On Sappy Movies and Perfect Date Nights

I am a sap. I love me some romance, and I adore a good romantic movie!!  What makes the perfect romantic movie?  For me, it has to have a little bit of angst, a touch of passion, some unrequited love, and then throw in a little bit of comedy before the tears.  Happy tears if I can get them.  As Valentine’s Day approaches there’s no better time to run down my top ten Romantic Movies of all time!  Hmmm of all time?  That might be putting too much pressure on myself.  Perhaps my top ten date night movies rating from one Kleenex to an entire box! 

SassyModernMom’s Top Ten Romantic Movies

#1. The Notebook: Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are perfect in this flick set in the 1940’s.  Umm and they are Canadian eh?  The Notebook requires an entire box of Kleenex to get through and possibly sunglasses the next day.



#2. Titanic: Jack and Rose!  The prim and proper Rose rebels, finds her true soul mate, falls in love hard and gets into a little trouble along the way.  Unrequited love.  Oh yes, this is at least a half box of Kleenex movie!


#3.  Sleepless in Seattle:  Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan playing a couple who’s stars were just meant to cross. and eventually they do!  Throw in New York City and the Empire State Building before you cue the happy tears.  Just a few Kleenex’s required for this one! 


#4.  Forest Gump:  Following Forest through his life will make you smile, cheer and cry!  Forest has been in love with the same girl since grade school.  Forest and Jenny go together like peas and carrots.  It’s a long and bumpy road to his love.  Kleenex required?  Oh yes.  Quite possibly my favourite movie of all time.  ForestGump


#5. Ghost:  Patrick and Demi. A protective hot man who loves his woman so much he turns into a protective hot ghost.  Need I say more? If you can get through the last scene of this movie without crying, you do not have a heart. 

US Swayze 8

#6. Bridget Jones’s Diary:  Haven’t we all felt a little bit like poor Bridget Jones at some point in our lives?  Maybe not so much the men fighting over you part, but yes to the embarrassing the heck out of yourself and loving the wrong man!  When she realizes he likes her just the way she is.  Perfection.  Happy tears.  Just one happy Kleenex.



#7. Jerry Maguire:  Apparently I am a sucker for the one liner because, “You had me at Hello.” has me reaching for the Kleenex every single time!



#8. Sixteen Candles:  Drunk exchange students, the sweetest geek ever, forgotten birthdays and the biggest crush a 16 year old girl could ever have.  The perfect chic flick and wait, perhaps one we can get through without a Kleenex!


#9. Dirty Dancing: “Oh I…had the time of my life….” Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey are magic!  A classic good girl meets bad boy and makes all the wrong choices, and you cheer her along every step of the way.  Love.  Kleenex required? Maybe one. “No one puts baby in a corner!”



#10. When Harry Met Sally: Can a man and a women be “just” friends? Of course they can.  But not these two!  The only time you might need Kleenex is to wipe the tears of frustration as you scream “Get together already” at the screen!



#11. Can’t Buy Me Love.  I had to add number 11 to my top 10 because come on,  Patrick Dempsey!



So there you have it, my top ten, date worthy, Valentine’s Day approved, chic loving movies.   Now’s your chance; which favourite movie of yours should be added to this list?


  1. It is so funny I have a 17 year old son who loves to watch chick flicks. The only one I do not think I have seen is #5!

  2. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes……absolutely favorites of mine!

  3. Judy Cowan says:

    Have seen and love all these movies! The Notebook would have to be my #1 pick!

  4. loucheryl says:

    Forrest Gump is my FAV movie of all time! I still remember seeing Can’t Buy Me Love in the theatre when I was a teenager. Wow!

  5. The 90s certainly knew they romantic films 🙂 Great picks – Titanic was on TV the other week and as expected, I was sobbing… Once again, Thank goodness for waterproof mascara hah 🙂

  6. Love me some dirty dancing. I got the bluray copy of it.

  7. Melinda L. says:

    I’ve been slacking, I have only seen 3 of the movies on this list. I think you pretty much covered all of my favourite romantic movies here. I foresee a lot of movie watching in the coming months 🙂

  8. I do like romcoms on Netflix or on demand, but I’m not a sappy go to the movie romantic type. Give me an adventure/action movie anytime.

    You have listed a couple I liked, When Harry Met Sally and 16 Candles.. who doesn’t like John Hughes.

    Be assured you’re not alone, these movies make bazillions.

  9. I really enjoyed most of these films. Loved that scene at the end of Sixteen Candles!

  10. Darlene Schuller says:

    I loved most of these films, but I’m not much for sappy movies. Maybe it’s my age lol, I will halt the world for a good funny movie, or anything by Tyler Perry lol

  11. Those are my favorites too. I love romantic comedies. ..How to lose a guy in 10 days? Yesterday, I saw it again.

  12. Anne Taylor says:

    I love all of these movies except, I’ve never seen Sleepless in Seattle or When Harry met Sally 🙁

    Great list!


  13. Great list! I still have yet to see The Notebook!

  14. Ghost is a beautiful romantic movie. I rarely watch movies of that genre because I hate to bawl like a baby during a movie. The Notebook bored me. Forrest Gump is an all-time fave of mine too.

  15. Love your list. For me I’d add Say Anything! Love it.

  16. Victoria Ess says:

    Amazing list — the only one I haven’t seen yet is Can’t Buy Me Love!

  17. LOVE THEM!

  18. I’ve only watched 3 out of all these movies here (the Notebook, Titanic, and Dirty Dancing). Boy, I need to catch up! LOL I will actually make it a goal to watch all of these moves you have here this year!!

  19. OMG! I just watched Ghost not too long ago. I love a good chick flick 🙂

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