Hillbilly Is Not A Good Look For Me

Do I scare easily?  Perhaps.  Horror movies make me rather jumpy.  Spiders give me the shivers.  Even the Weather Man with his “tornado watches” can put me on edge.  But the one event that can make me sick to my stomach with fear?  A trip to the dentist.  Pathetic, I know, but it’s the truth.  Is it the fear of failure, that the man with the white mask will tsk tsk at me if he finds a cavity?  The possibility of a big ass needle being stuck in my mouth?  Some kind of strange post traumatic stress disorder from bad dental experiences long ago?  I’ve long tried stop figuring it out, I instead just spend my time channelling my energy to keeping my butt far…far away from all people Dentist.  I brush, floss, rinse and repeat.  I avoid phone calls from “that” office.  I only go to the Dentist when I really, truly have to.  In other words.  I am a big fat baby. 

I like my Dentist, I just don’t want to see him, like, ever.  Unless let’s say, I do something dumb.  Perhaps take a big old bite of something crunchy and break off some rather spendy cosmetic work on the front of my teeth!  Yup!  Did that.  Chipped my tooth and now I’m pretty certain I look like this:


image via ebay costume

This new hillbilly look I’m sporting?  It’s not sexy.  Turns out turning hillbilly can be a pretty powerful motivator.  Staring at myself in the mirror for only a few minutes had me reaching for the phone and booking myself a good old fashioned dentist appointment.  Turns out I have found one thing more powerful than fear of the dentist, fear of turning hillbilly.


  1. Lol. Too funny. I hope your appointment goes smooth

  2. I don’t think anyone likes going to the dentist

  3. I used to be terrified of the dentist…until I found my current dentist. If you have a fabulous dentist then the fear recedes a bit.

    If the chip isn’t too bad the fix shouldn’t be that horrible. Good luck!

  4. it can’t be that bad

  5. My hubby also avoids the dentist. I have never minded it but I am probably in the minority :).

  6. It’s not pathetic at all. I am one of those people who avoids the dentist yet I have never had a bad experience that keeps me away……

  7. Treen Goodwin says:

    I don’t think many ppl like the dentist if i can stay away i will as well 🙂

  8. kristen visser says:

    lmao!!! thats funny. i avoid the dentist too!

  9. Darrah Bailey says:

    I also am on your side, I avoid the dentist

  10. Darlene Schuller says:

    ugh.. Dentists.. get that tooth fixed!! Seriously will lead to very bad issues, speaking from experience here!!

  11. Judy Cowan says:

    lol….hope your dentist appointment goes okay! Going to the dentist is not fun but better than the alternative!

  12. I agree i hate going to the dentist too but its a necessary evil to say the least!

  13. Chandra Christine O'Connor says:

    i enjoy getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist, I am a over flosser aholic i have been told by dentists not to floss so much. I can sit through a tv show and floss the whole time.

  14. i hate going to the dentist

  15. LOL, we don’t mind the dentist. We have a good one, so it’s a relatively painless experience.

  16. Debbie Bashford says:

    I only go when I have to, I really should go more often but fear and cost tend to win out

  17. Jodi Mitrovic says:

    OMG that was too cute! Thanks for the share, I enjoyed it!

  18. I totally agree with you!

  19. I had an accident when I was in my teens resulting in having to get a crown put on my front tooth – I had that crown FALL OUT after biting into a fruit bar AT WORK!!

    My first thought as I looked down at the fruit bar – “That looks like a tooth… Did it fall out at the factory?…. THAT IS MY TOOTH!!!!”

    I pulled the tooth out of the bar and tried to put it back into my mouth – because well, that is where it is supposed to be; ran to my bosses office in a panic yelling “I NEED TO GO!!!” while covering my face and sending her into a panic.. and off to the dentist for an emergency (Did I mention this was on a FRIDAY afternoon and I had a wedding the next day to attend?) ….. So, yes.. I understand looking like a hillbilly :))

  20. Victoria Ess says:

    I’m sure you don’t look like that!! I hope your appointment goes okay, and happy anniversary, pretty woman!

  21. That is one of my biggest fear! I hope your appointment went okay!! =)

  22. Haha! That picture would definitely make you want to go to the dentist more often.

  23. Shawna Maxwell says:

    Your adorable!!!! Hope your apt went well 🙂

  24. ellen chevarie says:

    im not at all afraid of the dentist,but must confess I very seldom go as ive never had any coverage my entire life.anytime I went had to pay cold hard cash upfront.

  25. Chandra Christine O'Connor says:

    I want those fake teeth

  26. Laughing so hard it hurts. Mostly because I also have this fear and the day you posted this I actually cried at the dentist. Yes a 40 year old women reduced to tears because she has her first cavity!

  27. I guess I need to try this! It takes a bit for me to muster the courage to get to the dentist too lol

  28. Thanks – been meaning to make a dentist appointment..just keep forgetting to – I better do it now before it slips my mind again!

  29. kayla schmitke says:

    Haha! Too funny! I totally agree with you though.

  30. Dentists do not bother me at all, its that darn thing that brushes your teeth, gives me the willys every time

  31. I love going to the dentist. A lot of people I know don’t like going, but to me it’s a relaxing time.

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