Top 10 Ridiculous Reasons Love The Fall!

I know it’s September.  My head knows we should be preparing for apple cider, pumpkins, crisp fall air and warm chunky sweaters.  The problem?  My heart is rebelling.  Here is South-western Ontario we missed summer.  Insert stomping of feet.  We didn’t get the hazy hot days, the “It’s so hot I could cook an egg on the sidewalk” comments, or even the sneaky late night dip in the pools.  Why? Because Mother Nature is drunk.  Our summer was hot one day, cold the next and the rain just never seemed to end.  Now that summer is coming to it’s sad and anticlimactic end, a heat warning?  Mother Nature is drunk!  So how does one deal with the end of a season we never really had the chance to embrace?  By trying to remember all the stupid reasons us Mama’s in the suburbs love the Fall! 

Ridiculous reasons to celebrate the beginning of Autumn:

1)  The Pumpkin Spice Latté.  Say what you will about the ridiculous amount of calories in this little Starbucks beauty, every single one of them is worth it for that jolt of pumpkin spice goodness.

BootsOutfit2)  Chunky sweaters.  Yup, now you can eat all the extra crap you want.  Go ahead and bulk up,  It’s sweater season and you don’t have to squeeze back into that bikini for months!

3)  Thanksgiving.  The one holiday that doesn’t require present buying or lying to your kids about some mythical bunny or fat guy in tights.  Just an excuse to get together with family, say thanks for all you are blessed with, and stuff your face.

4)  School.  Even though I am one of those Mama’s who would prefer to have her kids at home a little more often, there is something to be said for routine, and sneaking in a few bon bons on the couch!

5)  New TV season!  Oh yes, I said it.  Amazing Race, or Big Bang Theory anyone?  I can’t be the only one with a wee bit of a crush on Sheldon.

6)  As soon as this stupid cold weather hits, it means it’s time to start planning the next great vacation!  Dreaming is always a good idea!


7)  Fall is the best season to embrace your inner pyromaniac.  It once again makes sense to have a roaring fire in that fireplace.  Romantic yes?

8)  Halloween.  It’s not just about the adorable kids knocking on your door demanding candy.  It’s about the left over candy you get to consume!  Helpful hint:  Over purchase!  (How cute are my babies!  7 years ago?)


9)  Daylight savings time!  Fall back means we get an extra hour of sleep! Woot!

10)  Boots, socks and Uggs!  All warm, all cozy, all the time.

Summer may be the jewel in the crown of seasons, but if you look for the ridiculous, I guess Fall could be a close second.  Happy sweater shopping!


  1. Great reasons to love fall! Im excited to be able to wear sweater dresses, jeans and sweaters again

  2. Debbie Bashford says:

    I love Fall and would be happy to stay in that season all year long!

  3. My favourite season by far. Yeah for new TV season! Can’t wait to see what the BBT gang has in store (I also have a crush on Sheldon – I imagine he is my annoying BFF)

  4. Darlene Schuller says:

    I love fall… the beauty of it all… and everything else you said!!

  5. Chandra Christine O'Connor says:

    bulky sweaters over sized oh thats my fav.

  6. I love summer, but fall allows me to bring out my sassy sweaters, skinny jeans and sexy boots!

  7. Victoria Ess says:

    Thick, cozy sweaters and cute ankle boots are at the top of my list of reasons to love fall! I was just talking with my partner about how fall is our favourite season.

  8. Treen Goodwin says:

    I’m a Fall baby i love fall so much .. wish it could be fall all the time 🙂 !

  9. All good reasons, but it wasn’t just Ontario that missed summer, bah humbug`

    • Oh I know! Ontario, all of Canada and from what I heard a good chunk of the US got ripped off this summer! Time to plan a winter vacation right?

  10. I love the idea of cute sweaters, pumpkin EVERYTHING, and new shows… but I am soooo not sold on fall yet! We also were ripped off of a HOT summer this year; I am just not ready!

  11. You aren’t the only one that missed summer this year. But yeah, spring & fall are usually my favorites and they never last long enough.

  12. I like the new fall line ups on Tv

  13. Elizabeth Friesen says:

    I love the chunky sweaters of fall. They hide a number of sins, particularly my overindulgence in pumpkin spice lattes! 😉

  14. cute fall outfit! love the boots

  15. I agree, great list of reasons…….
    I’m actually going to be in Chicago this weekend and look forward to wearing sweaters. We are currently 108 degrees here in Southern California. I always look forward to the new Fall Season on TV.

  16. All great reasons but I am still pouting about the lack of summer!!! Fall is sad for us because it means we have to think about starting to close up our RV for the season 🙁

  17. Chandra Christine O'Connor says:

    where did you get that sweater I loves it

  18. I love fall because it is such a beautiful season! I love the changing colours, the warm sweaters and everything pumpkin!

  19. I love so much about the Fall, but I really, really love the smell of the earth…

  20. I’m with you! We got ripped off this summer, so yah for daylight savings time and chunky sweaters. Now pass the chips!

  21. Passing the chips and the dip!

  22. Yes to all of it. Of course for us, not so much on the boots and sweaters….but a girl can dream! Love the family photo.

  23. I love the change in season, except when it gets really cold!

  24. I noticed the leaves turning colour today and I am so not ready!

  25. I love being able to layer my clothing so I am nice and cozy. I love fall, we go apple picking and to the pumpkin patch. The kids always have a great time – less bugs is a plus too!

  26. This list is totally valid! Bring on the cozy sweaters, I’m totally up for some indulged eating 😉

  27. I love the cool crisp air, the fall colours, the changing light & shadows and the fact that the fall is pretty much bug free.

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