Well Played Monday, Well Played



*Schools closed for a snow day! We are snowed in.  Again.

*Poked myself in the eye with an eyeliner? Who does that?

*Ran out of cream for my coffee.  Grr.

*Discovered a hair in my muffin, on the last bite. Gag.

*Threw my back out shovelling the stupid driveway.  Snow is stupid.

*Took a shower with a spider.  Shiver.

*Dropped a bottle of orange nail polish on the bathroom floor.  Good times.

Took revenge on Monday by substituting Baileys for cream in my coffee.  Making my own muffins and throwing out the hairy one’s.  Ordering Pizza for dinner because it hurts to breathe let alone cook and move.  Then vowing to never, ever shovel snow again!   Can it just be Tuesday now?


  1. O dear! Hope today is better, not that it will take much

  2. You poor dear girl.
    I cut my eye on the ribbon of a balloon floating in a store just by walking past it. No kidding. It grazed my eye and cut it.
    Mondays are stupid.
    Hope your back feels better soon. xo d

    • Stephanie says:

      LOL I’m sorry but your comment made me laugh, I too am the kinda gal who can cut her eye on a ribbon. Mondays are stupid. Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

  3. Oh, sweetpea, I’m sorry your Monday sucked.

    Hubby is with you on the shoveling thing. We went and bought a snowblower after church on Sunday. Unfortunately, it’s still in the back of my truck, where the lovely men at Sear’s put it last night. It’s too cold here to even THINK about taking it out and putting it together. ;-/

    My Monday was actually pretty good…stop over at my place and see why =)


  4. Good consolations!

  5. ((HUGS))

  6. Makes you wish it was Sunday again 🙂

  7. Melinda L. says:

    Mondays…I never liked Mondays. I think Garfield is onto something!

  8. haha I’ve always liked Mondays- it’s like a clean slate where last week no longer matters 🙂 But what are your views on Saturdays? I got rear ended turning into my driveway and had my daughter headbutt me in the chest hard enough I thought I cracked a rib- turns out it was just severely bruised. I could go for another Monday just thinking about it!

  9. Ow….I hate that you’ve pulled your back. I hope you are resting up. Spider? Hair? No bueno.
    Stay warm and let someone cater to you!

  10. Victoria Ess says:

    Aw I hope the rest of the week went better for you. I hurt myself shoveling as well, and don’t wish back pain on anyone.

  11. Your post made me smile because I just had a day like this yesterday! Except here in Toronto they NEVER close the schools for a snow day. It pisses me off so much because it’s -30 wind chill and snow but HEY lets keep the schools open! Geez… Pushing a baby stroller through high snow does wonders for my shoulders.

  12. Anne Taylor says:

    LOL, this was not a great Monday for you!!

    I personally, have poked myself in the eye with both eyeliner and mascara. I had a cousin who lived in Cambodia and one of her kids was getting a shower with a black mamba!(or some kind of fricken poisonous snake) The kid killed it with his cane! Can you imagine?

  13. I like the way you took control of Monday, I say lets do the same for the rest of the week!

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