It’s Slowly Killing Me….

His Snoring.

I know I’ve complained about it before, but friends, my SassyHubbys snoring has reached a new and epic level.  Have you ever thought about placing your entire hand over your mans face, putting your feet in the middle of his back to “help” him roll over, or flick his ear sorta hard just to get him to SHHHHHH?  Turns out.  I have. 

I have also tried white noise, ear plugs, begging, and almost crying.  Nothing gets this man of mine to stop with the snoring.  It’s become a kind of nails on a chalkboard noise you can hear through walls, down the halls and over the television.  It’s the sort of sound that makes you grab your blanket and stomp down the hall to the spare bedroom.,  And lately, it’s happening a little too often.  It’s a sleep stealing kind of thing that makes you start to snap at your kids, and zombie walk through your day, and it has got to stop.  Permanent bedhead is not cute. 


So now a discussion!  When your man is outta control snoring and keeping you awake, is he to be held responsible for his actions?  Is it his fault that he is a human sound machine with the volume stuck on annoying?   And by this I mean, should he NOT get his skinny ass outa bed in the middle of the night and move down the hall once in a while so you can get a decent nights sleep?  Seriously, I need to know!!!  Why should I always be the “relocator”?  (because at 2am when I still have not slept and have to get up in 4 1/2 hours there is a whole lot of relocating!) I mean, he is the one who’s sawing logs and shaking the windows!  Can I demand he MOVE or is that one step into bitchville I don’t want to take.

Marriage advice welcome cause frankly this Mama in the Suburbs is just plain too sleep deprived to know what to do next.  zzzzzzz


  1. Your hubby should offer to go to the spare room but don’t make it permanent. My hubby snores once in a while. I nudge him, he mumbles and he usually turns over.

  2. Oh how awful. I’m so moody when my sleep in interupted. My husband snores some but not that bad. However I know someone who is going through the same exact problem and they actually do not sleep in the same bed. I know it sounds awful but when they both have to wake up at 5am and one of them is always relocating it gets tiring. It works for them though so thats all that matters. Has he tried those breath right strips? My dad has to use those every once in awhile.

    • Ready for this, we have tried those Breathe Right strips. He tears them off in the middle of the night. Doesn’t even wake up while he does it! LOL

  3. We have a similar issue but hubby is the one who usually locates because he knows he keeps me awake. Have you tried the Breathe Right Strips, we found that they did help some.

    • You are the second person to recommend those strips. He has tried them and if you can believe it, he tears them off in the middle of the night. Doesn’t even wake up when he does it. It’s kind of hilarious! PS He does take his turn relocating, I just wish he didn’t make me beg to do it!

  4. Sorry, no advice other than what has been said already. My DH rarely snores. I do empathize on the lack of sleep. Our twin 5yo boys have been coming into our bed lately and when they sleep in our bed, it does make it difficult for me to sleep good. Over the past few weeks with them getting used to Kindergarten (new school/new routine), they’ve been staying in their own beds all night. I do really praise them and make a big deal when they do stay in their beds, so that helps too. Good luck!

    • I am so thrilled for you that you are finally getting a good nights sleep! Well done getting those babies to stay in their own beds, and into Kindergarten full time, that is a huge deal! Maybe I should try some positive re-enforcement with my SassyHubby 🙂

  5. Treen Goodwin says:

    omg i hear you , its awful , i plug his nose and then he stops for a few seconds and then starts again , i plug his nose again harder this time , and he wakes up to say WHAT ARE YOU DOING …LOL well your snoring , and he rolls over , maybe get him to try the breathe right nose strips , they help me out according to my Husband i snore bad too , i guess two wrongs don’t make a right lol

    • Bwhahaha I have not tried plugging his nose but I “might” have tried lightly tickling his arm so it irritates him and makes him smack himself! 🙂
      Everyone is suggestions those Breathe Right strips! I might have to try those again!

  6. Sorry but I just had to laugh because I get this!! If you find the magic answer, will you please share?

  7. The only fix I’ve found for this issue is to go to bed (and be asleep) before he comes to bed. Other than that, have you tried ear plugs?

    • Would you believe I can hear that damn snoring THROUGH the ear plugs! LOL His snoring is quite impressive!! I’m going to try going to bed before him, with ear plugs already in place, that might work!

  8. My husband has slept in my son’s old room more often than not these days, lol. I need some sleep! I wish I had the answer because I feel your pain.

    • You may not have the answer but it does help to know I’m not the only happily married Mama kicking the man to the spare room once in a while 🙂 Hope we both get some sleep this weekend!

  9. I sent my hubby to the sleep clinic for a sleep study. His snoring gave him terrible sleep apnea and he needed to use CPAP therapy. Now there is just the gentle hum of the CPAP machine – so much nicer than the horrible sounds that used to fill our room and keep me awake 🙂

    • I think you might be on to something here. I do wonder if I would be able to get my SassyHubby to go. Do you mind if I ask, does your Hubby feel better now? I have to think all that deep snoring has to be destructive to a good nights sleep.

      • I just thought his snore was annoying, but his oxygen levels wereactually plummeting at night and he was not getting a restful sleep (me, either – LOL). It definitely has helped him, he can’t sleep without his CPAP – took him awhile to get used to it, but now he really relies on it. Best of luck! 🙂

  10. Hubby used to wear those nose strips and they helped quite a bit. Then his snoring basically stopped, now it is only once in a while, but I am the one who relocates after I have smacked him a few times.

    • LOL I do love that you smack him a few times before you re locate. My issue is that I get so MAD before I move. Apparently you are a better wife than me!

  11. I agree with Jenn. Get him to see your doctor and get a sleep study done. It could mean the difference between getting a good nights’ sleep or relocating. It really is a non-invavsive test and the sound of a CPAP is much better than sawing logs…

  12. Chandra Christine O'Connor says:

    Im the snorer in the family hubby moves lol Im not leaving my comfy bed

  13. He has to be responsible. HA HA! Send him to a sleep Dr. and check him for sleep apnea.
    Also, we got a new bed a few years ago that has adjustable head and foot incline; when the coach has snoring issues, just adjusting his upper body incline helps A LOT.
    I’m not a fan of leaving the bed at night because ‘someone else’ is making noise!
    I do poke, kick and moan too….it’s our right. I’m thinking in your case the adjustable bed might be your best bet though.

    • Oh I love the idea of the adjustable bed! Not just for him, but for me! Maybe I can get something out of this snoring problem after all.
      Until then I am standing my ground…errr bed.

  14. i think he is snoring all the night because he was too tired that whole day. Seeing a doctor might be help him to stop snoring and sleep well.

  15. A friend of mine had her hubby go to a sleep clinic and he now has a machine that eliminates his snoring. It looks ghastly but everyone in the house is now sleeping well and are back to the “I love you ” stage…..

  16. Amy Heffernan says:

    Yip, iam right there with you! Some nights its bearable and I manage to fall asleep but other nights its VERY bad and I send him to the couch.
    I say to him,
    “Happy Wife, happy Life” lol

  17. Victoria Ess says:

    I’ve so been there! It’s such an awful experience to lie there wanting to sleep, and watching the cause of your inability to do so, sleeping away!

  18. My hubby had his tonsils removed and his snoring got so much better. Not a solution for everyone, but was needed for him. Earplugs are wonderful things. Hope you find something that works and get some zz’s


    My husband can give your hubby surgery to fix his snoring problem! Read his article from above in this link!

  20. Awe man. That sucks, my hubby snores, but I sleep through it no problem. I hope you can figure it out!

  21. kristen visser says:

    omg the snoring!! i have to wake my husband up and tell him to get on his damn side when he starts snoring. its always when hes on his back or after he has had some drinks. thankfully when i was pregnant which was recently i got back at him with my snoring LOL

  22. my husband doesn’t snore, but he does make noise (it’s weird this kind of mumbly half talking) that wakes me up! i’m a really light sleeper AND i have a hard time falling back to sleep, so it’s a problem. i’ve found that sleeping with headphones in blocks it out. i pull up a show i’ve seen a zillion times on netflix (so that i’m not so interested that i stay up to watch it!) and it drowns out his sleep talking! but i agree with some of the other commenters… if he’s snoring that loudly, maybe he should look into a sleep study. in the mean time, maybe you could try taking turns relocating! whoever gets to stay in bed makes the coffee in the morning?? good luck!

    • You know that is one thing I have not tried. I wonder if some light music might work!
      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment I truly appreciate it!

  23. it’s not only men who snore!

  24. Darlene Schuller says:

    Girl try some Breathe Right Strips.. I’ve heard the work wonders. My husband is the same, hell he wakes HIMSELF up snoring so loud. Lucky for me, it’s not EVERY single night.

    Personally, after relocating yourself like you have been, tell him, it’s his turn lol.

    I feel your pain, I do, I’ve spent more then a few nights on the couch, in bed with Miss K.. or elbowing him til he wakes up and pretending I did it in my sleep <3

    • LOL I am going to have to try the Breathe Right Strips again. DH is truly the best, I’m sure he will give them another go.

  25. My old boyfriend snored like a freaking freight train. After a couple years apart, we are seeing each other again and the first night, I was reminded of how LOUD he is. Sometimes he uses this retainer thingy that helps some. But weirdly, it hasn’t bothered me at all. I guess if it were every night, I’d end up relocating on occasion just to get a full night’s sleep.

  26. Get a sleep Study done and get him an apne machine

  27. Also if he’s carrying bit of extra weight that can cause an increase in snoring.

  28. I don’t care what position my husband is sleeping in he is snoring all the time. It wasn’t this bad before. It’s not his fault and I’m usually the one who leaves. My office is off our bedroom with a comfy sofa and my 50 inch TV so I put in a movie I’ve seen a million times, close my eyes and fall asleep. However I do miss the bed!

  29. I have to try to fall asleep before my Hubby, otherwise I have problems sleeping because of his snoring.

  30. Debbie White Beattie says:

    I hate to say it but years ago my husband finally relocated to the spare bedroom but in our case we both snore and we inevitably end up waking each other. I do miss sleeping with him but not enough to give up my sleep and I can honestly say we get along better now because we’re not exhausted or frustrated with each other anymore.

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