What Happened To Manners In The Suburbs?

She said WHAT???

Gossip.  Do you gossip?  Think hard before you answer.  I bet you do.  I think everyone does, at least a little bit.  A teeny bit of “Did you hear Joanne is pregnant with their second?”  “Oh no, that poor little Julie is sick again!?”.  Maybe even a little offside stuff.  “Good grief that Mama should not be wearing those pants, NOBODY should be wearing those pants, those be bar pants!”.  I think most of us participate in a little bit of inconsequential, hopefully harmless gossip.  I’m not saying it’s right, I’m just saying this is reality.


So there is harmless small talk gossip and then there is just plain being a bitch.  Gossip to the tenth degree.  The spreading of lies, the making up and spreading of rumours, and gossiping for the propose of being an attention seeking whore.  You know who they are.  They are the Drama Mama’s, the devil’s in disguise, the fake friends and it is time to call them out.  When these “ladies” open a conversation with “I have the hottest gossip to tell you.”  SHUT THEM DOWN.  When these losers are found out to be telling lies. CALL THEM ON IT.  Don’t be afraid of them, we do not need them or their gossip to survive, as a matter of fact we would all be better off without them.

Here’s the thing, you can’t pretend to be nice, when you are not, you will be found out.  You can’t be sweet to our faces and then chat about us behind our backs, it will catch up to you.  You can keep continuing to gossip forever if you like, but it will get you nowhere.  Why?  Karma is a bitch.

PS  Not to worry!  I’m not posting this because I’ve been the victim of some big gossip fest. (at least not that I know of)  I’m just tired of some bad manners in the Suburbs.  Peace.


  1. yes yes yes!!! omg yes! this is not just your ‘burb. I think it’s any ‘burb sub or urb that contains women. 🙁 Sad as that may be.

  2. Lynda Cook says:

    I think it’s like this everywhere, and there is always that one person who makes it sound worse than what it really is, I also try to avoid people like that myself, if they can find the ease to gossip about someone so easily I can just imagine what they would say about me behind my back

  3. I gossip with my 2 best friends; not all 3 of us, but individually because they don’t really know each other.
    I trust them and they trust me. We believe that what we say to each other goes no further.
    Actually, I don’t know if we are gossiping. We don’t put ourselves above other people. We don’t devalue people. We mostly talk about ourselves.
    After typing this, and thinking… I feel okay about my communication habits. Obviously, you do too! 🙂

  4. Oh yes we all gossip but there is innocent and then just plain mean!

  5. Victoria Ess says:

    Good advice to shut people down. I find I genuinely have little patience for or interest in listening to gossip that doesn’t directly affect the person telling it to me. I think that’s the difference for me — whether someone is talking about somebody else for the sheer joy of it, or because that person impacts his or her life in some way. The latter is a go for me.

  6. Good advice.. Best to shut them down or walk away so you don’t get involved in the drama!

  7. If someone doesn’t have the time or guts to say whatever to my face, then they don’t deserve my time. It may sound kind of harsh, but I don’t have time for stab me in the back friends.

  8. Well said–karma indeed. I am just glad to be the goofy dad that the gossipers have no interest in talking too. It makes my life much simpler.

  9. Well I’ve thought hard about it and yes I have gossiped 🙂

  10. Peter Tusa says:

    I agree with your comments 100%. People shouldn’t be fake, phony or full of themselves.

  11. donna l stockley says:

    agree absolutely…. dont like “fake” people

  12. I have to admit i have gossiped before, but secretly with a trusted friend.

  13. Gossip is everywhere. I think everyone gossips no matter how small and innocent the topic may be.

  14. Treen Goodwin says:

    Yes will all gossip is right .. but it’s not anything i wouldn’t say to their faces lol and most of the time by the time i hear the gossip its old news and its been out for so long its not really gossip anymore , i don’t get out enough lol 🙂

  15. I feel flattered if I hear that someone had been gossiping about me. If I’m on their mind enough that they want to talk about me? Hey, go for it!

  16. I hate gossip – I do not discuss other people’s business with neighbours, coworkers, etc. I made a conscious decision to do this when I found out an (ex) friend gets together with ladies in the small community we grew up in for the purpose of gossiping. They are actually proud of it. Soooo…I stopped talking to them 🙂 Yeah, people talk about each other all of the time (Oh, I hear so and so is pregnant…good for her!) but some people dwell on negative things (oh, poor so and so, I hear she can’t have kids…cue reasons why, etc. etc. ) or get some sort of sick enjoyment out of other peoples’ misery. Not cool!

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