African Lion Safari! A Review and Hints Too!

Summer’s here and it’s time to start packing in those summer memories!  Our first stop of the summer was to African Lion Safari.  Located smack dab between Toronto and London Ontario, it’s an easy car ride, made even better with a car packed full of excited kids!  We left early in the morning anxious to take in all the park had to offer.  Your admission into the African Lion Safari includes enough to easily fill one wonderful day.

Time is well spent in “Pet’s Corner”, so much cuteness! Have you ever taken a selfie with a camel?  Add it to your bucket list!


I had to get a little bit of help with my selfie; that sneaky Camel kept trying to snack on my hair!  (maybe this is a sign that I need more conditioner?)


Insider tip:  Head to the Pet’s Corner first, you will have the entire area to yourself!

Take a ride on the “Nature Boy” Railway.  My youngest visitors loved this one so much they wanted to do it twice!


Enjoy a cruise on the “African Queen” Boat and spy a variety of monkeys playing in the trees, and exotic birds hiding in the trees.


See the “Elephant Swim”!  Check those programs because these giant elephants only swim a couple of times per day.


Don’t miss the educational and fun Bird and Animal Shows!


As well as my very favourite part of all, the Safari Bus Tour!  You can pay an extra fee to board the bus with the family, or take your chances with the baboons and drive your own car.  My advice, take the bus!  Those wee baboons are a tad destructive!


A great way to end your day in the park is The Misumu Bay Wet Play Water Park



Worth Noting:  Parking is included in cost of admission.  You can bring your own food into this park, or take advantage of one of the many dining options dotted around the park.  This is not a nut free facility. If you are a CAA Member Show Your Card at the gate and save 10% off your tickets! 

African Lion Safari is a fun and easy day for the entire family!  Pack the sunscreen, some snacks and the camera, and enjoy the adventure!

Disclosure:  Thanks to @CAASCO for providing passes to facilitate this review.  As always all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Amy Heffernan says:

    OMG i got to go here once. It was SO amazing. I never seen ANY of those animals before! LOVED the zebras!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I didn’t know about the CAA discount

  3. Anne Taylor says:

    We visited there years ago when our kids were tiny! We loved it and so did the orangutans as they kept a few pieces of my sisters van!

  4. Judy Cowan says:

    We went there a couple years ago and it is definitely a great family outing!

  5. Tammy S says:

    I want to go! This looks like it would be a great event for the family to do together, I know my kids would absolutely love visiting all the different animals. I would definitely want to do the Safari Bus Tour.

  6. Jeff Skidmore says:

    Use to go here when I was a kid, must remember to take the grandkids on their next visit!

  7. Suzie M says:

    want to take the kids looks like fun

  8. mrdisco says:

    it’s been AGES since i’ve been to ALS

  9. Chandra Christine O'Connor says:

    im going to try and convince hubby to take us there. its been many many years

  10. I love the Elephant swim the most! Never knew they could go in water.

  11. Look like great fun–you and the family has the best adventures.

    Growing up, one memory that makes my dad still laugh is when he drove us kids through a zoo safari like the one in your pics and one of the ostriches ate an antenna ornament that he had on his car. That one still makes the old guy smile.

  12. Hope the monkeys didn’t do damage on that car!

  13. Birdiebee says:

    This looks like so much fun and what a way to spend a bit of one’s summer vacation having fun at a safari. I wish we had something like this close to where I live.

  14. Ester G says:

    I haven’t been here in years, thanks for reminding me what it’s like and for the helpful tips. I plan to take my niece later this summer 🙂

  15. Debbie Bashford says:

    never been there yet but good to know CAA gives me a discount

  16. This theme song has been burned into my head since childhood. Africannn lionnn safariiiiiii! I need a caa account so i can get all those awesome discounts too

  17. Maggie C says:

    Very cool experience! I have been meaning to go this Summer – reading your experience just reminded me to plan a trip!

  18. Now that looks like fun!

  19. Lynda Cook says:

    I haven’t been there for such a long time but it is one of my all time favourite places to go, this is a great place to spend the day with so much to do!

  20. that boat tour looks fun

  21. Karen E. HIll says:

    I havent been there in 30 years, it has improved alot!

  22. Oh, amazing!!! Look like you guys had so much fun!

  23. BobbiJo pentney says:

    I dont think I would be too happy if a Monkey scratched my car, do they supply the vehicle?

  24. Victoria Ess says:

    This is one of the attractions in Southern Ontario that we have yet to visit.

  25. Melinda says:

    We enjoy going to African Lion’s Safari, there’s always so much going on. Oh the mess the monkeys make…

  26. We took my son and he LOVED it!!!

  27. Chandra Christine O'Connor says:

    really is a good summer to do the safari part not too hot.

  28. I need to go back soon. I haven’t been since I was a small child.

  29. Sure wish we lived close enough to visit kids would love it

  30. Treen Goodwin says:

    wow awesome i would love to go there wish i was closer … we haven’t nothing exciting here in our town 🙂 i would bring my grandson 🙂

  31. Nice to know that CAA give a discount.

  32. I’m heading to this at the end of the month! Great to see your pix – I am excited! I hope it is not too cold for the animals to come out when I do go….

  33. looks like lots of fun &excitement

  34. I have fond memories of visiting this place with my family. Loved watching the elephants bathing!

  35. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    Some great tips here and I’d love to go there and would enjoy seeing the wild animals running around freely. One of your best tips is to take the bus for the Safari tour. Some of those animals can do an awful lot of damage to a car.

  36. Thanks for the post! We LOVE African Lion Safari, GO WILD!

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