My Bucket List: Top 5 European Cities To Visit With Kids!

I blame my parents.  From as far back as I can remember they were travellers.  Always making time for each other, escaping the reality of life with quick getaways to sunny islands and tropical destinations near and far.  As my sister and I got a little older, we were invited along for the ride.  Allowed to miss school and learn about the world in a different way, by exploring Columbia, Dominican Republic, teeny towns in Mexico… a new place every year.  Yes, I blame my parents, they gave me the travel bug, it’s the only virus I have ever wanted to pass on to my children.

The thing about travelling, once it’s in your blood, you really can’t ever shake it.  Now as a Mama myself I yearn to show the world to my girls.  To start scratching away at my bucket list of amazing destinations .  The list of “must see’s” is very, very long.  So how do I start?  By making a Top 5 List of course!  Today I bring you my bucket list of Top Five European Cities I Must Visit With My Children.

Paris, France


The Louvre, Notre Dame, The Arc De Triomphe,  The Eiffel Tower.  The Notre Dame Cathedral, Luxembourg Gardens and a cruise down the Seine.  Window shopping at Christian Louboutin and of course a cup of the famous hot chocolate from Angelina Paris.  Le Sigh, I want to show them every little thing!

London, England



So much to do in the country of Harry Potter!  The history and the sites!  The Eye of London, Tower of London, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. Brush off our British accent as we visiting the Victoria and Albert Museum, Kensignton Palace and of course indulge in high tea. 

Rome, Italy



The more I read about Italy, the more my desire to explore that beautiful country grows.  The city of Rome is topping the list.  The Trevi Fountain,  The Pantheon, The Colosseum, The Sisten Chapel,  St. Peter’s Basilica, The Vatican, and of course the Spanish Steps!  Imagine sipping a cappuccino while watching your children count those steps, or trying to find the best gelato in Rome.  This is the way memories were meant to be made!

Venice, Italy



I am so in love with the idea of Italy, it has made my top five list twice!  Venice, a city built on a lagoon and surrounded by a sea, that kind of magic tugs at my heart.  I’m ready to pack my bags today and explore the architecture, the fashion and the food!  I’m sure I would need a new camera card to capture all that is the Grand Canal, the Rialto Bridge, Doge’s Palace, and Saint Mark’s Basillca.   I’m ready to try my hand at some pizza making class and explore the city in a gondola. 

Santorini, Greece








I know, rationally, I should be taking my girls to see the sites of Athens Greece.  The Parthenon, the Acropolis and it’s Museum, and the beautiful neighbourhood of Plaka.  There s so much to learn there!!  However the volcanic island I truly want to explore is Santorini.  For as long as I can remember I have longed to walk the winding streets of this stunning place, bask in the sunshine, then photograph a sunset before calling it a night in a fabulous cave house!  It doesn’t hurt to dream!

Which cities would make your Top Five European Bucket List, and fess up, would you take the kids?


  1. Lynda Cook says:

    Wow!! all very beautiful places, I’ll be your daughter and you can take me with

  2. It sounds perfect and they would love it all so much!

    • Stephanie says:

      Thank you!! I think they are at the perfect age, it’s time to start putting these dreams into action :)

  3. Santorini is my most favourite island ever! I love being there, it’s heavenly. We are going to Greece this summer, but not going to Santorini. There is a lot lot lot lot of walking up and down steep stairs to get to and from the city (not a bad thing, but I know my boys would start complaining in the heat at some point!) and the beaches are not the best. BUT! Definitely worth going, and your girls are older and would LOVE it.

    • Stephanie says:

      Oh I am so jealous that you are going (back?) to Greece this summer!! Can’t wait to follow along!!! Hope I can make our dreams a reality soon!

  4. Renee LeBlanc says:

    Haha Le sigh. I also want to go to Paris with my kids. I want to take them to the bridge with all of the love locks and make one with them. I enjoyed reading this post :)

  5. Victoria Ess says:

    Oooo I like your picks! Lucky girls when you get to cross these off your list!

  6. Great choice with Santorini. I would add that one to my list as well.

  7. Love your list although I would add Barcelona and Florence to my list. Gorgeous architecture. And although I have been t o Rome and a few other places in Italy, I long to return to that beautiful city.

  8. Lisa J Sperling says:

    I don’t think I would be brave enough to visit anywhere with my kids, they are still young though maybe when they are older.

    • Stephanie says:

      When we first started travelling we didn’t venture too far from home. First a cottage rental, then trips to Florida. The more you do it, the more comfortable you become. My girls are 12 and 15 now so it is easier in some ways to keep them happy :)

  9. SassySis says:

    Don’t forget your favourite sister (Ok only sister) I want to come! Please!

  10. Love your list. I’ve been to London and Venice and would love to share with my girls one day.
    I also am in love with the thought of going to Greece, New Zealand and Germany too.

  11. Karlene says:

    Oh beautiful. Definitely on my bucket list.

  12. Heidi C. says:

    I have yet to visit any of these beautiful places so they are all my bucket list as well!

  13. Treen Goodwin says:

    I don’t have a Bucket list but would so love to go to down DOWN UNDER … :)

  14. Teresa Valvano says:

    I’ve visited all those places except for Greece… Greece, Spain & Australia are on my bucket list :)

  15. Evelyn Brydon says:

    Europe would be such a great place to visit definitely on the bucket list.

  16. Karen E. HIll says:

    My bucket list has the same things but without the kids part!

  17. Amy Lovell says:

    These are all great cities, I wanna go to the african coast and feed the sharks, I also wanna go to the galapagos islands and germany

  18. Ester G says:

    Great list! I also really liked Barcelona, and would highly recommend it with kids

  19. BobbiJo Pentney says:

    It is interesting how we are all so different. You enjoy travelling, I prefer the comfort of my home.

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