Cheer Is Over! WW


And this little powerhouse is done!!!

Well, at least until tryouts for Cheer 2015….next week!


Congrats on amazing season BlueEyes, your passion, dedication and perseverance is an inspiration to me every single day.

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  1. It’s great that the little powerhouse has a passion for sports; a good way to spend her time and something to be proud of. Continued best wishes to her!

  2. I’m always inpressed by such skilled athletes. Well done!

  3. Good luck for next week’s tryouts too!

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  4. That looks difficult, and fun! Way to go!!!

  5. Congrats to your daughter, Stephanie. I hope she enjoys her “whole” week off.

  6. Its wonderful that your daughter loves sports, you must be so proud!!!

  7. She is a wonderful athlete! I’d like to steal a bit of her energy 🙂
    The blue birds you liked on my post are called Indigo buntings, they really are not blue, it is a trick from mother nature when the light hits their feathers!
    Thanks for stopping & linking up.

  8. Cheerleading ain’t like it used to be.

  9. Heidi C. says:

    Looks like so much fun! I am sure my girls would enjoy the sport!

  10. Wishing her all the best in the tryouts next week!

  11. Glad the girls had a great season!

  12. Julie F says:

    Wow that is pretty impressive, cannot imagine the training they must do to be able to perform like that!

  13. YAY! Excellent And here comes summer. Do the girls do any summer sports once Tryouts are over?

  14. Congrats to her for a good season, and good luck to her with her tryouts next week!

  15. Victoria Ess says:

    She looks great and it sounds like she is definitely doing something she is passionate about!

  16. Hopefully, you can all have a nice relaxing week off before it all starts back again! 🙂 Wishing her luck [but I am pretty sure she will kick butt!].

  17. That looks impressive you need the nerve to do it too heheh! I wish her luck…brilliant!

  18. It looks like she had fun with cheer leading good luck in the next season!

  19. I think it is so awesome…..didn’t we all want to be cheerleaders????

  20. Lynda Cook says:

    Looks like they had lots of fun but also a lot of hard work to accomplish such great moves and team work, way to go to your daughter and good luck on her next season!!

  21. My bestie in school was always the base man it always amazed me on the girls she could lift up.

  22. I always found it sad when my kids soccer season was over, but at the same time a relief from rushing here and there. I’m glad your daughter had a wonderful season.

  23. Judy C (Judy Cowan) says:

    Glad your daughter had a great season and good luck to her on her tryout next week!

  24. An amazing acrobat!

  25. What a beautiful powerhouse!!! Try outs are next week? It never ends does it.????

  26. Michelle says:

    It’s great to have children in a sport that makes them interested and keeps them focused…Good job on the year..

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