Sassy Ride: WW

Some days were just meant for a ride.  This Easter Weekend my SassyNephew threw on his Joovy Noodle Helmet especially designed for Toddler size people, and showed us how to take to the road in style!

Step one: Check the tires.


Step two:  Place Grandma’s pillow so he can reach the “gas”.


Step three:  Hit the road!  My little people following along. 











Step four: Enjoy the ride.


So thankful to have spent a beautiful weekend with family.  Hope you all had a gorgeous, sunshine filled weekend!

I hope you enjoyed this “almost” Wordless Wednesday!  Please leave a comment below and don’t forget to link up your Wordless Wednesday’s in the linky below.


  1. LOL how fun & cute aww!

    Hope you had an eggtastic Easter 🙂

  2. Oh man! That is one sweet little ride!!
    Hope you had an amazing Easter!

  3. So cute! I love the little car! Blessings to you from Teresa at

  4. That is adorable. Looks like a little mini cooper!

  5. My son used to love his cars. . . still does at 26.

  6. That thing is pretty badass 😉

  7. Very cute! ^.^

  8. ha that is awesome….my boys rode the wheels off some power wheels….smiles.

  9. It is a real sassy ride! Weve been forever looking for a helmet for my son. This one looks nice! Will check it out #WW

  10. How cute! He looks like he had a blast!

  11. How cute is he not!

  12. Adorable! I love this age. It’s pics like this that make me want to go back to this age with my boys. The other side of this is I watched my “man size” teen walk down the driveway today off to get the school bus and I’m flashing back to the days he’d running and his backpack was bigger than him!

  13. Aww so sweet, cool car 🙂

  14. Smart guy too, snagging that pillow for the ride! 🙂

  15. Now that’s a ride! Love the pillow 🙂

  16. That is so cute! It looks like a super comfortable fun ride!

  17. Lovely happy pics! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  18. Victoria Ess says:

    I *love* the look of joy on his face in the last picture!

  19. my son would LOVE that car

  20. Well that’s one adorable sassy ride for sure.

  21. I love the pictures. Such fun.

  22. SassySis says:

    Love the photo’s – thanks for sharing!

  23. kathy downey says:

    That’s a sweet rise the young lad has,i remember my niece having a Barbie car.

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