Change The Way You Watch TV! Netflix & PS3 Giveaway

Why didn’t someone tell me?  I’ve being doing this TV thing all wrong! 

I am a girl who pays a lot for cable TV.  So much that I am embarrassed to tell you how much my cable bill is.  *Hangs head in shame.  So when I was asked if I wanted to try out a subscription to Netflix I thought, meh, okay.  but honestly, I didn’t expect much.  I mean, I already have every TV station known to man, how much more could Netflix really have to offer?

I was in for a shock!  Netflix is a system that allows you to watch Movies and TV Shows online by streaming right to your TV via Xbox, Wii, PS3 & many other devices. The kicker, it is only $7.99 a month! (and you can often find a one month free trial to see if you really like it)

For the true TV lover Netflix is more then a little bit fun, it is more then kind of okay, it is way more than meh.  Netflix will change the way you watch TV!  For the cost of renting just one movie on Rogers on Demand you can have an entire month’s worth of Netflix’s services on any number of devices. Cafe_Devices-0012_V_Final_0001_L_stories_hoc

After an easy set up, and a low subscription fee you are ready to go.  You immediately have access to thousands of movies and TV shows including some shows that are only available on Netflix!  Have you heard of “Orange Is The New Black”?  I had heard of it, but didn’t know much about it until this weekend, now I know everything!  Hubby and I watched the entire season in three days!  Not only was the show amazing, so is the Netflix service.  Easy to cue up, simple to pause or rewind, and Netflix tells you which episodes you have already watched so there is no questions which show or episode to watch next! This made it easy to tear through our favourite new show!

Another unique feature to Netflix:  The Top Picks for Stephanie!  (or you!)


When you sign up for Netflix, it asks you to choose 5 titles from those shown on the screen.  I picked the titles that would most appeal to my Hubby and I.  As a result Netflix “learned” what I/we liked.  Amazing!  If we like we can set up separate profiles for different members of the family. As we continue to watch, Netflix will continue to adjust their picks.  Astounding. 

I also love how Netflix is broken down into genres.  Thrillers, Romantic Comedies, TV Dramas, New Releases, Horror, Kids programming, etc. are all split up making it easy to hone in on the kind of programming you feel like watching. 

We are very busy people, and truth be told, right now, TV is a big source of our entertainment.  I am truly happier then I should be to have been introduced to Netflix.   If I am going to spend some time in front of the set, it’s going to be watching something fabulous!   

Now, thanks to Netflix, and once again due to my FIVE Year Celebration, I have the great fun of giving away one six month subscription AND a PS3 to one reader of How To Survive Life In The Suburbs!  Total value of this package is approximately $250.00! 



This giveaway is open to Canada only and closes March 12, 2014.  Please use the Rafflecopter form below to enter.

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  1. ivy pluchinsky says:

    drama like orange is the new black

  2. Joanne Saunders says:

    Drama or many some horror

  3. Drama probably. I’m currently watching Supernatural on Netflix, but i have a ton of other things on my want to watch list 🙂

  4. Would be perfect for my kiddies!

  5. It would be a documentary for sure!

  6. Rachelle Douglas says:

    I go for drama or romantic comedy!

  7. kelly young says:

    Drama for sure

  8. Sabrina Tong says:

    I love a good, clever comedy. Documentaries are something I also enjoy.

  9. Drama , Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  10. lisa bolduc says:

    comedy. prob how I met your mother

  11. Documentary, so many documentary options on netflix 🙂

  12. I love watching sci-fi… Bit of a nerd lol!

  13. Amy Heffernan says:

    Drama and kids shows 😀

  14. Comedy for me!!

  15. Darlene Schuller says:

    I love comedies! I’d have to line up every epi of Big Bang Theory!

  16. Drama

  17. Rachel Cartucci says:

    The X files!!!!!!!!!

  18. My kids would love having their pick of kids shows, but for me… I tend toward cop shows and movies 🙂

  19. Teresa hill says:

    Crazy awesome prize!!!!!

  20. Jo-Anne Pfoh says:


  21. I would go for a thriller/action movie first!

  22. Anne Taylor says:

    I’d watch some great documentaries! I love documentaries!

  23. I LOVE Documentaries!! So the first thing that would be cued up on Netflix would be a documentary.

  24. Julie Bolduc says:

    I love documentary

  25. seham merzib says:

    Drama 🙂

  26. Comedy And Horror Movies 🙂

  27. action shows

  28. Susan Kinnear says:

    Would love to get Netflix and PS3 for my live in grandson.Maybe he wouldn’t be so bored. I would enjoy it too.

  29. Tammy Mitchell says:

    Love a good thriller!

  30. Shelley Hickey says:

    drama….but different than that on Facebook 😉

  31. Erin McSweeney says:

    It would be a drama for sure

  32. Love Netflix!

  33. I will say documentary but know deep down I would mainline trashy rom-coms.

  34. Watching Downton Abbey right now

  35. Drama

  36. i like to watch comedy – Netflix seems great!!

  37. Valerie Darsigny says:

    I love fantastic and sci-fi tv show

  38. Drama!!!!

  39. Probably a rerun of the walking dead..

  40. Drama or comedy! I hear good things about Orange is the new black

  41. Drama! I also would love to be able to have some TED Talks on, even in the background when I’m doing chores around the house!

  42. Definitely comedy! Then Drama

  43. comedy,, but on netflix we so need to watch the walking dead so maybe drama, & horror when the baby goes to bed.

  44. drama I think

  45. Just what hubby and I need! We love dramas and thrillers with some light comedy thrown. Netflex for us for sure! And our cable bills are way too high as well!

  46. I would watch a drama first

  47. LIked your facebook post
    angela marriott

  48. 80s era sitcom

  49. Karla Sceviour says:

    I need to find a good drama to watch!

  50. kristen visser says:


  51. Orange is the black and history movies/documentary. Thanks for the chance good luck all!

  52. comedy

  53. Belinda McNabb says:

    It would be a drama, House of Cards

  54. Drama – I want to watch House of Cards

  55. Harry Chahal says:


  56. All comedy for me.

  57. Comedy 🙂

  58. Kimberly Kihega says:

    The first I would have would be family friendly shows and cartoons.

  59. great contest

  60. Matt Black says:

    hope I win

  61. stacey dempsey says:

    Drama first and then some comedies too

  62. I love watching action, so it would be actions shows cued up!

  63. I think some comedy for me 🙂

  64. patrycja chudziak says:

    I love documentaries and drama but right now in this rocky time, I could use some great comedy!

  65. michelle tremblett says:

    drama first, comedy second 🙂

  66. Wendy hutton says:


  67. Comedy or Documentary

  68. Victoria Ess says:


  69. Probably a drama

  70. Jessica W. says:


  71. I would check out Breaking Bad…I love Orange is the new Black too!

  72. A drama would be great to watch.

  73. Doris Calvert says:

    I like a good Drama and a Comedy as well

  74. probably Drama, or Horror, I like The Walking Dead and am currently watching The Survivors

  75. I liked your giveaway announcement on FB as Michele Pineda

  76. I would like to finish Nip & Tuck

  77. Def drama

  78. It would be comedy for me.

  79. I would love to finish SOA

  80. I’m a Sci Fi freak so something like the X-files is for me!!

  81. Doris Calvert says:
  82. Rachel Rueff says:

    I have to sign up again to catch Orange is the new black and house of cards, and the werewolf show, if it comes back, can’t think of the name right now.

  83. Shemp DeYoung says:

    Some genre stuff like Angel or Buffy

  84. Shemp DeYoung says:
  85. Brenda Penton says:

    Documentaries for me. I love watching them.

  86. Russell Porter says:

    Sci-Fy or Fantasy of some type.

  87. Elaine Jasvins says:

    Love all the drama shows and movies.

  88. elaine bolduc says:

    I like emotional movies or some drama.

  89. Dramas!

  90. ohhhhh I so wanna win this.. I’ve been thinking about subscribing to netflix but am being pulled in both directions..

  91. drama! been dying to watch orange is the new black

  92. Linda Branderhorst says:

    Well I managed to catch Breaking Bad on Netflix and loved it and now I’ve been hearing so much about Dexter and Game of Thrones that I need to start from the first episode. Great for those rainy nights when there isn’t a thing on cable.

  93. Horror – dying to see Dexter – yes I am that far behind in my TV series!

  94. Drama

  95. Erin Ellis says:

    Drama – House of Cards for sure! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  96. Drama. Dying to see House of Cards!

  97. I would watch a documentary, they are my favorite.

  98. Something sci-fi

  99. A drama for sure. Would like to watch House of Cards.

  100. Cassie Fancy says:

    Comedy I love comedies

  101. MaryAnne Thurston says:

    My first choice would be Drama. Thanks for a great contest!

  102. Comedy for me

  103. Breaking Bad is my first lined up show

  104. Sunshine G says:

    It would be a comedy – there’s enough drama in real life, I think!

  105. alena svetelska says:

    i would love some comedy or some nice horror movie;-)

  106. Definitely a comedy!


  107. sarah miller says:

    the Netflix exclusives

  108. Treen Goodwin says:

    Comedy for sure , thanks for the chance to win !! 🙂

  109. Comedy!

  110. Drama for sure!

  111. Drama or a comedy!

  112. I love comedy and have heard that orange is the new black is great!

  113. Drama like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black!

  114. Drama – I’ve been itching to watch House of Cards

  115. I liked the Facebook post about the netflix and citrus jewelry giveaways as caryn salageanu

  116. Suits

  117. Comedy!

  118. I liked the Facebook post!

  119. Definitely a Documentary!

  120. drama for me!

  121. most likely a kids show!

  122. Cheryl Grandy says:

    I’d choose drama.

  123. Definitely would be Drama.

  124. Drama for sure

  125. action! Love a good shoot em up flick.

  126. Drama for sure. GREAT contest!!

  127. Either comedy or drama, depending on my mood!

  128. Dayna Wilson says:

    Drama.. or maybe thriller!

  129. I love Documentaries! I keep hearing that Orange is the New Black is the series to watch and just waiting for a PJ day and some snacks and just relax and watch TV uninterrupted.

  130. Drama for sure for us!

  131. Jennifer L. says:

    I love documentaries.

  132. Jen Conlin says:

    All about the Drama!!

  133. margaux retrophiliac says:

    comedy! portlandia 🙂

  134. Judy Cowan says:

    Drama for sure! Also like watching shows from the Discovery Channel so would check some of them out too!

  135. House of Cards is getting RAV reviews! I would be interested in seeing if Netflix could replace cable altogether 🙂

  136. Michelle MM says:

    Orange is the new Black

  137. I’m a sucker for romance and rom-coms!!!

  138. Definitely a comedy-modern family likely.

  139. zahra premji says:

    some type of crime-drama I am sure

  140. A good thriller would be my first one then comedy.

  141. Carol M (Lushka S) says:


  142. documentary. thanks

  143. Mike Bratek says:

    I love to laugh, so it would be comedies i would cue up!

  144. I would cue a stand up comedy

  145. Comedy for me or kids shows for the little ones. I love how many children’s shows Netflix offers.

  146. I had Netflix for awhile but had to cancel, but I did watch every single scary, horror movie they had even the low b grade I had to cancel because nothing new was coming on and mine was hooked up with my smart tv using wifi and it was always stopping to load, have to say it gets quite annoying when your right into a good movie, but I would try it again if I had a gaming system to run it instead of just my smart tv

  147. Sarah Stickney says:

    comedy for sure

  148. Comedy or a Documentary

  149. Crystal Englot says:

    Something that is a Drama/Action like Flashpoint! Love that show

  150. It would be a show for the kids while I take a bath – Barbie or superheroes.

  151. liked announcement on facebook

  152. I just started watching Heartland. On episode 2

  153. Well I’m excited for Season 2 of Orange is the New black not sure what genre that is. Drama?

  154. I would go for a comedy =)

  155. Terri Baker says:

    Drama would be the first for me.

  156. I bet it would be a documentary as the first queued up.

  157. Drama – I would watch House of Cards

  158. Jennifer P. says:

    Drama for sure

  159. Definitely a comedy for date night 🙂

  160. It would definitely be a documentary or an old tv show.

  161. I really want to watch House Of Cards

  162. Love series that I can watch all the time.

  163. Christie Kammerer says:

    Sisterwives is on my Netflix list.

  164. Definitely drama is the first to check out.

  165. Elizabeth Ray says:


  166. christopher h says:

    sci fi, definitely

  167. Adrienne Gordon says:

    It’d be comedy

  168. Jennifer Barr says:


  169. I like drama series, like the show The Shield.

  170. I’d probably watch a drama – Downton Abbey.

  171. Angela Mitchell says:

    I like Dramas and thrillers. I’d have House of Cards cued up.

  172. Crime drama would be the first type of show I’d zero in on, in Netflix..that’s my go to type of show.

  173. I’d be loading up some drama’s

  174. I love a good Drama

  175. we have netflix & we love it. We watch adult comedies, kids tv shows, documentaries – anything

  176. Mary Casper says:

    Drama, romance and comedy

  177. it would be a comedy for me.

  178. I tend to go for drama although I love RomCom’s too ♥ The kiddo might choose comedy and the hubby enjoys documentaries so it depends who is watching or whose turn it is to pick ☺

  179. Leigh Wood says:

    a documentary for sure !!!!!!!!

  180. would be a documentary

  181. drama

  182. any kind of drama

  183. It would be House of Cards…that’s a drama, right?

  184. It would be a Rom Com movie! but love series Luther too – drama!

  185. GLEE, GLEE and then another episode of GLEE! I’ve heard people raving about House of Cards.

    Tweeted it out,

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  186. Patrick Siu says:

    id would watch a documentary

  187. I like Documentaries but I would watch Breaking Bad all over again

  188. April Brenay says:

    I would love to try up Downton abbey and maybe doctor Who! both look good!

  189. Jaymie Martin says:

    I would watch documentaries. And maybe some tv shows I havnt watched yet.
    Love documentaries though

  190. angie smith says:

    we love the netflix documentaries!

  191. sarah evans says:


  192. Victoria K says:

    I love drama

  193. A nice romantic comedy would be nice.

  194. First show I’d queue up would be Supernatural!!!

  195. Holly Wright says:

    Probably a drama, I am really liking Desperate Housewives right now

  196. We have Netflix (LOVE IT) and generally I choose Drama! 🙂

  197. Tammie Simwamu says:

    I love Netflix and I’m thinking about getting rid of cable and just have all the DRAMAS I can handle lol…:)

  198. I’d go with a drama – especially House of Cards, which I’m dying to see!

  199. Cartoons for my grandkids!

  200. German Lopez says:

    My all time favorite comedy The Office!!

  201. Annika Paterson says:

    It would be comedy and a few reality shows!

  202. Drama for me!

  203. Lisa neutel says:

    I’d watch comedies ..I love to laugh

  204. Jonathan Baker says:

    Drama is the best.

  205. Dramas are my preference.

  206. comedy

  207. Geraldine Durant says:

    Dramas mostly although some comedies. I would like to watch House of Cards.

  208. kids shows probably

  209. like the post – jaimee mcallister

  210. shared on fb – jaimee mcallister

  211. I have to admit it would probably be a reality tv show!

  212. Erinn Lishman says:


  213. Drama…never watched Breaking Bad so think that would be where I would start!

  214. Jennifer Wilson says:

    drama or horror,, or anything like the walking dead

  215. Love netflix already, totally deep into heroes at the moment!

  216. Orange is the New Black or Downton Abbey!!!

  217. Drama series like Friday Night Lights

  218. Kathy Marcella says:

    Orange is the New Black, hands down

  219. Action – Sons of Anarchy

  220. Lee-Ann says:

    I think I’d go with a RomCom!

  221. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says:


  222. Patty C says:

    Drama, baby! Oh wait – nope, chick flick. Thanks! And congratulations.

  223. House of Cards! I’ve heard such great things about it.

  224. Cindy Bosy says:

    Well as long as I get to use it before my husband it would be a drama.. If he makes the first pick it will be a blood and gory shoot em up type film.

  225. Comedy and Drama 🙂 Oh yes and Kids movies and shows

  226. Adina H. says:


  227. Adina H. says:

    Liked the giveaway on Facebook

  228. Geoff K says:
  229. I would get breaking bad.

  230. JaimeeM says:
  231. Comedy 🙂

  232. so many shows to catch up on…..I’d like to get into House of Cards.

  233. courtney b says:

    cartoons for the kiddos !

  234. courtney b says:
  235. Susan Chester says:

    A drama series for me.

  236. Robyn B. says:


  237. Melissa Finn says:


  238. ginette4 says:
  239. courtney b says:
  240. a family comedy

  241. My queue would probably have a bunch of horror movies.

  242. Samantha says:

    I would cue up a comedy!

  243. Cheryl P says:

    Gotta love a good comedy…probbaly be my first show on Netflix

  244. angela m says:
  245. ginette4 says:
  246. JaimeeM says:
  247. Geoff K says:
  248. Oh, definitely a good comedy

  249. Andrew B says:

    I am all about drama or action!

  250. Drama – Homeland

  251. Lisa Voyce says:

    The first I would pick would be a thriller or science fiction.

  252. Drama and Thrillers

  253. Mihaela Day says:

    It would be a documentary for sure!

  254. amy pugmire says:

    I love drama.

  255. Drama for sure!

  256. JaimeeM says:
  257. ginette4 says:
  258. courtney b says:
  259. I would be all about the comedy…unless Netflix had Real Housewives!

  260. Geoff K says:
  261. More House of Cards (LOVE IT)

  262. I would watch comedy

  263. Deb Christie says:

    Probably Drama, a good movie or an episode of some of the drama series I like. Or maybe something from Masterpiece.

  264. Tiffany Hearn says:

    Drama! I really want to see Orange Is the New Black!

  265. amy pugmire says:
  266. ginette4 says:
  267. angela m says:
  268. kim caron says:

    I would watch nakita

  269. Geoff K says:
  270. Cassandra Eastman says:

    Drama & Comedy for sure, this would be amazing!

  271. janna johnson says:

    Comedy for me

  272. courtney b says:
  273. Cory Fillion says:

    It would be great to win a subscription to Netflix.
    The first thing I would watch would be a comedy.
    I like a good comedy.

  274. Karen Drake says:

    I would find a good drama to watch on Netflix.

  275. JaimeeM says:
  276. angela m says:
  277. Geoff K says:
  278. Debra Hall says:

    i am hooked on the long island medium

  279. Green Butterfly says:

    Sitcoms from back in the day would be my pick.

  280. courtney b says:
  281. Sue Barney says:

    Drama for sure!

  282. ginette4 says:
  283. Breanne says:


  284. misty lindsay says:

    Greys anatomy!!

  285. Nancy Meyer says:

    I’d probably watch a drama like House of Cards or Orange is the New Black.

  286. We would watch TV programs, like Law & Order, Longmire,

  287. Daria Kennedy says:

    an old sci-fi series

  288. susan smoaks says:

    I want to watch House of Cards. I am tony l smoaks on rafflecopter.

  289. I’d watch a great mystery like Sherlock or Elementary!

  290. Chris Noe says:

    Drama. House of Cards looks good. Love Kevin Spaceym

  291. Karrie Millheim says:

    I love dramas and series!!! Netflix rocks!!

  292. Rebecca L says:

    Drama series, especially netflix orginal series

  293. Rebecca Peters says:

    Something funny!!

  294. Mary Cloud says:

    I’d have to watch something in the sci-fi genre
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  295. Tina d Reynolds says:

    I would have a comedy up first. I love to laugh. Thanks for the chace.

  296. Tina d Reynolds says:
  297. KAREN DEGRAAF says:


  298. Donna Kellogg says:

    I would watch a family movie with my daughter probably a Disney Movie

  299. Kathleen S. says:

    I have been meaning to watch Mad Men from the beginning before the final season this year, so I’d probably put that first on my list. Thanks!

  300. I’d probably go for a drama.

  301. A.J. Carano says:

    Comedies for me. :-p

  302. Silvia D says:

    I would probably start with a Drama

  303. JaimeeM says:
  304. we love comedy!!

  305. angela m says:
  306. ginette4 says:
  307. brittney says:

    I would catch up on the second season of House of Cards first thing!

  308. Jaime Cummings says:

    I like crime documentaries, like Cold Case Files or anything on Investigation Discovery.

  309. Janet Boyanton says:


  310. There is so many TV shows I would love to watch but if I had to pick one it would be drama.

  311. Geoff K says:
  312. wohoooo. This is some good scene.

  313. Beverly Metcalf says:

    I would choose comedy or a documentary. I love watching them. Thanks for this contest.

  314. I love documentaries!

  315. roger simmons says:

    Not really sure what I would watch. im not big on Drama. Im more reality. So probably documentary

  316. courtney b says:
  317. ginette4 says:
  318. Downton Abbey!

  319. not sure how you are monitoring tweets?

  320. krislyn roth says:

    A comedy !

  321. I’ve been watching a lot of new crime dramas. I finished The Killing and now I’m starting to watch Luther.

  322. Angie Andrews says:

    The last season of Breaking Bad

  323. Angie Andrews says:

    I liked your comment on FB – Angie Andrews

  324. Comedy

  325. courtney b says:
  326. ginette4 says:
  327. Megan H says:

    Comedy! Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23

  328. Cassandra Eastman says:

    I liked the giveaway post on facebook & shared!
    Shared on twitter!

  329. Tyler Ennis says:

    Can’t wait for season 2 of Orange is the new Black and for the next American Horror Story. Definitely Drama to be cued up first.

  330. Liked FB post: My day at Typhoon Lagoon
    FB ID: ladybugcda finds me

  331. ginette4 says:
  332. Hmmm, probably a Breaking Bad marathon! I’ve never watched the show, but have heard SO many good things about it!

  333. angela m says:
  334. First show would be a series that I have missed some of the shows. Want to watch in its entirety

  335. We would watch comedy dramas like suits or house of cards

  336. ginette4 says:
  337. Dramas most definitely.

  338. Love love love me a good horror show.. Just call me morbid..haha

  339. Florence C says:

    I would download Drama and romance.

  340. Florence C says:
  341. ginette4 says:
  342. angela m says:
  343. courtney b says:
  344. Florence C says:
  345. Documentaries- I just love them!!

  346. ginette4 says:
  347. Sonya Morris says:

    A classic movie.

  348. Sonya Morris says:
  349. courtney b says:
  350. I’d probably watch historic dramas like Downton Abbey and The Tudors first!

  351. comedy

  352. Florence C says:
  353. ginette4 says:
  354. I usually cue up family movies, love Disney, Action like National Treasure, Pirates of Carribean and stuff like that.

  355. The kids section is a huge hit in our house. Both of my munchkins can easily navigate it.

  356. Mary Anderson says:

    Romantic comedy 🙂

  357. I have just started House of Cards and can’t stop. What I really love is the commercial free kids programming.

  358. Juliee Fitze says:

    I would watch comedy’s on my Netflix.

  359. courtney b says:
  360. Comedy for sure?

  361. I would probably watch a season of Big Bang Theory or Greys Anatomy!

  362. I would watch Big Bang Theory & Greys Anatomy!

  363. Elaine Laforge says:

    Love all of them but the first would be Drama

  364. Drama

  365. Jessica W says:

    I am a sucker for documentaries!!

  366. Comedy!

  367. Sarah Morris says:

    Orange is the new black!!

  368. I liked the giveaway post on facebook: Geoff K

  369. Dramas like House of Cards!

  370. Linda Benoit says:

    Give me a good laugh…bring on the comedy!

  371. Jennifer L says:

    Comedy for sure.

  372. Caryn Coates says:

    Definitely Drama

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