On Sweet Cravings, Sneaky Thoughts & Hoarding

There is a wee problem in this house.  I buy the sweet treats, the cookies, the very best ice cream sandwiches, and the damn things are gone before I can get my greedy little hands on any of it!  Now as a woman over 40 I know I can just plop my big butt back in the car and go and buy whatever I happen to be craving at the moment; that isn’t the problem.  My issue, these cravings for chips and dip, Mars Bars or a good old fashioned ice cream sundae seem to occur at about 10pm when I am well in to PJ mode and definitely not fit for the world to see.  Tired of being denied junk food when I need it the most, I created a sneaky plan of action!  This my friends is how to get your fair share of junk food in the suburbs:


1) Always have a chocolate stash.  A chocolate bar tucked in the back of a drawer here, a bag of cookies way at the top of the cupboard there.  It’s not that you won’t share, you just want to be there when the little people in your house open the bag.  (At least that’s what you can tell yourself)

2) If you find you have eaten your way through your chocolate stash, don’t panic.  Rule two is to Be Resourceful!  Remember that chocolate chips or even good old fashioned chocolate sauce right out of the jar will work in a pinch.  Think outside the cookie bag!

3) Buy treats your family doesn’t particularly enjoy.  In my house this means dill pickle chip dip, Thrills Gum, and black licorice.  They won’t touch this stuff!  Yummm gum that tastes like soap!  

4) When you are having a movie night volunteer to make the popcorn. The one in charge gets to divvy it up!  You are assured a full bowl of that salty goodness this way!

5) Just Buy More.  Clearly, I am a chocaholic and have created an entire family of chocolate lovers.  Time to accept it and plan accordingly. 

So what have we learned? 

You don’t have to give up your sweet sweet love affair with junk food, you just have to learn how to trick your loved ones be a little smarter, hoard better!  So get out there and enjoy your sweets, and be sure to save a cookie for me!


  1. I need to kick my sweet tooth badly. I am really bad for sugary snacks. Chocolate – yes please!! Sign me up. Caramels, bring it on!! So so bad. I need that sugar addicts plan book or something.

  2. LOL Can I tell you how happy to hear I am not alone in the chocolate stashing! I keep mine in the freezer downstairs!

  3. I have cut waaaay back on sweets. But still have a stash for when the craving hits. Now that my youngest has gone off to college, it’s always there when i need it!

  4. #4 is me all the way! That’s if I decide to share my popcorn at all!

  5. Haha soooo true 🙂 I fully admit to eating a handful of chocolate chips in a pinch (melted together with a dollop of peanut butter – perfection)… Halloween is the most dangerous time with all of the little snack size bars out there – because they can’t have calories if they are that small, right? 😉

  6. Darlene Schuller says:

    Ha! I have a secret stash and a super secret stash…

    My secret stash is where I keep things I like & don’t mind sharing. My children are the type you say “Don’t touch it’s mine please”.. they do..
    The secret stash solves a few issues. #1, they know where it is, I know whats there and what’s been taken. They feel like they ‘scored’ when they lift something.. or ask.
    #2 They think I’m awesome for giving it up when they ask.
    #3. Keeps them outta my super secret stash.

    My super secret stash is well hidden, I’d have to draw a map <3 … that stash contains all things I hoard, REFUSE to share……….. i shared my body w/these ppl.. they don't need my gummy bears too!!

  7. I don’t eat candy very often anymore but when I want it, I want it to be there for me so I have to hide it. My husband and daughter devour everything. I just about buy something and it’s gone!

  8. Victoria Ess says:

    If I had a secret candy stash, I would totally balloon up! My habit is to buy chocolate, have a little to satisfy my sweet tooth, and then put it in plain view of others, hoping it disappears before I eat it all.

  9. I love chocolate too, I usually have some when the kids go to bed.

  10. I’m definitely a chocoholic; try to save it for special occasions so try to not to have it on hand!

  11. I have a sweet tooth, but try to keep it under control. Halloween was rough lol.

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