Paradise Found–Wordless Wednesday

A place to escape to.  A sweet little spot for children and adults alike.  A small beach with beach beds, sand buckets, and pools a plenty.  The waves lap quietly against the shore and if you’re lucky, your children might find so much joy just splashing in the ocean, you might actually get to read a book. 


This was just part of our amazing Azul Beach getaway…..


  1. What a great capture!! Love the sailboat in the background!

  2. Looks and sounds like a little slice of heaven!

  3. How pretty! Sure wish I were there.

  4. Very lovely! We are leaving for Maui on Friday!! 🙂

  5. That’s beautiful and it makes me miss summer SO much lol!

  6. That’s really beautiful! I love the contrast of light and shadow and the color in the water.

  7. Beautiful spot. I’d love a tropical vacation 🙂

    Happy WW

  8. That is incredible! I am officially jealous. 😉

  9. Anne Taylor says:

    My God, that is beautiful! Thanks for sharing that slice of heaven with us.

  10. Ah, how nice and warm! Dreaming of a place like that while sitting in -27 today :/

    Found you through

    Kayla @

  11. Your description sounds good to me. I’m ready to go. Like everyone else, I miss the warmth of summer!

  12. How amazingly beautiful!
    Happy WW!

  13. Wow, it looks so beautiful and perfect!

  14. Must. Get. There. Minnesota is getting chilly!

  15. Thanks for stopping by Life, Love, and Laughter and for hosting this great LINKY! Have a great day!

  16. Looks very peacefull and calming, definately a great place to read a book!

  17. Simply stunning! I could use a little of that right now!

  18. Great…now I want a vacation. Great photo.
    My entry is #15. Come by and vote for us?

  19. Looks so nice!


  21. joanna garcia says:

    omg how beautiful and tranquil and serene! LUCKY!

  22. Victoria Ess says:

    Beautiful! I hope you are having the loveliest of times! You all deserve it 🙂

  23. Teresa Honores says:

    what beautiful memories you are creating with your family! how gorgeous!

  24. patrycja chudziak says:

    Amazingly beautiful and serene looking. Would love to take my son

  25. love the image!

  26. LOve that photo! It is especially nice to see during the winter

  27. That is an amazing photo, thanks for sharing.

  28. It would be great to relax and ‘just read a book’ Love this!

  29. What a beautiful photo!

  30. Darlene Schuller says:

    I was browsing through.. seen this, with this nasty winter storm we are once again getting hammered with… I long to be there more then ever!

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