The One About Parking Spot Whores, Sticky Lips, and Bathroom Struggles In The Suburbs

I would like to think it takes me a lot to get me riled up, but it doesn’t.  When I’m short on sleep, in need of coffee and my kids have been treated unfairly, the Mama Bear in me is ready to come out and play.  I have less tolerance, and the stupid in this world just seems to get under my skin a whole lot faster.  At this point, I have a so much I WANT to say and just can’t, so instead decided to pump out this wee list of  five little things that has me feeling ticked off in the suburbs. 

1) Parking drama.  People turn into idiots in parking lots.  Here’s a tip for you.  Just because you drive an SUV, this does not entitle you to sport park your vehicle and take up two precious spots in the already over flowing parking lot.  I’m already parking challenged, please don’t make it more difficult for me by being a parking spot whore.  Park responsibly. 

2) The Bathrooms. There are never enough bathrooms at arenas.  Hockey may be better with beer, but it would be even more enjoyable if I didn’t have to pay for said beer by enduring a 20 minute bathroom line-up after consuming one of those big gulps.  This can get very uncomfortable!  Why can’t stadium designers figure this one out.  There needs to be double the number of women’s washrooms in every single arena and stadium they ever build from now on.  Thank you.

3) The University and College Students are back in town.  I love them, I do.  I used to be a student and recall how hard it is on that  budget.  I however have a problem with Student Discount days at our local grocery store.  10% off all their purchases every Tuesday?  Huh.  Funny because I spend about $200.00 a week at your grocery store ALL YEAR ROUND, and no one ever offered me a freakin discount.  Where’s my love?

4) My hair keeps getting caught in my lip gloss.  (looks like I’m not the only one!) LipglossProblemsIt’s a little thing, but can’t someone invent a pretty gloss that’s not so sticky?   Sticky lips are not sexy. 

5) The neighbour keeps locking her car, and then checking to see if her car is locked by doing the double click.  You know the double click.  It makes the care go “BEEEP BEEP” and indicates “all good babe, your car is locked”.  The problem; she’s doing this at 3AM every single morning.  Enough sweetie, my kids are trying to sleep!

They say confession is good for the soul, so maybe I will sleep better after getting my goofy complaints off my chest.  I’m hoping you will do the same!  Go ahead, tell me, what’s keeping you up at night and feeling all twisted in the Suburbs?


  1. LOL….I hope you are feeling better by writing this out! I get you on all points!!!

  2. First of all, I am so far behind I just decided to visit one post of everyone so that I don’t get overwhelmed and shut down.

    And second of all, all those things would drive me nuts too. I have different issues over here, but I remember all those things you talked about. Hoping for some peace!

    • So nice to see you and I too am miles behind on my commenting! I think it’s the time of year, September is kicking my butt!
      Hope you are doing well and also finding some peace”)

  3. I’m with you on #3. #1 seems like a distinctly Canadian thing, and it’s so unfair to take up two parking spots!
    What gets me in my neighbourhood? the barking dog behind us, sometimes all night long, and people who still insist on driving while texting and talking on their phones. Yeesh!

    • Okay the driving while texting thing has got to stop. Don’t you wish you could do a citizens arrest. It’s just stupid and scary!
      The dogs barking all night, well that’s just rude!

  4. HAAA Confession, I might be a parking spot whore.

  5. SueSueper Sue says:

    Ah yes, 5 is very annoying! Don’t be making noise unnecessarily!


  6. Oh, parking lots drive me CRAZY. Can I also add the folks who have no regard for the vehicles next to them and open their doors into your car leaving dings and scratches? My poor car is cursing folks.

    • The dings and scratches are so very annoying! Can you imagine of our cars really could curse? Perhaps those careless drivers would be a little more careful!

  7. Parking lots are dens of inequity – from the parking spot whores and the speed demons (WHY are they flying through parking lots?! They are going to kill someone).

    My immediate irritation is the neighbor’s dog. And the neighbor who ignores the yapping dog OR immediately goes into her sing-song “dog” voice while calling the dog. Drives me batty.

    • Ahhh! The yapping dog!! If I can hear your dog barking away from three doors down, why can’t you?? Let that puppy in the house already!

  8. All of a sudden, I’m popular. I have more opportunities for lunches, meetings, sports, volunteering, etc, than I can handle. Trying to fit it in is challenging. And I’m tired!

    That hair thing is annoying, isn’t it? 🙂

  9. Yep. All of these things sound annoying. Last month, I had a lady put her car in reverse and block a car trying to get out while I had my signal light on waiting for the spot. I honked to get her moving. Really, Lady? That’s pretty bad.

  10. I so am frustrated along with you, Steph… totally! And that discount thing? NO fair!

    • 🙂 Thanks for the support! I don’t understand why some stores can’t figure out they need to reward loyal customers, not just new ones!

  11. Parking lot whores are maddening. But then, so are annoying neighbours and a lack of restroom facilities! I do have a suggestion for the lipgloss, though: Try Vasanti Vitamin E-infused Lipshine. It’s my favourite non-sticky lipgloss. Java Sea is my favourite shade. You can find it at Shoppers or Rexall 🙂

  12. And here I thought you were a sweetie who never got mad. 😉

  13. oops I’m a parking spot whore but only cause at the moment we are driving a 7½ meter long van … so really I need two parking spots ….
    clearly men design sports complexes otherwise they would start building more toilets for us ladies….

  14. I hate the double beepers!!!

  15. Oh oh (looks around scared) I am one of those neighbours who beeps my car each night before I go to bed to make sure it’s locked. In my defence we are prone to teens going through unlocked cars at night and have been victim to them before. Now I can’t sleep unless I know it’s locked and I am NOT walking out to the parking lot to check the handle.

  16. Victoria Ess says:

    Four ALWAYS happens to me, especially when my hands are full, and I am totally guilty of number five. Sorry Stephanie!

  17. Cheryl (@loucheryl) says:

    Since I lack a lot of slle recently due to my newborn son, stuff seems to be irking me a lot lately more easily. I can relate to your parking issues. People who drive slow in the fast lane irritate me. I mean, WHY?!? Why drive in the fast lane if you are going to go slower than everyone else? Just to annoy me? Just because you CAN? I’m not a aggressive driver but this drives me nuts! Just as nuts as tailgaters. Tailgaters are crazy. If I’m going the speed limit, in the right line or there is a way to get around me GET OFF MY ASS!!!

    • Stephanie says:

      I really do relate to each and every one of your complaints. More than that, these things can make you crazy when you are sleep deprived and a wee bit stressed!! Wishing you a solid nights sleep with that newborn babe of yours 🙂

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