Where To Eat At Beaches Negril!

One of the very best parts about going away on vacation, not having to cook!  What makes the not cooking even better?  Staying at a beautiful place with a huge variety of restaurants to make everyone in your party happy, happy, happy! 


Beaches Resorts Negril is an award winning all-inclusive resort in Jamaica, that offers seven restaurants right on property, one buffet and six sit downs ranging from breezy beach front pizza joints to loud and fun Japanese.  Here is my quick rundown of all your beautiful choices: 

The Mill


The Mill is a large buffet-style restaurant over looking the main pool.  It’s open and airy and during our visit quickly became our go to for a very quick bite to eat. 


The staff were warm and welcoming and the food was hot, flavourful and ready when we were!  Choices were fantastic.  Breakfast offered everything one could want from eggs, to salmon, to cold cereal.  Coffee, juices and made to order smoothies were also available.  Dinners varied each day and always  included some kid friendly comfort food for the kids.  Great for picky eaters.



Enjoy some pizza on the beach, or do what we did and get take out!  Is there anything better then a swim in the ocean, a quick game of beach volleyball and then grabbing a pizza to indulge in back in your very own suite?  I don’t think so!  I should also mention this wood fire oven pizza made to order was delicious!



Right next to the Pirates Water Park Arizonas is the perfect place to stop for a quick lunch.  This restaurant offers Tex Mex fare in a laid back atmosphere.  Featuring hotdogs, burgers and fries at the lunch hour, and nachos, quesadillas, and fajitas in the evening it is guaranteed to be a family favourite. 



Kimonos is one of restaurant on property which requires reservations.  Seated at authentic Teppanyaki tables, my girls and I were treated to an Asian inspired meal which started with soup and proceeded to wow us with rice, beef, and seafood.  The best part, the entire meal was cooked by our very own charismatic chef right before our eyes.  This fiery meal is best described as dinner and a show!



Recommended to us by the staff at Beaches as their fave pick!  Stop by here for some authentic Jamaican cuisine.  When the staff tells you to eat there, you should listen!  Besides, dinner beachside, you can’t beat that!

The Venetian


Featuring Italian food and catering to the whole family.  I am truly sad we couldn’t squeeze a meal in here, the food looks and sounds exquisite!  Please note reservations are recommended. 

BBQ Park

Walk up, so quick and so yummy!  A great place to grab some chicken fingers or that much needed burger and fries to get you through the day.  Dear daughters and I agreed even the fries taste better in Jamaica!

Cafe de Paris

A Parisian style patisserie where I both started and ended my day.  It is truly as wonderful as it sounds, offering latte’s and biscotti for adults and home made ice cream for the little one’s.  Perfection. 



Sweeties Ice Cream Counter


The self serve snack bar of a little person’s dreams!  Offering an assortment of soft serve ice-cream and some amazingly addictive freshly baked cookies.  Just perfect after a few runs down the water slide, or to grab as you head back to your room!

There is something for everyone and every palate at Beaches Negril, my only problem, I didn’t have enough days to try it all!  For more information on Beaches Resorts, visit their website at www.beaches.com

*Disclosure: Thanks to Beaches Resorts for paying for my travel expenses to accommodate this review.  As always, all thoughts, statements and opinions are my own.


  1. It is always nice not to have to cook. These places look so good and are making me hungry.

  2. Oh I would make a standing reservation at that ice cream bar 😉

  3. I don’t cook, anyway, but those restaurants looks amazing! I’d love to visit Jamaica.

    • Did I mention with the non cooking there were no dishes either? Now if you tell me that you don’t have to do dishes either I am going to have to ask you your secret!

  4. Judy Cowan says:

    Oh my, I think I would come home with an extra 10 pounds with all those choices!

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  6. OMG…I would LIVE at Sweeties if I could during a vacation there. My son would go nutso for the self serve ice cream!!!

  7. It is nice getting out, and not having to cook. I do have to say that my food allergies are getting harder to deal with. That makes eating out difficult, but I usually just make exceptions when we’re on vacay.

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  9. jessica chan says:

    i can dream =p

  10. Melinda L. says:

    Wow, you go to some of the most awesome and WARM places Stephanie 🙂

  11. Anne Taylor says:

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  12. kelly young says:

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  21. Yes! One of my favourite parts about vacationing is trying new foods! I love the variety of restarants they have here!!

  22. kristen visser says:

    i will be dreaming of jamaica when i go to bed tonight! wow it looks so gorgeous! would love to go someday

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    I would have packed on a zillion pounds if I was staying there, from the soft serve ice cream bar!

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  47. I loved being able to get a latte at Cafe de Paris at Beaches Negril each morning – and especially liked that it was included and not an extra charge! Emma loved Sweeties – I think she might have had one of those little ice cream cones in between each run down the water slide!

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