Facebook Posts I Never Want To See Again

My name is Stephanie and I love me some Facebook.  I flip over to it often obsessively throughout the day liking post after post.  Smiling, grinning and even occasionally laughing out loud.  Now I know not all Facebook status updates are fuzzy and warm.  I enjoy the snarky and the sassy, even the occasional sarcastic or braggy post, but there are some Facebook posts that I have quite simply had enough of and beg of you to never, ever post again.

#1.  The Over sharer:Oh I am so sick I was up puking all night.  It was coming out both ends!”  TMI people!  If you want to post you are sick, go for it. Even use that silly little green face to really get your point across but enough with the descriptors of how many times you puked and what colour it was.  Disgusting.

#2. The Compliment Whore:Gawd I just hate this picture of myself.” or “Looking a little rough, but oh well”.” LIAR!  Nobody every puts up pictures they truly hate of themselves.  That would be just stupid.  You are not stupid are you?  SassyModernMomProfile

Hmm maybe I need to rethink this one. SassyNot

#3 The Vague Booker:I have such exciting news I’m bursting.  Oh, but I can’t tell you until tomorrow.”  Then how about you just wait until tomorrow to tell us huh?  How about that idea? Vague booking is so 2013.

#4 The Extreme Bragger:Can’t believe I was just offered ANOTHER trip.  Oh how to fit it all in?”  Really, is this the kind of bragging you want to put out into the world?  I think you can be proud, excited and gracious at the same time.  Some people could do with working on a little balance.

* Flip side.  Brag much?  Yup. I get it, sometimes you do have to shout it from the rooftops, but can we please try and balance it out with a cute story about your kid, a personal goal you are working towards or how you paid it forward this week?  Thanks.

#5 The Super Curser: I get it, every once in a while a girl has got to drop the F Bomb, but when you are cursing a blue streak in your Facebook Status updates, I am hitting unfriend.  Related: I am a prude.

End of Facebook rant, for now?  Have any you want to add?


  1. Darlene Schuller says:

    lmao well.. I think you’ve about covered it for me!! lol

  2. I have quit opening up Facebook altogether. I’m sicker than sick-coming-out-of-both-ends of the drama. I still have the app on my phone, in case I need to contact someone and to update my business page.

    My biggest pet peeve right now, other than the extreme bragger you mentioned, is the one who constantly talks about how awesome their weather is. A family we know recently moved from this frozen tundra to San Antonio, Texas. They feel the need to post (on a regular basis) that their weather is in the 70s and 80s. Yes, they know it’s -12 here and we’re all freezing. So, what’s their point? We know it’s warm there, but we’ve all chosen to stay here with our friends, family, jobs, and hobbies. Hope y’all are having a grand time there all by your lonesome selves. Don’t get lonely now…ye hear???

    • LOL I don’t mind hearing about the weather maybe because I long for sunshine so badly, however if I was in your shoes..I might be inviting myself down for a free stay! LOL

  3. I end up blocking a lot of those types of posts from people, especially if they happen A LOT. Sometimes I think I could do without having FB at all…..

  4. I think the phrase “had both ends going” should be removed from use by all persons that want to have friends/interact with other humans. When did it become okay to say that???

    I have most of my Facebook friends hidden from my news feed. I think that’s how an anti-social person is able to cope with social media. I’m aware of the irony.

  5. Those reasons and many others are why I am rarely on Facebook.

    But one of the biggest peeves? Seeing adults use “teenspeak” (chillaxin – comes to mind). Drives me MAD!

  6. yup that should cover it! lol

  7. I think you got it covered!! I think I saw at least one of each of those statuses today on my feed…lol

  8. You covered it. The trip one bothers me the most.

  9. Chandra O'Connor says:

    I’ll never stop bragging

  10. Very funny post! I hope that I don’t fall into any of those categories.

  11. LOVE this and agree with you on all counts!

  12. Oh my gosh. I love this.
    I have so many issues with Facebook. (but I do love it too) …the over sharers. The people who want to SHARE EVERY THOUGHT THEY’VE EVER HAD?!?! Geeze. Give it a break.
    I’m an ‘original’ girl. I only share thoughts of my own….I never copy/ paste quotes, pics, thoughts of others. So…you can imagine how others annoy me.

    • How did I forget about the constant updaters!! I really don’t need to know every thought that goes trough each and every person’s head that I know, and every bite of food they put in their mouths. Enough already! 🙂

  13. Two additional pet peeves here…
    1. Improper use of the English language. (spelling and grammar)
    2. Please stop posting pictures of your food. If I want to see pictures of food I’ll look at a menu

    Phew, that feels good to get it off my chest!?

    • The food pics! LOL I don’t mind when it’s a special meal, an anniversary? A lobster dinner, a huge ice sculpture. You know, something out of the norm, but do I have to see every bite that enters ever facebook friends mouth? No Mam! I’m with you. Enough!

  14. Yes to all of them and then I would like to add the over the top drama queen who always always always (see what I did there) is ranting and raving about something that has befallen her, again. Jeez woman, can’t you just sometimes be happy and quiet?

  15. Melinda L. says:

    Nope nothing to add. Everything you have listed so far is so true….I am so guilty of doing all that. I am trying to cut back on what I post/do on Facebook. Now if I can just get some of my friends to stop doing that….

    • The best thing of all about facebook is that it is entirely yours! Your space, your wall and you can post whatever the heck you please, so feel free to tell the rest of us to SHUSH 🙂

      • Melinda L. says:

        LOL, I like the way you think Stephanie! I do try to be considerate though since that is in my nature….somewhat, but with the occasional brag/dramatic moment to keep them “entertained” =P

  16. You hit all the ones I hate, too! I actually had a friend post that she LOST HER MUCUS PLUG! Yeah, that was an “unfollow all posts” for me.

    I also detest the “I’m so in love with my significant other I just want to post about it all the time” Facebooker. Makes me think the opposite is true.

  17. Prude away!!! I like my own prudishness.

  18. LOL, yes definitely coverd a lot of them. I may be quilty of the food one…. :).

  19. Aileen Hamill says:

    Absolutely loved this! I think you read mind:) #3…..you nailed it!!!!

  20. Okay – have another one…couples on FB posting lovey dovey, back and forth to each other – drives me nuts. It like PDA’s – take it offline, thank you! Great to have a healthy relationship but do you need to let everyone in on your conversations?
    Ok – rant over. 🙂

  21. I agree with all of these!! Just because it is so easy posting a new status, it does not mean you have to share everything! I’ve read quite a fair share of TMI statuses… sigh

  22. Thanks for the smiles today. Those are great.

  23. I’d add the passive-aggressive posts that carp about some unnamed person.

  24. Anne Taylor says:

    Yep, I can relate to everyone of those status updates hahaha You are a prude? Who’d a thunk it?

  25. I agree with you 100% and I have gotten to the point of just unfriending people. One that I recently unfriended thought it was appropriate to post a photo on Christmas of all the toys they gave their kids. Brag much? Also it just made me sick to see how much stuff these kids were getting. Waste of money and totally spoiling. It said a lot to me about this person and I decided I didn’t want to be friends with someone like that.

  26. courtney b says:

    ugggh i hate the compliment whore!!! those are the worst!

  27. Bitstrips. ‘Nuff said.

  28. Victoria Ess says:

    A subtype of the vague booker is the person who posts status updates about his or her low mood, such as “:(” or “so sad…” or “need a hug.”

  29. Ha Ha – thanks for the laughs – love this one

  30. I’m also not a fan of the one who posts the same photo of their kid 9249384 times. It’s the same pose and face but just a different outfit!

  31. I like #3 I have used that one too

  32. I so agree. There are so many people guilty of this! It drives me crazy!!!

  33. Personally I’m more of a Twitter person. Facebook is just for checking out pictures these days

  34. #6 The Poser – easily identified by their photo album of themselves and their obscene amount of selfies.

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