African Lion Safari!! Go Wild With Me! #Giveaway


African Lion Safari!!”  I can’t say it, I have to sing it!!  You’re welcome, I know you are singing that catchy little ditty now too!  Every time I hear the jingle I also reflect back on our last trip to this wild place.  My SweetGirl was still in diapers with cheeks that were truly pinchable, my BlueEyed girl obsessed about the monkeys!  Or maybe that was me?  We rode the Safari Tour Bus, giggled at the giraffe’s, gasped at the size of the Lions, and cheered on those monkeys jumping, well everywhere! 


Oh and those lions, someone found them a little scary! Shh, she’s hiding!ALSafari4

We wrapped up the fabulous and fun afternoon by splashing in the Misumu Bay Wet Play Splash Zone.  Those kids were zonked by the time we were done, and we made some memories to last a lifetime. 


This summer, I think it’s time to go back!  Yup!  My girls and I are planning a trip to African Lion Safari and we think you should too!

When you Go “ON SAFARI!”™  you “get closer than you ever imagined…. To majestic lions, graceful giraffe, rhino and many more animals from around the world. Drive through 9 km of safari trail in your own car or take an educationally guided Safari Tour Bus. Your truly “WILD” experience also includes a full day of family fun with bird & animal performances, boat & train tours!” African Lion Safari

So if you are looking for something fun to do with your kids this summer season, look no further than African Lion Safari and here is my insider tip!  Did you know if you have a CAA Card you are eligible for saving for this park?


If you are a CAA Member you will receive discount tickets (15% savings) when you purchase your tickets in advance at the CAA Store!  Alternately you can save 10% if you Show Your Card at the African Lion Safari gate.   Super Bonus:  If CAA Members purchase their tickets at a CAA store, there is an additional 10% discount coupon attached to African Lion Safari tickets that can be redeemed at their African Lion Safari retail stores!   Such a great deal!  That CAA card offers so much more than just a tow in the time of need, it offers exclusive and discounts at at so many places!

Giveaway time!  Thanks to the generous people at CAA I am now offering one of my readers at How To Survive Life In The Suburbs the chance to win a Family Pass (for up to 5 people) to join me June 28th at an exclusive  CAA African Lion Safari event! Woot!  How much fun is that!

Here are all the details!

When: Saturday June 28th 10am (you will be asked to provide your own transportation to African Lion Safari and will need to be able to arrive by 9:45am)

Where: African Lion Safari 1386 Cooper Road, Hamilton ON, Canada

What: One (1) Family Pass for up to 5 people. 

How to enter!  Please use the Rafflecopter form below.  Open to Canada only.  Ends Friday June 20th.  As noted, transportation is not provided.  Pass can only be used on June 28th.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For more information on and all the fun be sure to follow follow CAA on Facebook, and Twitter, and find African Lion Safari on Facebook and Pinterest!


  1. emma walpole says:

    My 3.5 year old son would just love to go see all the safari animals. What a special adventure it would be.

  2. Andrea Lee says:

    I would definitely bring my husband on this adventure!

  3. Lynn Duchesne says:

    I will for sure take my family, daughter and 3 grand children , they would be so excited and have a fun filled day…. thanks

  4. Andrea Lee says:

    Liked shared and commented on FB 🙂 Thanks

  5. Jessica Terry says:

    I would totally take my hubby and all the kids for such a big adventure!

  6. I would take my kids as they love to watch Animal Documentaries on TV/Computer. Lions are their favourites although they sound more like hyena’s most days

  7. adriana silva says:

    My family

  8. I would take my hubby and my 3 kids

  9. Lisa Neutel says:

    I’d love to take my family so we can go wild!!!!!!! We love to take a walk on the wild side

  10. we love African Lion Safari!

  11. michelle tremblett says:

    I would love to take my kids, they are fascinated by wildlife 🙂

  12. michelle tremblett says:

    Liked and shared on facebook 🙂

  13. Lee-Ann says:

    Husband, daughter and probably a friend or 2.

  14. My son! Sounds amazing between the animals, the boat and the train ride!

  15. Liked and shared on facebook!

  16. Irene Eichler says:

    my hubby and my kids

  17. kristen visser says:

    my hubby and daughter !! we have not had a family outing before. my daughter is 20 months so its time 🙂

  18. kristen visser says:

    liked and shared on fb!

  19. Sara rai says:

    My family:) my mom loves aninals

  20. laura moschitto says:

    My son would love to go!

  21. Id take my kids and maybe my sister with her kids

  22. Courtney says:

    My sister, niece and my oldest son!

  23. Ummm….Canada is very far from Arizona, can I stay a few extra days at your house if I win?

  24. my kids would love to go

  25. We’ve always wanted to go, my son would LOVE it.

  26. kristen says:

    I would love to bring my son and his dad. We’ve never been before!

  27. I would take my hubby and son, then anyone my son would want to take with him!

  28. Brandee H says:

    Liked and shared on facebook

  29. Brandee H says:

    I would love to be able to take my son. He will love it!

  30. My grand-nieces would love this.

  31. Africa is quite far . . . but then again, so is Ontario.

  32. Renee LeBlanc says:

    I would definitely take my sons and hubby! My oldest turns 4 in July and he would just love this! He loves lions and monkeys! 🙂

  33. Renee LeBlanc says:

    I liked Facebook contest post 🙂

  34. Squirrel Masher says:

    I heard there are hippos! My 4 y.o. will go wild for this.

  35. I would be taking my 2 beautiful babes & maybe grandma for a safari adventure 🙂

  36. Totally would take my kids!!

  37. I would like to take my nephew JJ, who is three.

  38. Liked & shared on Facebook

  39. my niece!

  40. Definitely, Ace Ventura. If he’s not available – my family.

  41. J Bailey says:

    Would be a great way to start the summer with the kids!

  42. sabrina says:

    I would take my 2 girls, hubby and grandma. Would make a great outing.

  43. Cheryl P says:

    I would take my teenage daughter who has never been and my neice and nephew (@&%) they would love it!

  44. I would love to take my two sons.

  45. Angie Andrews says:

    My husband and kids

  46. Angie Andrews says:

    liked and shared on FB

  47. My sister!

  48. The monkeys

  49. Of course I would bring my family of four and then pick up some random stranger on the way 🙂

  50. I would bring my kids and fiancée

  51. I would take my family

  52. Chelsea V. says:

    I would love to bring my best friend – she’s never been … can you believe it!?

  53. Id take my husband and three grandbabes…how much fun!

  54. Shared on facebook

  55. Nancy T says:

    With my hubs and 2 girls! We took DD8 when she was 17 months….DD4 has never been and we would love to take her.

  56. Liked and shared on FB

  57. sarah sar says:

    I would love to go with my family! My kids will go WILD!

  58. sarah sar says:

    liked and shared on FB as Sarah Sar

  59. michelle says:

    I would love to take my 6 year old son and the hubs, family outting <3

  60. That’s easy…. my family!

  61. My Nephew and niece!

  62. FYI liked the FB giveaway post!

  63. Catherine H says:

    My 4-year-old niece is in town from Taiwan. I’d love to take her there!

  64. My 4 kids and my husband!

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