In Search Of A Perfect Sunday

PerfectSundayI wish I could tell you I‘ve done a good job of protecting my families weekends.  I have not.  It seems the older my girls get, the more insane our schedule becomes.  The weekends I used to cherish, look forward to, sometimes even live for and count on as a way to relax, reconnect and recharge are suddenly no more.  Instead the days are filled with carpool, dance and cheer competitions and teenage chaos.  Not that there is anything wrong with this, but it doesn’t leave you with that serene,  dreamy, perfect Sunday morning sorta feeling. 

So instead of stressing, trying to create the “perfect weekend” for my family which is clearly unobtainable right now, a new pact.   Every weekend I will try and steal one perfect moment.  Okay, a nearly perfect moment.  I’m going to make my own sunshine, find my own joy and squeeze in that family time anywhere I can. 


Here are ten ways to create your own joy on a crazy busy Sunday in the Suburbs:

*Enjoy a steaming up of coffee on the deck, with someone you love.

*Go to brunch with family or friends!  (bacon is always a good idea)

*Steal an hour of alone time in the back yard with a book and a blanket.

*TV off, board games out! The classics of Clue and Scrabble never get old.

*Break out the bikes, and take a tour of the neighbourhood.

*Pack a picnic and head to the beach for a quick swim!  Can’t get there until later in the day?  Set up a bonfire and indulge in some s’mores.

*Declare a pyjama day! Tune out the real world and lounge around all day.

*Play tourist in your own town.  Catch a local sporting event, visit a museum, or try your hand at geocaching. 

*Create a family art project; pick up a concrete stepping stone kit, or paint a canvas together.

*Indulge your sweet tooth; get your bake on or make a run for ice cream! 

I’m hoping these little moments will add up to that serene, dreamy Sunday morning feeling, and get us through to that next vacation!  How do you make your own sunshine and squeeze every ounce of joy out of your weekends?


  1. That’s a great idea.. I love the thought of creating special MOMENTS even among a chaotic day. It’s much more attainable to do as well – I think that would really help you stay feeling grounded 🙂 Happy Sunday1

  2. Such a nice reminder on a rainy Sunday! 🙂 My son and I had a day at Centreville planned. Instead we are sitting on the porch, snuggled in blankets telling stories 🙂 Enjoy your Sunday!

  3. I love your list!!! Stealing moments is a great goal for all of us.

  4. I recall how hectic the weekend were with three kids so I can appreciate seeking solace. I’m gonna pick reading a book from your list. Hope you have a good day today.

  5. I love doing the tourist in my own town, its actually really fun!

  6. Treen Goodwin says:

    awesome list , i have no kids home now , i find it so hard to have an empty nest , and the kids are always so busy , seems like i have to beg them to come see us .. its truly a hard thing , i steal every opportunity when i can ,,, life is so busy .. i so wish my kids were still little and i knew where they were and seen them everyday 🙂 i think back at the hectic life we had but i wish i could have that back so bad now 🙁

  7. We were supposed to go out fishing today..but my husband has a hangover. I am not impressed, not impressed at all. It’s not often we get days like this in September in Edmonton. =(

  8. All great ideas, the only thing that matters is that you do them together

  9. Elizabeth Friesen says:

    Great ideas! I always find that no matter what we do, what we always appreciate most is simply being together. 😀

  10. Love your list! Sundays for us are all over the place because my Hubby has to work most of them but we do try to make one of his days off “Our Sunday” were we spend time together.

  11. Chandra Christine O'Connor says:

    I sneak into the washroom get a bubble bath going and watch a dean martin/jerry lewis movie on my ipad as I soak

  12. what a great post. It’s amazing how quickly things change when the kids get older, it’s just important to find time for little things.

  13. Victoria Ess says:

    This is a great list! I love your post and think that in many ways, we could all benefit from a reminder to steal one perfect moment rather than plan a perfect day or weekend.

  14. Darlene Schuller says:

    This is an awesome post!! Thanks gorgeous <3 It's not the amount of time we spend with our family in my opinion, its the quality of it.. thank you again!

  15. I adore this idea, it’s just too hard to squeeze in an entire weekend of joy, smart to look for the little things!

  16. Those are excellent ideas!

  17. Melinda L. says:

    That is an awesome list of ideas! Might I add a little piece of chocolate here and there 😉

  18. Love the idea of playing tourist in your own town. We often over look all the neat things that are a stones throw away!

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