It’s A #TassimoHoliday Giveaway!

Outside it is –21 degrees Celsius!  This is too cold.  It is bitter, windy and just plain drab.  Hardly the kind of weather to put one in the festive mood.  What helps?  Knowing that in a mere 10 sleeps Santa Claus is coming to town, and between now and then there will be a lot of Holiday entertaining, guests dropping in to spread some Christmas cheer, and knowing that as each one does I will be able to share a sweet treat and a perfect cup of coffee.  I’m giving myself a break this holiday season and thanks to the TASSIMO T47 all of my guests will be ridiculously impressed with a perfect cup of coffee to suit their tastes. 

The pretty TASSIMO T47 comes in this gorgeous red, or of course black for the traditionalist and with it’s with its patented barcode technology and
fast brewing time you get a perfect beverage every single time.

TassimoT47Red TassimoT47

In no time at all I can whip up something fun and fabulous like this:

clip_image002Peppermint Mocha Coffee

Prep Time: 5 min. | Makes: 1 serving, 1 cup (250 mL)

What You Need

· 1 each Chocolate Syrup T Disc and Espresso T Disc from 1 pkg. (407 g) Tassimo Gevalia Peppermint Mocha

· 1 tbsp. whipped cream

· 1 tbsp. finely crushed candy canes

Make It

1. Prepare 1 Chocolate Syrup T Disc in mug or heatproof glass.

2. Use same mug to prepare 1 Espresso T Disc.

3. Top with remaining ingredients.

How to Make Peppermint-Coated Mug Rims:
Moisten rim of mug with wet paper towel, then dip rim in finely crushed candy canes on a sheet of waxed paper. Let stand, inverted, on waxed paper until ready to fill with beverage and serve.
Special Extra:
For a festive twist, add a candy cane to filled mug; use as a stir stick.

Prepare using a crushed peppermint stick or hard peppermint candies  tbsp. finely crushed candy canes

Easy and a real hit!!

The Features of this TASSIMO T47 need to be pointed out!  

• The TASSIMO T47 features patented barcode technology which automatically adjusts water level, temperature and brew time to brew the perfect cup in
about a minute.
• There are a wide variety of beverage options including coffee, espresso, cappuccinos, lattes, Americano, hot chocolate and tea, plus the new holiday beverages Pumpkin Spice Latte and Peppermint Mocha.
• The T47 has a large water tank, easy to use brew chamber and a stainless steel drip tray that accommodates even the largest festive mug.  Great for me because I require a HUGE cup of coffee each and every morning.

• Fully automatic one-button operation with an integrated LED user interface.

TASSIMO really is the perfect kitchen-helper this holiday season, and makes a great gift for the coffee lover in your house.  TASSIMO T DISCs come in variety of brands including: NABOB, MAXWELL HOUSE, CADBURY, SECOND CUP®, Tim Hortons®,Tetley® and TWININGS®, as well as internationally renowned brands like GEVALIA and CARTE NOIRE, and is available in festive red at Target locations across Canada, and in black at major retailers including Canadian Tire, Walmart, Sears, Future Shop, The Bay, Home Outfitters and Bed Bath and Beyond (MSRP $199).


For more information on TASSIMO  please be sure to visit TASSIMO.CA  @tassimocanada /TASSIMOCanada /TassimoCdn

Would you like to be your own Barista this Holiday Season?  One lucky reader of How To Survive Life In The Suburbs now has the chance to win their very own Tassimo T47 and a variety of T-Discs to go with it.  A value well over $200.00!! 

Please note:  This giveaway is open to Canada only and we do not guarantee delivery before Christmas.  Ends Monday December 23rd.  Enter by using the rafflecopter form below. Good luck and Happy Holidays!

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  1. Susan Ovington says:

    Tetley please!

  2. omg..cadbury!!!

  3. Jennifer C aka JusticeSadie says:

    The Cadbury Hot Chocolate sounds Divine!

  4. CARTE NOIRE would be my pick. The darker the better! Can you believe I don’t own a Tassimo yet? As a mom of four I deserve a quick coffee, LOL. Great review! Thanks!

  5. seriously i could start speaking canadian so i could get in on this…smiles..ha

  6. Amy Heffernan says:

    LOVE to try them all but especially the cadbury!

  7. I would like to try the Tims cups 🙂

  8. definitely cappuccino

  9. Ian Barrett says:

    Thank you for a fantastic prize!

  10. Nice gift for my wife the coffee drinker!!!

  11. Tetley please!!!

  12. I love Nabob french vaniall flavour

  13. Put me down as well for the hot chocolate!

  14. CADBURY!!!!!

  15. I like cappuccino, French vanilla is my favourite 😉

  16. Judy C (Judy Cowan) says:

    Would love to try the Cadbury ones! and then the Tim Horton’s 🙂

  17. Tetley Tea

  18. I’d go for Cadbury right now – winter means hot chocolate!

  19. sarah miller (Leanne Saunders) says:

    Second Cup paradiso dark

  20. Darlene Schuller says:

    Hot Chocolate!

  21. Mocha latte

  22. Cadbury!!

  23. Irene Eichler says:

    Cadbury Hot Chocolate

  24. Carte Noire!

  25. Stephanie S. says:

    Gelvalia mocha for sure 🙂 yummm

  26. Would try the Cadbury hot chocolate

  27. Cadbury hot chocolate

  28. I agree….Cadbury Hot Chocolate! Mmmmm….delicious!!

  29. Gevalia Mocha!

  30. Jenny Nicole says:

    i know we’re basically in winter weather and drinks right now but I cannot get over my love, Pumpkin Spice Latte! So I will have to try that first! I would love it have it all year long! I’m addicted..

  31. kelly young says:

    Cadbury Hot Chocolate..

  32. yummy cadbury

  33. Is love the cappucino!

  34. Victoria Ess says:

    The cappuccino!

  35. Any of the Gevalia and Maxwell House varieties! 🙂

  36. soha molina says:

    I want Tetley

  37. I would try the Cadbury Hot Chocolate

  38. Liked your facebook post
    angela marriott

  39. Cadbury Hot Chocolate would be what I would try first!

  40. Pumpkin Spice Latte

  41. The Tetley Chai Tea

  42. The Cadbury Hot Chocolate

  43. ohhh…I would try anything…maybe any latte flavor!

  44. tim hortons coffee!

  45. I’d love to try the Tim Horton’s.

  46. Peppermint Mocha of course! 😉

  47. Jennifer P. says:

    Cadbury, for sure!

  48. Kristi Renout says:

    The Timmy’s! I love me my Tim Hortons!

  49. If I can make a latte that quickly I’ll be drinking them all day! Love my lattes 😉

  50. I would love to try the Cadbury Hot Chocolate

  51. Sabrina R. says:

    the latte one!

  52. I will definitely try this Gevalia peppermint mocha. It sounds super duper delicious!

  53. I’m such a fan of chocolate so the Cadbury hot chocolate is calling out to me 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win a great prize and have delicious hot treats every day! Twitter fan@plumerea

  54. I’m a tea and hot chocolate fan. 🙂 yummy!

  55. A nice cup of Mocha!

  56. Oh cappuccino, or latte, or coffee!

  57. wendy rozema says:

    I’d like to try the Tim Horton Latte disk!

  58. Jeanette Jackson says:

    I’d love to try a Latte.

  59. jeanine feldkamp says:

    peppermint mocha for sure!

  60. Great contest! I would try the Cadbury!

  61. Tassimo Gevalia Peppermint Mocha sounds delcious

  62. I would love to try the TASSIMO TEA BAR RASPBERRY ICED TEA.

  63. I commented on the Tassimo facebook post and shared it.

  64. The Chocolate Syrup T Disc and Espresso T Disc because the recipe you have in this blog sounds wonderful.

  65. GEVALIA Mocha

  66. I would try Peppermint Mocha first.

  67. I would choose the Cadbury Hot Chocolate!

  68. shelly mawhorter says:

    mmmm.. vanilla plus some hazelnut.

  69. #tassimoHoliday what a perfect personal gift. No one makes me just the right cup of coffee for my early morning rush, my after school pick me up and my nightly aaah everyone is in bed! Perfect coffee makers for a mommy on the go!!

  70. Kayla Schmitke says:

    The Cadbury for sure! Yumm!!

  71. Num num Cadbury hot chocolate 🙂

  72. Wolfgang B. says:

    That chocolate syrup disc looks like it has endless possibilities for enjoyment!

  73. I would try the Second Cup Caramelo first. It’s my favourite drink and I’d love to be able to make it quickly and easily at home!

  74. Capuccino!

  75. Matthew Tully says:

    I have never had a Tassimo brewed coffee, although I’m told it’s great. We have an older Keurig so I’d like to try it!

  76. Beverly Nelson says:


  77. Chai Tea Latte!

  78. I’m a Tims girl 🙂

  79. Definitely the gevalia peppermint mocha

  80. Haylie Langwald says:

    Cadbury in a heartbeat!

  81. Joanne Saunders says:

    I want one of these so bad

  82. Cadbury Hot Chocolate

  83. I would like to try three Tim Hortons dark next.

  84. Karla Sceviour says:

    I would try the Peppermint Mocha!

  85. Karla Sceviour says:

    I liked & shared on facebook (karla Sceviour)

  86. Tammy Dalley says:

    Cadbury Hot Chocolate

  87. Tammy Dalley says:
  88. Tammy Dalley says:
  89. Anything with caramel….yumm!

  90. Belinda McNabb says:

    I would like to try the tim hortons cups

  91. Belinda McNabb says:
  92. Gevalia peppermint mocha is the best thing I have ever made in my Tassimo. It is divine! I love the cute look of this new sleek version. I think I really need a new one to go with new house.

  93. I would like to try the Earl Grey tea.

  94. The Cadbury Hot Chocolate for sure!!

  95. I liked the post on facebook!

  96. I would like to try the Tim Horton’s T-Discs

  97. Angela Mitchell says:
  98. Angela Mitchell says:

    Liked and shared on facebook as angela mitchell

  99. Angela Mitchell says:

    I would try Cadbury hot chocolate.

  100. Andrea Amy says:

    Either Tim Horton’s or Nabob (the latte!)

  101. Andrea Amy says:
  102. I’d like to try hot chocolate

  103. Tammy Dalley says:
  104. Bonny Dixon MacIsaac says:

    The Tetley and/or the Hot Chocolate – hard to decide between the two.

  105. Wendy hutton says:

    french vanilla

  106. Dianne Melnick says:

    cadbury 🙂

  107. Cadbury Hot Chocolate

  108. I am a latte freak! That is what I would try first!

  109. I’d love to win one to brew Tims coffee! (I’m a huge Tim Hortons fan)

  110. stacey dempsey says:

    Oh so many yummy choices I would try lots but the one I would use for sure is Tum hortons, I go there everyday and it would be nice to make it at home

  111. i would try second cup caffe latte

  112. French Vanilla

  113. I would try Tetley Earl Grey!

  114. Tammy Dalley says:
  115. angie smith says:

    my hubby would be all over the peppermint mocha yum!

  116. angie smith says:
  117. cadbury hot chocolate

  118. tim hortons coffee, all day everyday!

  119. Cassie Fancy says:

    The Cadbury Hot Chocolate and i would add a candy cane in 🙂

  120. Jan Dempsey says:

    I would try Carte Noire ! ( would like to try something new)

  121. Tammy Dalley says:
  122. Cadbury hot chocolate

  123. Brenda Penton says:

    I’d like to try the Gevalia Peppermint Mocha first

  124. margaux retrophiliac says:

    peppermint mocha

  125. Twinnings!

  126. Chai Tea Latte. 🙂 or any kind really – love the colors of the T47’s.

  127. I would love to try the peppermint mocha!

  128. Tammy Dalley says:
  129. Julie Bolduc says:

    The Cadbury Hot Chocolate 

  130. Cadbury Hot Chocolate (and one for the Hubby too)

  131. Chai Tea Latte

  132. Elaine Jasvins says:

    I love Chai tea latte, so that would have to be the one I try first.

  133. Juliee Fitze says:

    Nabob french vaniall flavour

  134. I’d try the CARTE NOIRE, love dark roast black coffee.

  135. I would try the Tetley discs. My friend says the Ear Grey discs are excellent

  136. Cadbury – yum!

  137. Cadbury Hot Chocolate

  138. I think I would try the frnech vanilla, then the cadubury..then another and another and another! =)

  139. nicolthepickle says:

    I would like to try the Tim Hortens coffee from the Tassimo.

  140. id love to try the hot chocolate mmm

  141. Tammy Dalley says:
  142. I’d try the Gevalia Swiss Hazelnut!

  143. Russell Porter says:

    Cadbury Hot Chocolate.

  144. Sunshine G says:

    French vanilla – yum!

  145. The Tassimo Gevalia Peppermint Mocha — OMG does it sound good!

  146. I would start off with the Peppermint mocha
    pam w h

  147. Sarah Stickney says:

    peppermint mocha

  148. Tammy Dalley says:
  149. Cadbury!

  150. Dayna Wilson says:

    Cadbury for me, too!

  151. Cadbury Hot chocolate!

  152. kathy dalton says:

    liked your facebook post as kathy cavanagh dalton

  153. Liked your FB Post

  154. Tammy Dalley says:
  155. I would like to try the Tims t-disc’s

  156. The Cadbury hot chocolate!

  157. ivy pluchinsky says:

    Tetley love that stuff

  158. I imaging I would want to try Chocolate Syrup T Disc first, and every time.

  159. Cadbury hot chocolate

  160. Not a doubt in my mind…Cadbury hot chocolate.

  161. Anything Vanilla!

  162. Cadbury hot chocolate!

  163. I am not much of a coffee drinker so the Cadbury hot chOcolate.

  164. Tammy Dalley says:

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