Leaving My Gloves ON with Mujjo!

Oh baby it’s cold outside and sadly it looks like it is going to be a very long winter.  So when I was asked if I wanted to review some Touchstone Gloves by Mujjo, I jumped at it!  Let me tell you why!  I am constantly on my smart phone and hate taking my gloves off to work the darn thing.  Also, I drive a car that I love, with one exception, when I drive this little baby in the winter the only way I can turn the heated seats on, turn the volume up and down on my stereo, or even activate my Bluetooth is to take off my gloves.  Brr! Sick and tired of cold hands and numb fingers I figured I was the perfect person to really give the Mujjo gloves a true test.


Mujjo is  a Dutch Designer Label who prides themselves on their beautiful and minimalist design, with a true touch that works on smart phones.  With a large variety of touchscreen gloves to choose from there is something to suit every woman!  Also of note, Mujjo ships internationally! 

I chose to review the leather crochet touchscreen gloves for women.  These are the just released double-layered knitted touchscreen gloves, combining a knitted design on the front with enhanced thermal insulation.  Warmth and touch?  Yes please. 


When selecting these gloves from the site I was instructed to pick my size.  My size?  I hadn’t a clue.  Fortunately the Mujjo site provides easy to use instructions to help you find your size.  I placed my order and in just a couple of weeks my gloves arrived.  The world’s first leather touchscreen gloves for women.  I was excited to try out these truly fashionable and functional gloves. 

The extra layer, made out of wool, acts as an insulator and doubles as lining, providing enhanced insulation and a soft touch. In addition to enhanced thermal insulation, the gloves feature a nice design with a strap closure.   How did they fit?  Like a glove!  Ha ha.  In all honesty, they fit perfectly.  Now, would they live up to the site’s promise?

Mujjo’s leather touchscreen gloves work with all capacitive touchscreen devices including – but not limited to – iPhone 5S (and earlier models), Samsung Galaxy or Note, HTC, LG or whatever touchscreen phone you’re using. They even work on your iPad.

I was eager to test them out.  As they arrived Christmas Eve I threw them on as we headed out the door to the In-Laws.  First test, the car.  This high tech car requires my touch to work!  Not fabulous in this cold climate.  I’ve tried in vain to work these controls with leather gloves, and cotton one’s. I’ve even tried yelling while pushing really hard on those “slidey” controls.  Nothing works until you remove your gloves and use your cold bare fingers.  Until now! 


The stylish gloves by Mujjo actually work! No cold fingers as I cranked the Christmas Carols.  Winning.   I can now drive the carpool, work every control on my high tech car, and never feel the cold.

Now to the real test, would the leather crochet touchscreen gloves really work on my iPhone? I was skeptical.  I need not have worried.  The gloves against my iPhone were remarkably responsive.  Sure my fingers felt a little bit bigger when I was texting, but it really didn’t slow me down very much.  The best part, when I get a phone call, I can actually answer without taking off my gloves.

Summary: The Mujjo gloves are now my go to winter gloves.  My hands are warm, comfortable and I can use my smart technology with ease.  This product gets the Sassy stamp of approval. 

Find Mujjo at their official store site http://www.mujjo.com/store/ as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclosure: I was offered a pair of Mujjo gloves for the purpose of review, as always all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.


  1. nice…i have a pair of gloves that allow touch screen use….had them about a year and they really do work very nicely…hope you have a wonderful new year…smiles.

    • My hands are ALWAYS cold, so I was thrilled that my addiction to my phone doesn’t mean I now have to leave that phone in my purse 🙂

      Happy New Year to you and yours!

  2. those are some nice looking gloves

  3. I wonder if these would work with my camera…am always taking my gloves off to take photos during my walks outside.
    Here’s to keeping your hands warm and cozy!

  4. Melinda L. says:

    Leather touchscreen gloves?! Omg I must have! I currently use the cotton/wool touchscreen gloves, while it’s warm and usable on my smartphone, I don’t like the look of them. I know what I am getting in the New Year 🙂

  5. These gloves are very stylish on top of being handy! I got get me a pair too as i hate to take my gloves off constantly to use my phone!

  6. Sandy Trojansek says:

    Those are amazing! I need to get a pair. 🙂

  7. Lynda Cook says:

    these are awesome I need a pair!!

  8. Matthew Tully says:

    I of course being a geek when it comes to all things in relation to being gadget related had to check this out! Nice and easy navigation of their site, I’ve never purchased a pair of the gloves from anyone befor as I felt the area used to do the functions were too big and thought it would be more of a nuisance than anything else. After hearing your review and seeing the website I’m moving closer to getting a pair of these myself!

    • Stephanie says:

      Their site really is easy to navigate!
      There are so many styles and price points of gloves to choose from, I really do think they are a good investment. Especially if you are like me and simply detest cold hands!

  9. I would love a pair of these! It sounds like they work pretty well!

  10. Those are an awesome pair of gloves

  11. Lynda Cook says:

    Thinking I am going to buy a pair of these next week, I really do want them!!!

  12. Victoria Ess says:

    These are so stylish! It’s so cold this week that I am really considering buying a pair. I have a few pairs of touchscreen gloves, but they don’t look as nice as yours!

  13. These would be great for those with touch screen technology. My phone just makes calls and my car has knobs that work with gloves on.

  14. I’ve been needing some good texting gloves, mine from Old Navy suck! Especially with these frigid temps. Thanks for the suggestions 🙂

  15. Judy C (Judy Cowan) says:

    Nice! I really need to invest in a pair of touch screen gloves, it seems now a days almost everything has a touch screen and I hate having to take my gloves on and off. Will look into these, thanks!

  16. loucheryl says:

    I need a pair of these. They are pretty too. I hate it when my hands are cold!

  17. great, I have tried some touch gloves and they did not work 100 % of the time. The Mujjo Gloves are so stylish I would want one of every style and colour. This is on my wish list as I ride my bicycle everyday, so easy on the west coast to do. I would find them very useful too

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