Azul Beach Resort by Karisma Hotels

My family has just returned from a week at the Azul Beach Resort by Karisma, a short twenty minute drive from the Cancun International Airport.  A boutique style, gourmet all inclusive hotel, geared towards the needs of families looking for a truly pampered experience.  As I was going to Azul with the intent of reviewing it, I had done my research, pouring over websites rich with gorgeous pictures and truly glowing reviews.  Needless to say, my hopes and expectation’s as we set out on this trip were quite high.


I’m thrilled to report,  Azul did not disappoint!

We flew into the Cancun International Airport where Lomas Travel was waiting for us with our private transfer.  This airport can be overwhelming.  It is not a difficult airport to navigate, but once you get through customs, there are dozens of taxi drivers, tour operators, and baggage handlers all aggressively vying for your attention.  I would highly recommend booking your transport to your hotel/resort before you leave.  We were quite happy with Loma.  Their site was easy to navigate, and they were waiting for us with a sign, a couple of cool drinks, and a snack.  It was a very quick 20 minute drive to our hotel!


We arrived at Azul Beach and were warmly welcomed with cool cloths to freshen up, blue cocktails for the adults, as well as iced chocolate drinks for the girls and some Kinder Surprise Eggs!  The lobby was open air and sort of stunning!  I loved the cool contemporary colours and the swinging beds to lounge on. 


The unique check in process included selecting “scents” for our room based on the four elements of the earth, and a choice of pillows. We picked a variety of feather pillows and firmer one’s and an earth scent.  Then it was time to go see our room!

A short walk through the meandering gardens and numerous pools and we arrived at Villa Number 9, room number 925.  One of the 148 rooms on the property. Our family of four would be enjoying a Family Suite on the top floor of the villa for the next week.  In a word, the suite was perfect.  To the immediate left was a very spacious bathroom including a soaker/whirlpool tub big enough for two, a double sink, a separate toilet area, and gorgeous walk in shower.  Oh how I miss rainfall that shower!


Farther down the hall was a King size bed with sliding doors that close off for privacy.  Reading lamps on both sides (not to mention easy access outlets for those of us who are a bit addicted to our cell phone and like to charge them all night long) and a large flat screen television for some late night TV watching.  The bed was very comfy and I was surprised how many English channels we received on the TV.  These channels included a movie channel and a sports channel for those that simply can’t miss all of Monday night football. 


The end of the suite opened up into a sit down eating area with four chairs.  (the table easily accommodated a fifth chair tucked off in the corner) A perfect place to indulge in some room service, play cards, or even do a little of the dreaded homework!


Beside the King Size Master Bedroom was an L shaped couch that transformed into three murphy style beds  The beds were big enough to accommodate my tween and teen.  Of note, my teen is 13 and a 5 ft 7”.  She slept comfortably every night.   There was also a second television in this area.  For our family this was a great place for some early morning TV watching while waiting for the parents to get ready, as well as one movie night!!  Azul Beach has a borrow a movie program.  Free of charge of course.  So one day after more than enough sun.  We ordered in room service, and borrowed “The Croods” to play on the built in DVD player.  Such a great, low key, family evening. 



There was ample closet space with plenty of hangers for all, lots of shelving and three drawers.  I did find myself wishing there were a few more drawers for my family of four.  There was also an electronic safe big enough to store a couple of laptops, my large camera and an assortment of phones, and passports.  Perfect. 


The mini fridge, placed between the two large closets, was stocked full with Coke, Diet Coke, Orange Soda, Sprite juices, a variety of beers, bottles of water, chips, pretzels and chocolate bars.  The best part, it was re-stocked daily!


Wait, I take it back, the best part was that every room in this resort comes with 24 hour room service!  Yes 24 hour room service.  Your kids will think you are all that and a bag of chips when you let them order Chicken Fingers and a chocolate mousse at 8pm as a ridiculous indulgent late night snack! 

Another favourite feature of this room, the balcony with the nesting chair, cushy patio furniture and of course this view!!  The pool and the ocean.

AZULBeachViewof oceanAzulBeachViewFromOurRoom2

We are a family that usually rents a home, or at minimum, two hotel rooms when we travel.  We like our space.  However, this Family Room Suite at the Azul Beach Resort was the perfect size for our family of four.  Hubby and I were truly thrilled with our accommodations.  It was spacious, stylishly decorated, comfortable, and quiet (we only once heard little one’s whooping it up in the pool below). 

Safely checked in.  My Sassy family dropped our bags, did a quick change into bathing suits and went off to explore everything the resort had to offer!  From the beach, to the numerous pools, kid friendly activities, and restaurants there was a lot to see, and I have so much more to tell you!  Come back soon to hear why I now more than ever believe, travel is good for the soul, good for your family, and you need to add Azul Beach Resort by Karisma Hotels to your Family Friendly Faves list!


Disclosure:  I received accommodation in exchange for this review.  Perks received in no way reflect the opinions expressed in this post.  All thoughts and opinions in this post are my own.


  1. Teresa Honores says:

    omg the beach is so beautiful and crystal clear and that resort is awesome! i will def need to look at the price range it looks so beautiful!

    • Loved this resort! Especially if you have kids! I have so much more to tell you in future posts. In the meantime be sure to check out their website, I’ve been told there is going to be a BIG Black Friday sale!! (and when looking at the pricing keep in mind the price includes everything! Drinks, food, use of the facilities and beach beds, and the 24 hour room service!! *Spa not included)

  2. Wow, I am certainly craving for a nice lazy vacation now. Beautiful place, the pool outside your window almost looks like a river flowing through.

    • The pool outside our window did weave right throw a number of buildings. It was one of six pools! Should I admit I’m already wishing to go back? “)

  3. Anne Taylor says:

    Omgosh, I’m in Victoria, so our weather isn’t snowy or icy but I could surely use some sunshine on my skin and salt water on me toes about now!

    What an amazing place for a vacation! Thanks for sharing!

    • We’ve been hit by snow and ice too! I am so not a fan, I was meant to live in a warmer place 🙂
      Azul Beach really is a great place for a vacation.

  4. Oh! Paradise! I am in awe of how absolutely beautiful your photos are!

    • Thank you! The grounds, pools and rooms were all so beautiful, I had lots to work with. Can hardly wait to show you the rest!

  5. What I wouldn’t give for a little sunshine right now!! Love that the suites seem to be so big and the fridge is really refilled every day?

    • Yes!! The rooms were big enough that we never felt crowded. And those fridges were restocked every single day! So amazing to come back from the beach and have chilled water and soda waiting for us.

  6. This looks like a totally awesome location for a family vacation. I look forward to reading more about it. Might just be what we are looking for….everything included would be a great way to travel.

    • There were also lots of multi-generational families at Azul! I love the idea of entire families going away on a big vacation together and as you said, once you are there, everything is included.

  7. Ahh…this sounds like heaven to me about now. We certainly could use some “r and r” about now. With two children it sounds like the perfect place for a stress free family holiday. I love that our children could be right with us in the same suite. Azul is definitely something that I’ll be looking into for us.

    • Yes!! We love that too! Connecting suites are nice, but a huge family suite really felt like a home on the beach. Do you think it’s too soon to plan a trip back? LOL Do let me know if you have any questions I can answer.

  8. Love the idea of 24 hour room service….especially great for those late night snacks. Also love the idea of family movie night. For sure we will be checking out their Website and looking for their Black Friday Sale. It is only late November and already I am tired of this lousy weather. How glorious it would be to have warm weather and sunshine right now.

    • I have to admit I felt like a bit of a Hero Mama when I allowed my girls to order “late night” room service (at 8pm) to get chicken fingers and brownie for dessert! 24 all inclusive room service is the best, and I miss it! LOL
      Have fun checking out that Black Friday sale!

  9. Victoria Ess says:

    That looks like a beautiful resort!! I hope you had a lovely week, and enough warm weather to satisfy you for a while, as you won’t find it in Toronto!

  10. kristen visser says:

    omg so gorgeous!! wish i was there right now!

    • I’m already wishing I was on my way back! Family travel is really such a great way to stay connected with your little one’s (and your Hubby too!)

  11. Wow so beautiful, those pools and that beach! Room looks amazing too!

    • The room was just perfect for our family of four (and there was lots of room if you were a family of five too!)
      Working on a post right now dedicated solely to the awesomeness of the pools and beach 🙂

  12. What a stunning resort! Now I’m dreaming of a quick getaway for next year!

  13. I would love to go there! Looks amazing!

  14. laura grouchy says:

    This resort looks absolutely stunning I hope you had a great time

  15. Kristy Short says:

    This resort looks amazing! I will have to remember to look for Azul when booking my next getaway!

  16. I was there last year and stayed in the exact room!! You post brings back so many memories. This resort is so beautiful and not too big. I can’t wait to go back:)

    • Lisa you are so right!! The size of this resort is just fabulous! Not only did I feel like I knew my way around in a just a day, but so did my kids. Loved it! Glad I could bring back some fond memories, and I know you are like me and probably already dreaming about your next vacation 🙂

  17. Jennifer P. says:

    Oh wow, it all sounds heavenly! The blue water, the blue cocktails, the 24 hour room service… And I have never heard of choosing a room scent before – so cool!!

    • I’ve stayed at a number of all inclusive’s and the choosing of a room scent was new for me too! It was quite a unique experience. Oh and the 24 hour room service? Oh how I miss that now!

  18. Tara Crawford says:

    have never been on vacation but you have sold me on this resort thanks for sharing

  19. What an amazing place to stay! What a great vacation spot! JEALOUS!

    • Stephanie says:

      Azul Beach was truly a great place to escape to! We made some memories that will last us a lifetime! Hoping to check out another Karisma Hotel or back to Azul again soon!:)

  20. holly o'gorman says:

    Looks beautiful! Love the room and the well-stocked fridge!

  21. Oh, that looks fabulous! Next time take me with you? 🙂 In all seriousness, that looks like a fantastic vacation spot for the entire family! Glad you guys had a great time!!!

  22. Richard Hicks says:

    What a nice place. I could do a ot of serious relaxing here!

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    I dream about lovely beaches like that! Looks so beautiful and such a relaxing place. Yes, I bet it was good for the soul!!!

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  30. kristen visser says:

    looks like such a beautiful resort! wow what i would give to be somewhere like that right now. i have only been to one resort so definitely due to get away

  31. Tammy M says:

    So beautiful, I’m dreaming of this…so tired of cold days 🙂

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  33. Kayla Schmitke says:

    Looks like paradise! I so need to go to a place like this, amazing photos too!

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    Wow this place looks Ah-MAZING!!! Thanks for sharing. I would love to visit. This is going only bucket list!!! 🙂

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    Looks like a very stunning resort!

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    What a great post! I love the pictures! It looks like so much fun and relaxing too!

  41. kristen visser says:

    oh wow!! yup I could definitely spend a vacay there! looks like such a beautiful place and I love that it is on the modern side!

  42. Oh we should all get to go to such a beautiful place

  43. Looks great – have never been to Mexico.

  44. Suzanne G says:

    The beach and water are so beautiful. This looks like a very expensive gorgeous resort that anyone would love to visit.

  45. sarah sar says:

    Wow I’m so jealous!! Your photos are fab. Love the exterior hut-like entrance to Azul too!

  46. with 24 hour room service, i wonder if they would let me order fuzzy peaches candy at 5am

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    wow looks absolutely wonderful!!

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    This place looks like heaven. A view out my bedroom window that I could get use to!

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    I’m not sure why you’re not taking me with you!!!! I AM FUN!! sorta.. lol <3

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    Stunning! I have never heard of choosing scents for your room. Very Posh! Definitely worth checking out.

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    Your photos are lovely. It looks like Paradise.

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  71. kelly young says:

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