The Prettiest of Giveaways! Citrus Silver Jewellery!

Do you love jewellery? 

Does your outfit feel incomplete without that perfect piece? 

Are you stumped about what to buy for someone you love for Valentine’s Day?

Then this giveaway is for you! 


Every once in a while I have the great fortune of stumbling across a company that makes me stop in my tracks and take notice.  Citrus Silver Jewellery is one of these companies.  Based in Toronto Ontario, Citrus Silver provides the unique opportunity to browse their extensive site, choose from their many hip pendants and pieces, and then customize them with the special names or dates important to you!  There is something truly special about wearing jewellery that bares the name of those you love the most.  Are you looking for a perfect Valentine’s Day gift?  Maybe thinking ahead to Mother’s Day?  Or better yet, just in the mood to spoil yourself?  Do yourself a favour and check out all that Citrus Silver Jewellery has to offer. 

The pieces are contemporary, hip, they are just plain pretty and I can’t wait to get my jewellery in the mail!  I’ve just place my order for the the “slice” pendant and can’t wait for it to arrive!  I personalized it by adding the names of all four of my family members and added a long 24 inch chain.  A classic looking piece I know I can layer with other chains I already own! (or perhaps leave some hints for my Hubby directing  him towards some other beautiful pieces on the site)


Citrus Silver Jewellery has a huge collection of beautiful pieces.  Here are just a few of my favourites!  There are pendants, chains, and necklaces…


Bracelets, with and without a stunning variety of beads…(love!)


…earrings, and even a children’s line! 


Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Citrus Silver Jewellery introduces their “Design of the Week”.  A new and fabulous design to check out every week! 


They also run some great specials!  This one ends soon!


Keep up to date with all the specials and designs of the week by following Citrus Silver Jewellery on Facebook and Twitter @citrussilver.

To kick off my Five Year Celebration, here is my very first giveaway of the month!  (You knew it had to be something pretty!) I have teamed up with Citrus Silver Jewellery to offer one lucky reader of How To Survive Life In The Suburbs a $100.00 Gift Certificate to be used in their on-line store!  Canada only, closes Friday February 28, 2014.  Good luck! Please use the Rafflecopter form below to enter.

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  1. Darlene Schuller says:

    I love the Eternity Bracelet.

  2. very cool…i like the circles with the names…the unbroken link…..

  3. Slice with Heart Pendant

  4. Melissa Finn says:

    I love the circle necklaces with my kids name on it.

  5. I would pick up a bracelet for myself.

  6. Chains can’t seem to decide which one.

  7. I’ve always wanted some piece of jewlery with my kids on it in some way, I’d probably pass the gift certificate to my husband with instructions to surprise me with something pretty with my kids’ names 🙂

  8. the angel necklace

  9. Vickie Cheung says:

    I love the Eternity Bracelet.

  10. Love the circles with the names! I’d get my boys names

  11. Jenness M says:

    I’d get a double circle bracelet

  12. Love the circle with the names – definitely one with both my girls on it 🙂

  13. Melinda L. says:

    I would probably choose the sunny pendant for myself

  14. Matching bracelets; one for my daughter one for me!

  15. Oh definitely the circles – love the circle and engraving!

  16. Anne Taylor says:

    Loving the Circle Bracelet!


  17. Joanne Saunders says:

    For myself

  18. i would find something for my daughter

  19. Judy Cowan says:

    I would pick the double link bracelet and give it to my sister.

  20. I would pick the Statement Heart Bracelet for me!

  21. jeanine feldkamp says:

    I would make something for my mother in law.

  22. GIFTING is good karma!

  23. loucheryl says:

    I would love a name necklace of my 2 sons!

  24. seham merzib says:

    my self

  25. If I won I would pick for myself the
    juicy pendant.

  26. Me. this would be given to Me.

  27. I’d want to check out the design of the week before I decided for sure because there is some beautiful stuff! (Though I like the Statement Heart Bracelet)

  28. I’d go with the longer fire agate chain for myself.

  29. I would love a circle pendant with my kids’ names on it!

  30. I’d “treat” myself to an eternity bracelet

  31. Elaine Jasvins says:

    Yes for me!!

  32. I would choose the round cufflinks.

  33. For my mom!

  34. Victoria Ess says:

    I love the Citrus Mod Necklace!

  35. Janie N @copperjane says:

    I love Citrus Mod Necklace. All their products are very nice.

  36. So beautiful. Love everything.

  37. I really like the Statement Heart Bracelet that you posted a picture of above. So pretty.

  38. I would pick the angel necklace for my daughter

  39. Kim Korte says:

    I would treat my aunt to the eternity bracelet she is turning 104 and still loves a pretty pice of bling

  40. I would pick the citrus bracelet for my mom.

  41. Heather H says:

    I love the Citrus Lavish Necklace !

  42. nancy ortiz says:

    Love the jewelry

  43. Lynda Cook says:

    I would get myself a new chain

  44. jessica s says:

    slice with heart pendant

  45. Wow the bracelets really pretty!

  46. I like the bird pendant!

  47. courtney b says:

    i love the citrus mod necklace

  48. I would like to make corresponding necklaces for me and my boyfriend 🙂

  49. I would get the Citrus Mod Necklace for my daughter.

  50. I think I would pick the Eternity Bracelet.

  51. Regan Alford says:

    Love all things Citrus Silver

  52. Love them all but I’m thinking DS would love the new hockey pendant they just introduced!

  53. Would love a bracelet for myself.

  54. If I win I would pick the bracelet with the pearls for myself.

  55. Love Citrus Silver! I’d get something for myself but I have no idea what!!

  56. The bracelet! I need it! So beautiful..

  57. Bobby-Jo Lloyd says:

    In love with the bracelet. I peak at it each day. ♥

  58. Linda Yeung says:

    I would get a necklace for myself.

  59. courtney b says:
  60. Shannon Evans says:

    Love Citrus Silver…..bought a necklace for my mom from them and she wears it everyday!

  61. Shannon Evans says:

    I would purchase a necklace for myself now that my family is complete!

  62. I love the bracelet and any necklace!!!

  63. Yvonne Jalbert says:

    I love the bracelet with the pearls. I love the idea that you have long chains with the necklaces.

  64. What woukdnt i pick?! I own many pieces if theirs… But have been drooling over many of their new pieces.!

  65. heart necklace with the kids initials

  66. The eternity bracelet!

  67. Krystylolson says:

    Call me this selfish but absolutely for myself

  68. Lori Bazan says:

    I would so choose the bracelet and keep it for myself!

  69. I love the pearl bracket and also the dog tag style necklace with all my Children’s names!

  70. I would pick up a bracelet for myself.

  71. Heather H says:
  72. BlessedTA says:

    Love the circles

  73. Probably the Angel necklace for Miss R.

  74. Might get a pendant with our initials on it.

  75. kristen visser says:

    i think i would be a little selfish here and get myself a bracelet 🙂

  76. I’d get a piece of pretty jewelry for my 19 yoa daughter. Thanks.

  77. Elizabeth Friesen says:

    All of the pieces are so lovely!!! I would pick one of the beautiful bracelets for my daughter. Her birthday is coming up, so the timing is perfect!!! 😀

  78. Jenna Mills says:

    Love the jewelry and shared on

  79. i liked your fb post courtney b

  80. the eternity bracelet for myself

  81. angie smith says:

    i’d love a necklace for myself!

  82. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    i would pick the Lavish necklace

  83. kristen emigh says:

    I would get the square necklace with my kiddos names engraved on it loooove it

  84. I love the circle with my children’s names

  85. I would pick it for a friend – my sister.

  86. Love the eternity bracelet and the angel pendant.

  87. I love the slice pendant – and would keep it for myself!

  88. I would keep it for myself, my jewelry box could use an update!

  89. I would get the zing pendant for my sister

  90. I would get the mod necklace!!

  91. I love the Mod necklace!

  92. courtney b says:
  93. A mod necklace for myself and a double circle bracelet for my friend

  94. I would deffo choose Hematite bracelet – I’ve loved Hematite ever since I was a kid.

  95. I like the engraved cuff links.

  96. I think I might get the Eternity bracelet, and start off with a few glass charms!

  97. the mod necklace for sure

  98. liked the fb contest announcement

  99. the Eternity Bracelet!

  100. I love the mod necklace for myself 🙂

  101. I would get the eternity bracelet for myself

  102. jessica chan says:

    Citrus Mod Necklace

  103. courtney b says:
  104. Love the square pendant!

  105. courtney b says:
  106. courtney b says:
  107. Bailey Dexter says:

    If I won I would love to pick out the circle necklaces so I could get her daughter’s name on it!

  108. I’d get the circle neckace for my mom with her grandkids names on it

  109. I thought I had too much jewelry…but since I can’t stop thinking about the beautiful circle pendant count me in. 🙂

  110. Julie Bolduc says:

    I would pick up a bracelet for myself

  111. Can’t stop thinking about that gorgeous circle pendant!

  112. If I win I will get 2 Guardian Angel Necklaces. One for my daughter and one for my mom.

  113. Jen Conlin says:

    I love the Eternity Bracelet. BEAUTIFUL!!!

  114. courtney b says:
  115. stacie sawyer says:

    I love simple & meaningful pieces like this! Hope I win:) a charm necklace with my family names(square)
    Happy 5 years Steph!

  116. courtney b says:
  117. courtney b says:
  118. definitely would have to purchase the Feather Necklace

  119. Jennifer Wilson says:

    Love the eternity braclet

  120. lisa bolduc says:

    I like the circle pendANT

  121. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says:

    pearl earrings

  122. Cindy Bosy says:

    I love the oval bracelet/ I recently was robbed and all my jewelry is gone and need to start replenishing.


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