Little Changes, Big Difference: Werther’s Original No Sugar Added


Last week was one of those weeks.  You know the kind; running errands, not sleeping, OVER indulging.  Perhaps rewarding myself a little too often, just because I could, and now, well now I regret it.  I fell off the healthy band wagon and there really was no good reason.  We have a kind of mantra in this house, everything in moderation but heavy on the good stuff.  How do I get usually get through those hectic, dare I say emotional eating weeks and still feel like I’m setting a good example for my girls?  Well, I use a few tried and true tricks!


* I snack smarter! When my kids come home from school they are “STARVING”, and truth be told, so am I, we reach for the fruit!  It’s the only way to get through the 4 pm munchies.  I sometimes add a little peanut butter to a side of sliced apple, reach for some dried fruit and nuts, or freeze those grapes to keep things from getting too boring.

* I pick smarter sweets! I refuse to give up sweets.  Refuse.  There is no point even trying to cut them out.  I know myself and know this is not possible.  I would just end up bingeing!  Knowing I love me some treats and I am keeping them in my life, I look for a change out! Switch out some of the bad junk that is hidden in the bottom of my purse (yes I am that girl) for some of these delish Werther No Sugar Added sweet treats!  They are a perfect treat to get me through the carpool lane, or watching the never ending gym class.   All the flavour of the original creamy yum that you remember but none of the guilt!  Werthers7Little insider tip, The Mint and the Caramel Apple Hard Candies are to die for!! 

* I cut our the sneaky calories! If I’m going to cut our sugar in my diet it won’t be from my treats!  The first thing to go is the juice.  Yes, I say bye bye to orange juice and sub in a little flavoured or sparkling water.  An easy way to reduce sugar and quick way to be a little healthier! 

* I get moving! I know that since I refuse to give up the things I love, and I want to set a good example for my kiddos, I have to keep moving.  Getting out and playing with my girls in the dreaded snow (snow suit and all), going for walks, or hitting the treadmill are all ways I try to be active in my every day life.  Looking for ideas on Healthy Living?  Werther’s has an online community that features some great ideas for feeling and looking your best, creative recipes, as well as wellness events, and so much more!

A few little smart changes in your lifestyle can make a BIG difference.  When you snack smarter, pick your treats more carefully, get moving and watch those sneaky calories you just feel better, and feeling better is always a beautiful thing! 

Are you looking to make some sweet little changes in your life?  You can start with Werther’s No Sugar Added!  Purchase any three participating No Sugar Added Products and receive a $10 WINNERS gift card while quantities last. Find all the details here and find Werther’s on Facebook


This post is sponsored by Werther’s Original Canada. In exchange this review, I have received special perks in the form of products and monetary compensation. All opinions on this blog are my own.


  1. Amber Smith says:

    These were my Mom’s go-to candy. She always had some in her purse 🙂

  2. my grandfather loved these I so love rthwm as well

  3. These sugar free werthers are one of my favorites to carry on me – perfect for curbing the sugar cravings in a healthier way 🙂

  4. Sometimes we just need a sweet, even when we’re not having any sugar.

  5. Melinda L. says:

    I love, love Werthers! The perfect candy to keep me going 🙂

  6. i love werthers. i have 2 bags at the office as we speak.

  7. Anne Taylor says:

    We LOVE Werther’s Sugar Free candies! They are so delicious and if you are craving sweet, they hit the spot!

  8. Werthers is FAB and so is Winners….so it’s a win-win situation here!!!

  9. My mom always had these in her pockets!! Ive never tried the different flavours. The apple sounds yummy!

  10. We’re trying to make changes as well. Drinking more water, less juice and almost no pop. Love Werthers. Haven’t had some in a while. Nice treat.

  11. Victoria Sit says:

    Thanks for the heads up about the Winners GC! I can redeem that easily with my obsession with Werthers.

  12. I cannot cut out sweets either – blame my sweet tooth! I did not know Werthers make no-sugar-added ones! Will have to look for these on my next trip to the store. I love Werthers… they will definitely curb my cravings.

  13. Heidi C. says:

    I keep these in my office drawer for an instant pick-me-up!

  14. My fave! Always keep these stashed in my purse 🙂

  15. Judy Cowan says:

    We love Werther’s! We always have them in the house and they are great to help take the edge off when the sugar cravings hit!

  16. Lynda Cook says:

    I love werthers but then who doesn’, my mother always carries these on her, they are in her purse in her pockets and in her car

    • Stephanie says:

      Oh my gosh I love that!! My girls know I always have gum….actually now I always have Werther’s too!

  17. I am always trying to cut-down on my sugar intake. Thanks for the introduction to No Added Sugar Werther’s!

  18. Erinn Lishman says:

    I love these! I can’t give up sweets either…

  19. MrDisco says:

    man I love these candies

  20. sarah sar says:

    I have tried the caramel apple ones and they are awesome!

  21. Chandra Christine O'Connor says:

    I buy these all the time especially out and you feel like you need a sweet treat. the mint ones are my fav

  22. I love Werther’s they are so delicious!

  23. Chandra Christine O'Connor says:

    The mint ones are the best

  24. Chandra Christine O'Connor says:

    I just bought a huge bag at costco not the sugarfree ones but I dont care theyre so good.

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