hack.

  56. Nancy J Montgomery says:

    Measure that suitcase you want to buy. Measurements indicated on the tag are often wrong and it could mean you’ll have to check the bag rather than carry it on. I like “Consider Booking One Way Tickets”. Definitely worth checking out. Thanks.

  57. HeatherS says:

    I have a tried and true packing list that I stick to. I use conditioner as shave gel so I don’t have to pack any.

  58. Bring all your travel sized accessories and shampoos and creams on a trip, rather than bringing your full-sized products

  59. Leeannec says:

    my travel tip is to make sure you have a multi-charger and also a converter if you are going somewheres that doesn’t have regular plugs. I like to pack all my bathroom supplies in one bag but put them in ziploc bags so they don’t leak and protects your belonging. Make sure you have copies of your itenery, passport.

  60. Karla Sceviour says:

    My favorite travel hack is Pack Like A Pro
    Roll all the things. !!

  61. BlessedTA says:

    Utilize an old sunglasses case (or one from the dollar store) to store and control chargers, earphones and small cables.

  62. Patrick Siu says:

    i like your mini bar tip

  63. I like Contain the Mess. I have been using a plastic bag for my lotions and cream, but a plastic contain makes more sense.

  64. Pack like a pro, that is a great tip!

  65. caryn salageanu says:

    I love the tip of booking 2 one way tickets as i have never thought about doing this before!

  66. I usually pack my clothes by rolling them up, I can fit a lot more in there. I love your idea with the glasses case.

  67. Michelle Policelli says:

    My favourite travel hack is using the eyeglass case for cables and accessories – very neat idea!

  68. Rajbinder Kaur says:

    Using an old sunglasses case or even picking one up from the dollar store to store chargers, etc is brilliant!

  69. andrea amy says:

    My favourite would be the mini-bar one. Going to the grocery store is always a better idea!

  70. My favourite is All Hail Dry Shampoo.

  71. Brandi gauvin says:

    Rolling the clothes! Works great every time!

  72. The potholder trick is cool!

  73. Bring snacks and toys. I only bring one toy out as needed. Also love the potholder trick!

  74. seham merzib says:

    bringing coloring books ,games for the kids so they wont get bored

  75. Didn’t know about the booking 2 one way tickets on different flights. Great tip!!

  76. kristen visser says:

    3. When packing your suitcase include a Bounce Sheet and 4. Roll like a pro!!
    what a great idea to keep a bounce sheet in your suitcase. I HATE the way your clothes smell when its confined in the case. and to roll everything up is such a great idea to make more room so you are able to fit as much as possible

  77. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I love this one: Utilize an old sunglasses case (or one from the dollar store) to store and control chargers, earphones and small cables. This is a great tip for me, thanks for sharing 🙂

  78. the potholder idea is cool

  79. Since my destination is usually Asia, booking via travel agent (after giving him my itinerary post comparison shopping online) is the cheapest, even after checking one-way flights. I can even get discounts that are not posted online and the flights or airlines that I want. It would mean having to get baggage and re-entering the same airport to get to the next flight on a different airline if I were to book them as two one-way tickets. This translates to longer times between flights as the bags are not tagged to your final destination. This is the hassle I avoid by booking with a travel expert vs winging it on my own as they can give advice on your itinerary.
    I also check the airports online that I’ll be transiting in before travel to locate my terminals and departure gates. Airports are prime spots for unsuspecting tourists so, being savvy about your surroundings can avoid being a target.
    I have copies of my travel documents at home and in my bags for identity in case they get lost and need to be opened.
    I am sensitive to scents and chemicals so I don’t use a dryer sheet. I do pack in plastic bags, my laundry or dirty clothes for my return trip to avoid cross contamination.
    I have more than one charger for my phone and always carry a battery charging pack, so I never have to worry about charging my phone on the go.
    If staying in hotels, I avoid the bar like the plague as I don’t like to be charged exorbitantly. I go to the grocery and drugstore to buy what I need when I arrive.
    I prefer to use durable zip bags for my bath and cosmetics as I can group like items together without the bulk. I’ve never had any leak issues with them. I also bring packaging tape, scissors and zipbags with me for packing upon my return. You never know if one of my souvenirs need to be packed securely like food items. I also weigh my bags the night before my departure and return flight. I don’t like surprise fees at the airport and this is one way to avoid it. As for cash, I convert them at the airport or at a money exchange when I arrive as I usually get a higher rate in my destination than in Toronto.
    Thanks for the tip on dry shampoos! I gave away the extra cans I had as I seldom use it anyway. I use The Body Shop’s Peppermint Foot Spray as it is refreshing and can be used anywhere on the go. It can also double as a deodorant! Their bottles conform to the 100 ml rule so, buying their items in your destination for your carry-on is no issue.
    I also check the baggage, travel requirements and tips of my airlines to speed up check-in. If they have online/app check-in, I use that as well.
    Lastly, aside from advising someone at home and in my destination of my itineraries, I always check Passport Canada’s Country travel advice and advisories and register. In case an issue arises, like lost passport or political uprisings, I can contact the Canadian Embassy in my destination quickly. Storing these important information for quick access can be a life saver in a foreign country. I’ve never had to use them but, it’s a free service to Canadians.

  80. sara rai says:

    I love the glasses case one:)

  81. Sunshine G says:

    I like to always pack extra Ziploc bags – you never know when you’ll need them!

  82. I have to remember the glasses case one. That’s a good idea!

  83. Gillian Morgan says:

    Wrap your liquids in press”n”seal. It really works.

  84. I roll all my clothes when I travel

  85. I always roll my clothes rather than fold them!

  86. Silvia D says:

    my favourite is and is very important… Copy All The Things

  87. Krista M says:

    My favorite tip of yours is about copying all your documents. I’ll admit I have never done this & from now on I will make it a #1 priority. Having a backup is vital.

  88. I like the glasses case one! It looks very useful 😀

  89. Copy All The Things – So important when traveling if you lost your id or personal info right away it can cause a lot of problems and waste your vacation time , great tip!!

  90. Sunshine G says:

    I love the glasses case idea – that’s genius. I also scan and email my passport to myself.

  91. Copy every important document and keep in your carry-on as well as leaving copies with someone reliable at home.

  92. If you don’t have your wall phone charger you can plug the USB into
    The hotel tv.

  93. The hotel tv has USB ports you can plug in your phone to charge.

  94. Bo Simms says:

    My favorite travel hack from above is to ask the hotel front desk to borrow a spare charger and wires to charge as they often have extras. this is great news I did not even know!

  95. michelle matta says:

    my favourite tip is the “borrow dont buy”. we have sort of been through this. before leaving on a cruise ship i had forgotten a very vital piece of medical equipment for my nebulizer- the mask portion. we asked the cruise staff and were suprised to discover their medical area had tonnes of these to give. (disposable ones, but they did the job!)

  96. Carey Hurst says:

    Never thought about the copy and email , will def do that . I always had copies but the emailing is a great idea. I usually take samples that I have collected over the year so I can use them up while I travel and they dont take much space and don’t have to bring them home

  97. debbie f says:

    Keep the shower caps in hotel rooms and use to put around your shoes when packing. Keeps everything clean and germ free.

  98. ginette4 says:

    I love using your an old sunglasses hack!

  99. I always pack my swimwear in my carry on just in case my luggage gets delayed.

  100. tanyab79 says:

    My hack is #4, saves so much room so you can pack more.

  101. Kristine Ewald says:

    We love to borrow items and not purchase so we can save mola!

  102. Vivian D. says:

    I always use little plastic travel bottles to put my toiletries in so that saves room in the suitcase.

  103. Juliee Fitze says:

    I like your tip Pack Like A Pro, I do this every time and can get so much more into my suitcase.

  104. Linda Bragg says:

    I like the tip on copying all your important documents. I had not done this, but from now on I will. Very important tip even if you are driving across border and back.

  105. like the glasses case

  106. When travelling (especially by air) with my toddler I pack an activity pack of toys and books which she’s never seem before, that way the newness is enough to keep her engaged and active. Also a lot of videos are on my phone which do not need WiFi to play. Educational ones found on YouTube. If saved to your device they can be played anywhere

  107. Gail A. says:

    Never buy an over-priced bottle of water ever again! Just pack an empty water bottle in your carry-on and fill it from a drinking fountain after you’ve gone through security.

  108. Terri Baker says:

    I love the idea of using an old eyeglass case to store charges and headphone. Awesome idea!

  109. Never put crayons in a car on a summer trip. You’ll be waiting till winter to chip them off back seat.

    Before you board, buy a scrap book. Get kids to write in the evening what they did that day. Don’t throw that wrapper out. Get kids to glue in things like the wrapper to ice-cream bar they ate, the empty bag of chips, tickets to things they went to, stuff like that. Because most likely, that ice-cream bar and chips, you can’t get back home.
    20 yrs later, memories overwhelm them.

  110. Bring a collapsible cup when travelling.

  111. I roll my clothes instead of folding them

  112. Jackie M says:

    I always carry a set of clothes in my carry on – just in case of lost luggage (knock on wood!)

  113. I love your tip for electronics in a sunglasses case!

  114. I always roll my clothes, and stuff socks into my shoes

  115. Valerie Mallette says:

    My favourite tip is When packing your suitcase include a Bounce Sheet.

  116. Chris Stockford says:

    I like the idea of using an old eyeglasses case!

  117. Secure luggage zippers with small zip ties that need to be cut off to be removed, instead of the luggage locks. It will be harder to tamper with, for when the luggage is out of your sight. Keep extras and small nail clippers on hand for when you need to remove or replace them.

  118. Tammy Dalley says:

    I like the bead organizer case hack! great idea

  119. Jasen H says:

    I like the idea of using a bead organizer to “protect the pretty”, very clever use of that item!

  120. shane smith says:

    i’d never thought of the tackle box type idea to carry jewelry. would come in super handy for my mom

  121. My fave hack of yours is the sunglasses case to house the earbuds& chargers! Awesome!

  122. You are clever indeed! LOVE the sunglass case trick – and am a huge fan of “The Roll!!”

  123. My favorite hack is the potholder for my flat iron – I folded one in half and sewed it down the seam to make a perfect sleeve for the iron!

  124. Alice H. says:

    I always did the ziploc bag thing. But after reading your post, I love the idea of Tupperware! Thank you!

  125. Deborah says:

    pack like a pro and roll things

  126. Great tips hon!!

  127. i use my sunglasses case to carry some change, hairties, keys and id so it’s not loose in my purse

  128. Josie Tusa says:

    My favourite tip is “Pack like a Pro”

  129. The best thing I ever did was to buy packing cubes, in different colors, for each member of the family. When you open the suitcase it’s all in packing cubes. No more mess.

  130. SassySis says:

    Love the potholder idea!!

  131. Kelley Moore says:

    I always put any liquids in zip lock bags in my luggage. If they break open my clothes and shoes wouldn’t get ruined!

  132. Angela Mitchell says:

    I love using the glasses case for headphones and chargers. We have so many though between our tablets, cameras and phones we may need something a little bigger.

  133. Sunshine H says:

    I like to email myself important phone numbers and contact details, b/c if my phone is stolen along with other things (passport for example) I don’t have to stress out trying to find the phone numbers to call. I have also been known to pack very light to buy new clothes where I’ve gone 🙂

  134. My Favorite tip is using the bead organizer to store jewelry

  135. Robyn Bellefleur says:

    My favorite tip is the sunglasses case for charger cords.

  136. nicolthepickle says:

    My best tip is make a list and check things off as you go along.

  137. Sara Lima says:

    I LOVE the idea of having the currency delivered; wow! so easy! Spares you waiting in line at the bank, just have it delivered to the house. Love it.

    Probably my second have is the bounce sheet in luggage. I sometimes keep one or two extra in ziplock, for when you come HOME. When I came back from Mexico, my clothes spelled like.. well.. not so nice… icky…

  138. Shirley Li says:

    roll up your clothes instead of folding them! (:

  139. i like the idea of using a glass case to hold your electronic sundrys

  140. Sabrina Tong says:

    My favourite tip is to borrow, don’t buy the chargers if available at where you’re staying. I wouldn’t even think to ask them. I’d probably just buy anyways but knowing to ask is half the battle 🙂

  141. I always roll my clothing, and get away with just carry on luggage!

  142. i use compression bags like I do when I camp. Especially for dirty laundry hauling home

  143. The pot holder tip is so smart and I never thought of that before . Thanks

  144. I like the Borrow Don’t Buy tip. I never would have thought to check with the reception for a phone charger to borrow! Excellent tip! My tip is if you’re travelling with a second person to share any bags or suitcases and each use half. That way if a bad gets lost one one person doesn’t lose everything they packed.

  145. Erinn Lishman says:

    I love your tip to use dry shampoo! This is new for me but makes perfect sense when traveling, when you want to look great but not spend a ton of time prepping!

  146. I’ve always rolled my clothes – makes such a big difference!

  147. I love the idea of adding a bounce sheet to my luggage. I am definitely going to be making use of that tip. Genius!

  148. I like rolling my breakables in a pair of socks and sticking it in my shoes for protection

  149. Emily Henderson says:

    Loved the sunglasses case tip! My cords are always all over the place.

  150. I love the idea of the bead organizer for jewelry! No more tangling necklaces!

  151. Theresa Black says:

    My travel hack is to roll my clothes in my suitcase to prevent wrinkles and be able to have more room for clothes.

  152. I love the potholder idea for my straightening iron, I’m stealing your idea! 🙂

  153. More about being less prepared… but if you forget your phone charger at home when you travel, ask the hotel reception if they have a lost and found – you might find one you can use.

  154. My fav is protect the pretty!

  155. Violet P says:

    Love the glass case for cables! I use a pill bag with compartments for my jewelry.

  156. My fave one is to TAKE your passport and be ready for an adventure!

  157. I like to bring a golf ball. Fits virtually all sink holes with no plug and can be used to roll your feet on as a massager after a long day of sight seeing.

  158. My favourite hack of yours is Order Foreign Currency Before You Leave.

  159. Debbie White Beattie says:

    Your tips are really good but my favorite is the bead organizer for jewelry, this is a genius idea. thanks for the great ideas

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